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Will you ever be making the logos section truly responsive? Right now the whole section shrinks to the point that the logos are not legible.



Doesn’t look right on mine. Here is a screenshot:

I got what you mean, yes, I know about this issue and going to add the carousel to this module. The update will be available soon.


I want to know that Is wp commerce plugin come along with the theme i purchase it but i did not see the option here..

Regards kamran

You have to download woocommerce plugin and install it.

Hi. Can I change the header background to a repeat-image and adapt header height? Not sure if I’m just not seeing the area to make changes to the header. New to wp. Thanks!

Hello! I do not see that you purchased my theme.

Purchased through mattglossbranding account

Then please post your question on my forum and the support rep. will assist you. Thanks

Hi. Can I change the header background to a repeat-image and adapt header height? Not sure if I’m just not seeing the area to make changes to the header.

It is possible to do but it will be a customization service.

Hi – had a question but found the answer in the forum :) Nice theme!

Nice to hearing that, thanks for the purchase


Are you still planning to add a styled (or “smooth”) responsive menu, so that the menu keeps the theme style on mobile devices (instead of using the ugly, generic menu)?



Hi, After posting on the support forum with a similar error to another user and being told that your theme variously doesn’t support standard WP permalink structures, doesn’t work if the language files are missing (they weren’t), doesn’t work if images are missing (they weren’t), and that it must be the installation (every other theme works fine, and there are no plugins installed to cause conflicts).

Here is the original forum thread.

After giving admin access to your staff they had a look and stopped communicating, hence why I need to write here.

It’s been 36 hours since purchase without any work possible on the site, so I’m requesting a refund as we’ve had to move to another theme (which unsurprisingly works on the same installation).


Hello! It is really strange that the communication stopped. Can you please send me your site credentials to my email which is help at themedev dot me and I will personally check it. Sorry for the inconveniences.

I appreciate the offer, but unfortunately we’re working on very tight deadline, so at the clients request have moved to a simpler (albeit less attractive) theme. The error seems exactly the same as the previous user in that thread – do you know if their issue was resolved? Thanks

That customer did not provide his site details, I can’t check the issue.

I recently purchased this theme and it seems your support forums are down tonight. When setting up your theme and loading the demo content and then loading the layerslider demo slides, on an Android Nexus 7 as well as an Android Smartphone I tested, the mobile menu is being covered up by the sliders. This doesn’t seem to happen on your demo site, but it is happening with my test installation including when I create my own slides vs using the demo slides. Thanks.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post this question to my support forum to get assistance. It is up and running ok.

I tired the theme with gravity form. Not quite compatible. Got a bit problem. Can i request support?

Hello! The thing is that I do not support 3rd party plugins, widgets, not theme related stuff. Please read the product policy

Hi, is it possible to have small image as background, and make it tiled-pattern? I hope you understand what I mean… Thank you…

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post this question to my support forum to get assistance.

Hi, it’s really nice theme on themeforst. my question, where can i get slide #iD to image. I couldn’t find the way of setting slides on page builder.

Hello! Do you mean the slider ID? Did you read the documentation that comes with the theme?

I have two problems I can’t figure out.

1. I have the great normal menu bar and then a duplicate vertical stacked menu bar floating down the right. Take a look: How do I fix this?

2. On my Team facebook link, it takes me to How do I fix the linking?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please repost these questions to my help forum and our support rep. will review it in details.

When trying to print pages from your theme, pages are full of junk text. What is the problem and what is the fix?

My sister bought if for me as a birthday gift. Her initials J.H.

Item Purchase Code: 2f1d21c4-ff70-42c7-b38e-b54e0245b921

Purchase Date: 2013-01-20 02:12:14 UTC

Seems like a questions you would want to answer anyway since if people use your theme and visitors can’t print any page, this seems to be a big general problem. I can’t even get the page to fit on letter size and print more than 1 page.

BIG PROBLEM. Hope you are willing to answer this simple question. I’m sure pre-purchase customers would like to know also.

In this case you have to register on my support forum and repost this question, one of support rep. will assist you.

Hello. I’ve been trying to install LayerSlider. I can’t seem to find “” file. Where can I locate inside the “Main_Cleanspace” folder?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Frankly speaking it is called “LayerSlider”

Hello, when I try to save my logo or change the translation to save changes I get this: not Found Apologies, but we were unable to find what you were looking for. Perhaps searching will help.

and I can not work with this problem.

Awaiting reply, greetings.

What’s your email?

Got it, will get back to you via email explaining in details. There is an issue on your hosting end.


Two final questions before I can purchase the theme.

Is it possible to integrate a html search banner with an Iframe code into the slider and frontpage?

Is it possible to integrate a normal jpg/java banner into the homepage slider?



Hello Arjan! The slider supports HTML.

hi how do i make the menu font larger and bold? cheers

You can do that in main.css Having more questions, please visit my support forum at

i would like to chance the icon box icon hover color, how do i do that?


Hello! It is possible to do via css, please repost this question to my support forum and one of support rep. will assist you.

Realized I posted on the wrong cleanspace page… Where do I enable the slider like the partners sliders on the bottom of your home page?

Just add the partners module in the page builder. Having more questions, please post them to my help forum and the support rep. will assist you.

hay i have resolved my last 2 issue sorry but i have one more ….... i cant find any documentation to help me set up the online store can you provide me with the info or link to resource ? thanks

It is mentioned in the documentation about the woocommmerce, also here is the official resource Please note that you have to use the older version of woocommrce. They updated it today and it is not compatible with my theme yet, they made a lot of changes :(