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Question.. I’m trying to embed custom fonts, I even have the css set to !important .. but the font selection within the theme seems to still be overriding it.

Can you point me in the right direct, or theme file where I might need to look to resolve this.


PS:I absolutely love the theme! code is clean and really a pleasure to work with!

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please repost this question to my support forum and you will be assisted.

I have recently purchased the theme, but I am unable to unzip the folder it keeps giving me the error “folder encryption error”. I have checked my unzip software it works fine with everything else. Could you help resolve the issue plz

It is really strange, it was sold more than 1k times and you are the only who has such an issue, maybe you should try another software to unzip it?

Im sorry it was my bad, I got that resolved, thanks anyway…but im running into another problem, I have uploaded the theme and I am trying to get the demo content by using xml.import but the resulting website does not look anything like the demo I see on this website..I donno what I am doing wrong?

You have to use the import demo content tool within the theme admin panel. Please read the documentation that comes with the theme carefully. Also please watch the video tut mentioned in the documentation

Where can I change the text ‘Related Projects’ that shows up on the Portfolio content? And how can I change the ‘Portfolio’ name in the URL string?


You can change the text in the theme admin panel => translator The URL can’t be changed because it is a custom post type.

Sorry but there is nothing in the Translator section regarding the Related Projects text. Can you please double check on your end? Thanks.

Please check the screenshot

hi there ! how about the RTL in this Theme ? it will switch automatically if i’ll install it on RTL langue wordpress ? dose it support Rtl?

Hello! I did not test it :(

Good afternoon, how do I make to decrease the height of the sliders within the portfolio?

Hello! The height can be changed only manually, please post this question on my support forum and support rep. will help you.


I would like to add “Latest Posts” into home page via Page builder.

All the posts are translated in several languages by WPML.

It’s said that your theme is compatible with WPML.

But it shows the same post many times in every languages, rather than showing only related language we’re navigating at…

2nd point, I would like to increase sub-menu width. How can I do this ?

Thanks for your help !

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post all your questions to my support forum and you will be assisted.

Is there a wish list function in the feature?

Hi mad_dog, Your theme helped me to create my small business web site although I have nearly no idea about coding. Five Star job. Thanks a lot. I need your help about one thing. I want to track conversions in Google Adwords. I got the code for conversion tracking from Google, but I don’t know where to put it. I want the tracking code work when a feedback form is sent. I will be glad if you can guide me. Thanks again :)

Hello! Thanks for the purchase and your kind words. Frankly speaking I did not work with the adwords, so have no clue what should be done. Please contact me directly with the examples, my email is help at themedev dot me

Pre-Purchase Questions:

1. In boxed layout can you assign different background images to different pages? Or do you assign one and it carries throughout the site? 2. Can you change the color of the top bar (with social icons) and add additional content / make the bar larger or smaller? 3. On the homepage the feature icons that change color when hovered – can you make these clickable? Can you use images with a hover effect and click through? 4. Does this theme support mega menu or other menu plugins? Thank you in advance.

Just to clarify – is there a section where you can assign different background images to different pages in boxed layout or do you have to customize the code to add that?

No, you can set its own image background for the page. There is an option to do that.

Your template is seriously incompatible with Google Chrome and Safari. What can be done to make it compatible? My template is the HTML version not the Wordpress one. Thanks!

Hello! 1. You post in the wordpress theme section. 2. Before claiming that’s something is not compatible or does not work, please provide some screenshots, video, etc…

Another pre-purchase question:

1. Do you see any reason I would have any issues used a different menu plugin such as a mega menu?

Thank you – let me I’m ready to buy – thank you!

Hello! I did not test that plugin, and I’m not sure if it works fine.

Wonderful job. Have seen it before.

Pre purchase question

Looking for a theme that has a the capacity to not show the menu bar on landing pages but on all other pages? I see you list landing pages but can’t find them anywhere on page or in video.

Does this theme have this capacity? Thank you.


Mark! The landing page is just the presentation of your business, service, product…. you can either enable or disable it in the theme admin panel.

thank you, I guess I wasnt clear. I want to send PPC traffic to a specific landing pagse that are created for each ad. I would like to be able to not show the menu bar on these pages only. Can I turn the menu bar off for these specific landing pages? Thank you for the quick response.


Mark! You can remove the menu bar manually in the code, but it won’t be showing on the whole web site.

Pre Purchase Question

Really looking forward to buying this theme and using it for my company. Just a quick question.

Can the intro page be removed so it goes directly to the Home Page?

Thanks, Wilson

Wison! You can enable/disable it in the theme admin panel. It’s up to you ;)

Just purchased – is there no way to insert single images into the page builder??? Thank you.

Yes, there is, simply use the text are and insert the images using the shortcode within this module.

Pre-sale questions. 1) In the boxed layout, is it possible to have the homepage slider so that there is not a white border on each side? So that the slider is the full width of the boxed layout?

2) I know each page can have it’s own background image but can each page have it’s own slider? Is this the revolution slider?

3) Is the homepage a “blank canvas” so to speak. Can I have virtually anything below the slider or are all elements on the homepage exactly like they are in the sample and have to go in that location?

Thank you

Hello! Thanks for your interest in my product. 1. There is no option to do that. 2. Yes it can have it’s own slider for this when you add module to the page specify it’s unique id and it will show slider you created for this page in the Layer slider panel 3. Once you import sample data it will import default content, to make theme look like on the demo. You can go to the home page and delete module and text and place your content

I purchased it. I have fallen in love with it. Well done on the theme! For question #1 can I do that through custom coding?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. I think it is possible to do as a custom solution.

I finally got around to using this theme for our new website, but I am not able to insert a Youtube clip into the layerslider so it re-sizes in the same way as your live preview does.

Can you advise how I can do that?


Adrian! I can send send you the demo content for the slider, just drop me a message via email and I will send it to you.

sent….thanks Mad Dog!

Good afternoon, I asked for information the other day and you guys told me to open a call on their support, but I had no answer! Please how do I do to translate the part of the post info, the word team spent?

thank you

Please put the link to the thread.

Got it, will do that asap.

Hey mad_dog, I am ready to purchase and roll with my project. If you could look at my questions above and let me know real quick that would be awesome. I don’t need elaborate answers, just a quick yup or nope. Thank you :-)

Hello! Sorry for the delay in response, too many requests :( Just answered your questions.

Hi, I’m having an issue, the video on slider does not drag on the slider to where I want it set. It works for images, but for some reason I don’t know why the embedded video does not drag around the slider. It only sets on the upper left corner of the slider. Thanks for anyone who knows how to answer this or point me in the right direction. Does the video have to have a code in order for it to be dragged around the slider? Thanks again, Fernando

I’m sorry, I can’t find your support forum. Could you please send me the link?

My support forum is It is mentioned in the documentation.