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Clean and very nice theme. Good luck :)


Thanks a lot ;)

Stunning. Bookmarked

Slight bug/feature, when a page loads, its appearing and then suddenly it disappears and fades in from left.

Can the fading in from left be changed ?

Or even better, can it be hidden when it first appears, so you dont see if flash up before it then fades and slides in.

hmm, corporate lan…not really slow. surely it would be better to have the content invisible, until it was ready to slide and fade in.

either way, is it possible to disable the SLIDE effect ? I dont mind the FADE so much, but the slight fade in from the left is a little annoying

Yes of course! will update soon

my fingers are crossed :-)

Hey there, Nice template!

I also agree with above comment & would like to be able to turn off the fade in effect, as it give the impression of the theme being glitchy.

I have a super quick internet connection also, therefore this is not the source of this problem.

Apart from that, nice work & good luck with the sales!

Cheers 8-)

Thanks for the tip! I’ll do

Awesome, thats better! Thanks


how can i edit address for gmap window from footer? it’s in new york us


If the content – then everything will be ok, if not change the code. Be sure to do a full backup.

still doesn’t work, i change address in your new template but is the same address in map

Open main.js file in /js/ folder, find code “ geocoder.geocode({‘address’: ‘New+York’} “, paste instead “New+York” your address. Make sure that you replaced spaces in address with “+”.

Hello , it’s possible to get psd files? I can use the logotype?

Send me email and I will send you the source code logo design source code is not ready for publication.

I send e-mail :)

sent you logo psd. ;)

Can you provide us the same theme for wordpress.

looking forward for your quick reply.

thanks gary

This theme will be available in 3-4 weeks.

i cant seem to find the send.html file, was it included?


You should get a message has been successfully sent around the form.

i get a white screen with nothing.. does this need to be amended as i am using a html page not a php page?

Yes, server side functions like sending email required PHP

I need to change the slider timer. Any help?

add to slide data-cycle-speed=”600”

or use documentation http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle2/api/

Slider content takes too long to load, how can I get it to load faster, I see it in your demo as well.

nice theme! i want it but one question please.. how i can make the header fixed top in desktop-tablet and moile version?

Thanks, He already fixed.

if anybody want to change the address.. Go to main.js in lines 82-108 and change: geocoder.geocode({‘address’: ‘Athens+Greece’}, function (results, status) { ....

furthermore if you want to change the infowindow content you have to change: $(’#gmap’).gmap(‘openInfoWindow’, {‘content’: ‘your text here’ }

.. if you want to add in infowindow(or above the map) a getDirection link then you have to add the code below: <a href="http://maps.google.com/?daddr=address,+city,+state+zip+" target="_blank">Get Directions</a>


That’s working solution


I have a client that has purchased your template and we are running it at www.entire4wd.com.au

They are asking how to slow down the Testimonial slider so we can read it? I have looked through the .js and cannot find it.

Thank you! Lance

Sorry support is provided only to customers.

Hi Serzh,

We are the original purchaser Lancejc has mentioned in the post above. Could we please have the location in your code to change the slider speeds on our website?


The home page slider, video slider and the testimonial slider down the bottom are too fast to read.

To make that, please open your index file, find “data-cycle-timeout=”12000”” code and change “12000” to value you need. For example, if you want 20s delay between testimonials slideshow change it to “20000”.

thank you :) fixed

Hi guys,

I’m having difficulty with the Portfolio – 4 Col page.

In google chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 m, it appears on the portfolio 4 col page that the images load prior to the css and they are just placed without structure. Once I click a hyperlink to filter the portfolio, it fixes the issue and the items are displayed correctly.

Screenshot here: http://www.entire4wd.com.au/pub/galleryfault.png

Please email me on lance@refinedit.com.au

The gallery, I am not sure whats hapenning with the images :(

Hi Serzh, can you assist with this? I’m trying to add 6-7 individual galleries with 12 images each.