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Hey FinalDestiny, thanks again for helping me with my question a few days ago about my header and banner. Got another question for you about the theme.

The images I’m uploading into my portfolio are showing up noticeably compressed (pixelated etc.) in the full-width portfolio section on my home page. But in other places on the site, they aren’t so compressed. Are you compressing them further in the code? The blurriness and pixelation isn’t going to help me show off my work!


The them doesn’t compress any of the images, it’s WordPress’s default behaviour, you can add this to functions.php to reduce any compression

add_filter( 'jpeg_quality', create_function( '', 'return 100;' ) );

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

Hello, just wondering if This page can be set to be the homepage? Possible?

Thank you

You’re welcome!

Hello, Is there a way to make the search results show the 4col portfolio template, rather then the main blog page layout? Thanks!

Hello, unfortunately not without quite some customization, as the search uses normal posts as well while the 4 col portfolio is only for the portfolio custom post type.

When is the update releasing? I want the color option and not search and replace in css file.

Are there ad spots in the 4 grid portfolio?

Hello. I’ll release it next week. As for ad spots, not right now because most of the users are using their own spots for ads, but I can provide the place on where the ad code should be placed in the them files

Thank you, Will be looking forward to your update. If I want to put an AD box within the portfolio view, is that difficult to do?

Uhm, it’s not integrated by default so you should add the ad code directly in the theme files

Hey FinalDestiny,

I purchased your theme a few days ago. I was attempting to activate the revolution slider, however after entering in the requested Envato API key and purchase code, I received an error message stating the purchase code was invalid. I’m not sure if the code given from the “cleanse-minimal-style-wordpress-portfolio-theme-license.txt” document was faulty or if I maybe doing something wrong. I was able to create a slide and implement it.

Hello. That license key is for the theme and not for revolution slider :) If you’re trying to activate the revolution slider inside the theme, that won’t work because the license is attached to my account and not yours.

okay, thank you.

You’re welcome!

Some of my page sections are not coming out full width. I have my homepage template set to Full width page for multiple sections. Where can I adjust this?

Hello, please post the url to those pages.

Hi FinalDestiny, I am loving the theme however … I installed a child theme and the menu is no longer working. Any thoughts about why this would be? Everything else is working just fine. Thanks.

Hi, please send me the problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile


I’ve seen in previous comments that you plan on releasing a new version in a few days. Will it be compatible with Wordpress 3.9 ?


Hi, that’s the point, the new update is going to fix any problems that may have appeared in the latest WP 3.9 update and I’ll also update some of the scripts to the latest versions.

Great ! Thanks :)

You’re welcome :)

Hi FinalDestiny. The the theme is amazing! I´m trying to set it up. I see you´ve probably provided to likedbydesign a shortcode which shows menu at all time. Could you please send me the code? Thank you again for the great theme!

I´m sorry to add another question – as I see, you´ve created on the preview version full width homepage. How can I achieve this? Many thanks!

Hello, add this to style.css

.hidden-menu {
height: 86px !important;
body.sticky-nav .main-header {
top: 86px !important;

as for the slider to be full width, you have an option in the revolution slider “Force full width”..

Also for the last question, not sure what you mean, all the pages are built with the page builder

Logo on the homepage seems to adjust differently from the logo on subpages. How can we keep it from resizing, or how do we adjust the size?

Hello, can you please post 2 different URL’s of pages in which the logos are different sizes?

I am interested in the very same thing that fenclondrej mentioned in his posts. I would love to be able to show the menu on the desktop and offer the mobile icon at the other break points. If there is an easy short code solution that would be helpful. Also, I can’t import any slider information and while creating a new one it is not full screen. Its like my edits never save. I appreciate any assistance.

Hello, unfortunately the request for the menu is not possible without customization, sorry.

As for the slider, Revolution slider has an option called “Force full width” which I’ve used on the demo. But in the package I added on ThemeForest, I renamed “” to” so you may encounter problems if you install it under that name and some things may not work. Please uninstall the plugin, rename the zip archive to again and install that one. After that, it should work fine

Hi FinalDestiny,

I’d like to get the code to leave the menu visible on desktop screens.

Thank you :)

Also, I noticed that my logo is resizing during the page loading: Why is that and how can I avoid it?

Hello, please check

The logo may be resizing because not all the CSS code is loading at once, on slow connections the CSS file loads slower and the code for the logo may not be loaded when you first see it.


It’s possible to add Vimeo in the Social links list ?

Thanks ^^

Hi, yes, please send your request via the contact form on my profile and I’ll add it.

How can we get portfolio images to link to a certain page instead of lightbox image?

Depending on the page template you use, you just need to go to that php file and edit the source code..and modify the URL there

Is there any way to make search box appear on click rather than on hover over?

Not by default, only with custom coding, sorry.

How can we remove the share, like and views on the portfolio icons?

Hello, you should have an option in the Options panel, to hide those.

we’ve turned off the search box but on mobile it still appears; how do we remove?

Hi, please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme, thank you

we’ve turned off the search box but on mobile it still appears; how do we remove?

Hi, please post your URL.

Add this to style.css

.mobile-search {
display: none;

hi, great theme

I am having an issue with the way the logo displays on mobile devices. It moves to the center and gets slightly hidden behind the search bar.

How can I make the logo remains on the menu bar on mobile devices.


Hi, you can contact me via the contact form on my profile, please send everything including the problems there

ok sending now. Please answer promptly, I have been trying to resolve these issue for the pass 2 days.

Ok, I will answer there

Hi, Left a few message still have not received a response on any issues. But I encountered another issue.

When I click on a video on the homepage I’m getting this error : The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.

Hello, what’s the URL you’ve used?

just emailed it to you

Answered there