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Can I change the color of the footer? (Right now it’s black) Thanks in advance. Great theme!

Hello! Please post all your questions to my help forum and one of my support rep. will assist you. Please note that TF comment form is only for pre-sales and general questions. Thanks for understanding.

Hi! I’m thinking about purchasing this theme because it would perfectly fit to a current project. I just wanted to know if this them supports the latest version of the woocommerce plugin?

I’m really looking forward to your answer.

Yes, I’m aware about the global update in wocommerce, they made a lot of changes. It also requires a log of changes in the theme :( Unfortunately it is not compatible yet, the update was released only yesterday.

Hi! Is it possible to create on a page different “Full Width Blocks” with different colors without coding? I mean like the design of the site “”, on the demo i can’t see it. Sorry, new to WP :p

You can change via theme admin panel the colors of the module blocks.

Having some IE compatibility issues. Instead of the icons showing up on the homepage, the letters that represent that icon are showing!

Please help!

Hello! Do you have the same issue on my demo?

The class that controls the gradient divider renders: Instead of: (which works if I change it with Firebug)

I have looked on your Forums for a solution but I could not find any. Just let me know where the php file is located so I can change the class name that is generated.

Thank you.

Please post your question on the forum and the support rep. will let you know. Thanks


It renders: <hr class="Gradient type1" /> Instead of: <hr class="gradient" />

I purchased the theme some days ago but I soon realized that the carousel function for partners is missing. I really need that part. Can you give me some advice or a code snippet to implement it? Thank you

I have this feature in my todo list, will be done asap. Thanks

Hi Mad Dog

Loving the theme! Was wondering how you created the shop on the demo site? Is that a specific plugin, and if so, can you let me know which one?

Thanks! :)

The thing is that they made a global update and it takes time to update the themes

It’s a great theme, so I’m happy! Thanks for your help! :)

Thanks for choosing my product.

I would like to get rid of the portfolio slug. Where can i change this? Example: I want to be: Thanks in advance!

There is no way to change it.

Helllo I need the partners functionality ASAP for a customer, he can not see all his partners logos on the site like in the DEMO! Thanks in advance!

Its the carousel function for partners that is missing. When can you finish it?

It was added, please update the theme, the latest version is available on themeforest.

Thank you!!

Hi mad_dog! Hru!? I’m Alan and writing from Argentina. I’ve purchased your wp theme yesterday but while installing it, i’ve some troubles. It says that the style.css is missing so im looking for some help. You made a really good work on this and hope to use it as well! Thanks and have a nice day ;)

DONE! I can fix it by using “CONTENT”. Excs! :P

hmmm… i think that it don’t allow me to divide in various columns, cause the CONTENT DIV duplicates the whole text in each case. I need to use the TEXT AREA DIV whit the bold & italic style. That is possible? Thanks man!

It should work. Please post all your questions to my support forum with the exact description of what you want and my support rep. will help you.

Hello, is there more information about “Translation Ready”? How does it works? With a reference list or multiple sites or something like google translator? Perhaps you have a manual for it or a demo site with this feature. regards lohstroh

Hello! It means that you can use WPML plugin and the theme comes with po mo files.

thx for the fast reply. everything sorted for me at the moment regards lohstroh

Nice to hearing that

Hi. Do you have pricing table?

Is it international theme?

I also purchased:-)

Hello! Thanks for the purchase, hope you like my product :)

Hi – I’m trying to see the responsive functionality of the live demo, but when I visit with my iPhone, I see the full site, not the mobile one. Here is the link I’m visiting with my iPhone:

Am I doing something wrong?

You have to remove iframe.

That worked thank you

Thanks for the purchase :)

Sorry I’m confused. Why i can’t edit the stylesheet anymore? Thanks and Best Regards /

Sorry my fault… everthing ok… it is possible to make the content area, header and footer transparent?

ok i got it… the last problem i have is the layerslider – how can i make it transparent and bring it in the right position…? – Tank you very much!

Hello! Can you please repost this question to my support forum and support rep. will assist you? Thanks.

How do you configure the Feedback Form in CleanSpace. I’d like to know where it sends emailed comments and how to change the ‘Send Comment’ button.

Hello! I use the standard wordpress comment form. Btw, do you mean “post comment” button?

Interested in purchasing this theme, wondering if its possible to decrease the width of the site and still keep it responsive? It’s a great template, but almost too wide and modern for certain applications

It can be done but only as a custom solution, it requires the changes in the code.

Ignore this – I asked on the support forum instead!

Got it, thanks

Sorry for the dumb question, but how do I add images for display in the “Partners” module? Thank you

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please add it as a featured image.


one pre-sales question, do you have a demo available, where the WPML plugin is active? I would like to see a multi-language version of the theme.

Many thanks. Best regards Tobias

Tobias! I do not have on the demo, to do that I need to translate all the available content in the theme