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Using WPML plugin and the Featured Post module in page builder it doesn’t show the posts related to the language selected but it shows all the posts published. Can you help us to solve this issue?

After 2 months and some days passed without a solution but only many many “words” I decided to work on this BUG and [b]I solved it! [/b] Here the workaround:

  • Open this file located in cleanspace theme folder: cleanspace/core/shortcodes/feature_posts.php
  • go to line 73 and add the following code after ‘orderby’ => $sort_type,
  • 'suppress_filters' => false,
  • go to line 116 and add the following code after ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’,
  • 'suppress_filters' => false,

After that the featured post module used by page builder and WPML plugin will work perfectly showing the right post related to the language selected.

I wonder why a team that has built a theme so kind like Cleanspace wouldn’t try to solve that bug! Hope it’ll be helpful

Best regards Giuseppe

Giuseppe! I will double check it by myself. Thanks

Hello sir on partners section the link of redirection to partners website is not valid.It includes my website address before the partners website link as shown below.


Plz guide me to remove this bug. Thanks

You have to add http to the very beginning.

Do you have dummy content for WooCommerce? I’m trying to get my store to look like the one in the demo site.

Hello! We do have one for woocommerce.

How we can remove the slogan and the social media buttons ??

Hello! Please post all tech related questions to my support forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

Hi, I created a gallery but it isn’t showing.

gallery page url

Thanks for your help!

You have to display the created gallery using the page builder module. Please post all your questions to my support forum and you will be assisted.


Pre purchase question :

Your theme is pretty cool !! Where can I find the psd file like that :

I need to make a demo site with your graphic colors before to buy it for a customer

Thanks for your reply

Please note that the graphics you can see in the slider is not included in the pack, but you can get it here

Hello there, Im using the 2.0.937 version. How may I update the theme without losing anything on my site ? Smooth update?

Hello! Please check change_log.txt file to see the list of the updated files.

Hi, I am not able to add GT3 Slider Graphic Elements to this theme. I get an error The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Could you please advise? thank you

Hello! You purchased the graphics, not the slider.


i want to use the cleanspace theme for a multilingual website. Could you please say me which plugin is compatible with this theme (e.g. WPML?)


Yes, it is compatible with WPML.

Hello !

I would like to set “Featured Posts” on my homepage.

I use WPML. The fact is the “Featured Posts” displays all posts in all languages, instead of posts of the languages i’m into.

Can you please tell me how to make “Featured Posts” WPML compliant ?

Thanks in advance for your support :)

Hello! Can you please send your wp-admin details to j.clarks at gt3themes dot com and we will check it?

Hello ! Just received the patched file ! Works great ! Thanks for your support :)

Great! Thanks for choosing my product. P.S. do not forget to rate it ;)

Hi, i want to create a subnavigation of all portfolio-items as a widget so that i can display it as a list in portfolio overview and portolio single page as sidebar (right). Do yo have an idea how to code this list?

Is anyone else having an issue with a facebook link share not pulling an image into facebook?

If I update WP to 3.8.1 will I see any issues? Or should I just leave it alone?


Hello! It’s compatible with 3.8.1

Thank you! Love this theme by the way!

Thanks a lot!!!


If I buy this theme, would you help me to look like this site

We will finish the last project only at the end of the next month.

I can recommend these guys

Are you still updating this theme?

Is this compatible with latest release of Woocommerce?

Hello! All our themes will be tested with the latest version within a week.


1) I can not register with your support page, I have filled out the details correctly, pressed submit and nothing happens.

2) When setting up the layer slider slider I used the same settings as the demo content. Global Settings Slider Width 100%, Height, 525, Responsive Checked, Full-Width Slider Checked. Responsive under 1200, and Layers Container 1270. However when viewing on a mobile phone the background image used for the slide is completely chopped in half. Why is this and any information on how to stop this?

Hello! 1. There was an issue with Envato API and now it’s working fine. 2. Can you please send your site credentials to support at gt3.zendesk dot com and we will check it. Do not forget to copy/paste your issue.

Do you support or when the template will support WooCommerce version 2.1.5?

Hello! We are working on 2.1.5 compatibility. All the themes will be update to the latest woo. version.

When? There are some planned date?

Sure, within 2 weeks.

Hello, how do I add a mandatory subject line in the contact form? I mean, the name, email ad and message fields are mandatory (and have asterisks). Is there a way, for the subject line, to append something like ‘Message from Website’ that would appear before anything that is typed by the one who is using the contact form?

Yes, it is possible to do. Please post your request to my support forum with reference to this response.


Is it possible to add links onto the team member profile images and their names, it is natural that people click them.

We can then send the user to another page with more information about the team member. The same goes for Partners.

Hello! There is not such an option. It is just a simple list without team member personal page.

Hi there, you write that the current version is compatible with Woocommerce 2.0.5. But the is now only the version 2.1.5 downloadable. Please be so kind and provide a link to download 2.0.5.

Hello! Sure, please send your request to help at gt3themes dot com and we will send it to you.