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Clean & Nice Template! GLWS :)

Very nice! Good luck with sales! :)

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thank you!

Great job!Good luck :)

Thank you! :P

Great looking theme! Nice job!

Thanks a lot!

A theme that I liked instantly! Very nice job, congratulations.

I would make the menu system a little different though! I think, full menu should always be visible. User shouldn’t have to click for the menu to appear. I want to buy this theme as long as it will be easy to do it myself.

I would like to have the full menu swapped with the ‘Menu’ shortcut and search icon.

Good luck with sales.

Hi. In order to have the top menu visible all the time, it’s only a small css code modification which I can provide

Brilliant ! I am in. Thanks.

Thank you! :)

Hey! Nice Work Cristi :) GLWS :D

Thank you!

Nice work!!Good luck ;)

Thank you!

This portfolio template will surely attract good customers. Well done.

wordpress version soon?

Hi. Yes, in 10 days at most. (my ETA is Monday but I’m not sure I’ll finish it by then, 10 days is for sure. If there are no problems with ThemeForest :P ). Thank you for your interest!

Awesome- let me know? emailed you direct

Hi, I love all you templates but I love this one more! Is it ready for Wordpress yet? Thank you!!

Hi, it’s still in the approval queue :(

still nothing? how much more time do you think it will take? maybe I should move on? :’(

Should be reviewed tonight. I submitted it Sunday, not much I can do :(


I really love this theme! But is there a snippet of code that you could provide to add a footer at the very bottom for copyright tags?

Hi. You could use one of the footer widgets for that, like I used on the demo :)

Where would I find the footer widget? Could I use one separate from the one already included?

It’s just the footer blocks where it already says about copyright stuff

Hi I would like to have my main slider image show at all times which I have fixed, however the image is cut off too much. I changes the CSS to resize width to 100% but am now seeing a large gap between the image and the slider pagination tools that is all white.

I have spent many hours trying to fix this and cannot find the area that effects it. Please let me know if you have a fix. thank you!

The website is not live at the moment, I will contact you when it is though

and thank you

Ok, great.

Love the theme.

I’m looking for the same css modification as @hiteshnp above. E.g. remove the slider to show the menu always.

Beofre purchasing the theme, just want to confirm that you can provide the code for this? Thanks

Hi! I don’t understand what you want to achieve, “remove the slider to show the menu always”? Not sure what you mean

Sorry I fixed this issue. Another question- do you have instructions for twitter to work properly? It’s just static code right now. Thanks again

Uhm, unfortunately it’s not available without customization as this is just a HTML template. Because of Twitter’s recent API update, you’ll need an OAuth library to connect to their API and get the tweets.

Hi, great theme. Thanks.

We would like to retain the homepage banner images on mobile version but can’t seem to stop it from disappearing. Would it be possible to guide me to where the code it which removes it?

Many thanks

Hi, the slider is not optimized for mobile devices, even if you’d make it visible, it would look really bad

The live preview shows Twitter as one of the social links in the footer however in the options for the Social Links in the settings there is no field for Twitter? How should I add it?

Hello, what options panel? Are you reffering to the WordPress version? If yes, please post the message in the correct section

In the “Cleanse Options” / “Social Links”

Hello, you’re probably reffering to the WordPress version of Cleanse so please post the question there

Hi! In the revolution slider I deleted accidentally the style that defines the look of the animated titels. Bevor the titels where white and bold on black background bars. Can you send me the settings for this style again? That would bo so amazing helpful! Tanks.

I think the name of the style was: cleanse_large_white_text_black_bg

is this possible?

Hello, you don’t have the “purchased” badge, are you sure you posted your message in the correct location?