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Hi still waiting to hear back from you regarding revolution slider not working properly on my site (aamirfitness.webdesignerpaul.com) i have the latest version installed but slider not calling from rev shortcode. Any ideas?

We are really sorry we did not answer you sooner. We have sent you an email and have fixed the issue on your server.

WooSlider is it included? Its not in my download!



We have stated in desctription that it is wooslider ready, gues we missed the image, contact us on support@anpsthemes.com we will solve your problem, since in begining we did include it and later on they changed there conditions, we will change the image asap.

How do I get the Recent-posts code on the homepage to work?

Please send url and wordpress admin login data on our email and we will check it.

Just want to point this out (again) – we purchased this theme a few months ago for a client. Even LONG time after the purchase – the support this guys offer is really awesome. Every single little problem was almost immediately addressed by the developer. Great theme and great support – thumbs up!

Cheers Sandor

Thank you very much, it means a lot! Best regards

My site is not working right! This issues with the Slider looks the error that appears in the home:

[wooslider slide_page = “first-page” slider_type = “slide”]

OK! Will buy! Now I’m with another problem: Recent Projects The links are not working at home! Can you help me? My site is www.pousadacachadaco.com.br login: admin pass: entrar1234

I’m waiting on, ok?

I thought the error of projetcts Recents

But now the MENU is not in the top, is in the middle of the banner!

Help me please!

Hello, we connected to your site and we could not check your pages – all we got was a page with this image. We would not like to mess with your site (turning of plugin, changing settings, etc.), so please tell us how can we view the Home page, so we can help you fix the issue.

It is not really secure posting your WordPress admin credentials in the comment section. We suggest you change them and send us the new username and password to support@anpsthemes.com.

hi, cant get the slider on the homepage working?

Hi, which slider you are trying?



I am having problems with link colour. As you can see, in the CSS file, the link should be blue:

a:link { color:#0066CC; } a:visited { color:#743399; } a:active, a:hover { color: #FF4B33; }

...however, if you look at my blog post, the links are showing the same colour as all the other text…how can anyone know what to click?

The words “domestic” and “commercial” in the bullet points on the following page should be links…


Please help as this site is for a client…


Hello, we will update the theme soon (hopefully within a couple of hours) that will add the proper styling to links as another style has a higher specificity and is setting the color to the default text color.

We apologize for the inconvenience. You can contact us at support@anpsthemes.com and we will send you the new version as soon as it is ready.

I bought the theme BUT it did not import the sliders.. there was an error. So I tried again and no luck! Can someone please show me how to set it up and I want it the same way as the sample given.

Send us an email on support@anpsthemes.com and we will send slider json file.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in /home/mywebsite/public_html/wp-content/themes/cleanway/functions.php on line 645

The widgets on the footer dont even want to display. That is the error I get. Support please

hi, please contact us on support@anpsthemes.com if you still didn’t.

Best regards


The theme doesn’t appear to be responsive. I have tried viewing the demo site on my iphone and I have changed the browser window size – no change. I have noted your comments in a previous post, ” a user can disable responsive mode if he wants (the link for this is located in the center of the copyright footer).” However, I can’t see any link or copyright in the footer.

I want to use this theme for client as soon as possible, so can you please advise.


Hello, we just forgot to turn on this features from the last update, thank you for giving us the heads up, now it works.

Best regards

Hi, How do I get the gallery text captions to show under the images please? The captions do show underneath the images in the admin text editor visual view of the gallery; however, when I view the gallery online the captions only appear when I hover over an image.


Edit: The captions show when I click on an image and when I hover over an image, but not in gallery view as they do in the visual editor

Hello, please do contact us on support@anpsthemes.com, Thank you

I do not put multiple images in the portfolio. How do I do with the new version?


could you open a ticket on http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com and explain a bit more what is a problem (direct url or screenshots will be great).

Best regards

Hi there,

Will your theme work with WP 4.0? Please advise.

If not, when will the update be ready?

Thank you

Hello, we are working on that, it should be done in a day or two.

Best regards


Great theme.

However, the responsiveness is not working at all. Any ideas? http://lawncareservicemarco.com/

Any advice much appreciated! Thank you Jason

Hello, thank you

did you turn on responsive in theme options?

Yes, I did and have tried with and without responsive toggle. Still nothing

Please do open a ticket at http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com

thank you

HI, Is it possible to put into template my different color?

Hello, Thank you for your interest in our theme. Yes it is possible.

Best regards

Hello, is it possible import current demo on the site? Edit: dummy contented found, I hope this theme gets updated.

it worked successfully, but wooslider images isn’t Responsive just the text, how can i get images to show on phone also to be Responsive too.

Hello, please submit a ticket on http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com

Thank you

I want to add more images to portfolio but i am only able to set one image through set feature image.

there no instructions how to add more photos to portfolio to the current dummy http://matbakhnademo.com/

Where wooslider? on template

Hello, cleanway is wooslider compatible, wooslider is not included because there licence and envato rules prevent us.

Thank you for your understanding and best regards.

If you still did not please check documentation. http://anpsthemes.com/cleanway-documentation/

You can always open a support ticket at http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com

Thank you

Bugs menu position -> http://s4.postimg.org/6s5kv2xyl/bug1.jpg and 75, 90, 100(fine), 110, 125, 150, 175(fine), 200

corrected (edit the style.css) :)

HI, great theme, but … post filter does not work properly :( http://oi57.tinypic.com/2gwdwfa.jpg

not filter maybe unicode??? How to fix?

Please do open a support ticket on http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com and we will be happy to help

Thank you and best regards

How soon will theme be compatible with WordPress 4.4? Thank you

You won’t have any issues if you update to the latest version of WordPress. Some features added, don’t require any changes in the theme and will work right away. Other features (like responsive images), will not be utilized and full old versions will be used instead (full images are going to be shown).


bigint Purchased


I just got an email about the latest update. When I downloaded the update from Envato I noted from the stylesheet that the version has gone back to 1.1.8 for the ‘All files download’ and the ‘Wordpress files only download’.

Have you uploaded the incorrect version or just the incorrect stylesheet. Gallery captions weren’t in the v1.1.8 functions file on line 775 as I remember, so I presume the stylesheet is wrong.

Regarding adding the gallery captions, this is good for me, I want them; but, they don’t seem to be mentioned in the change log.

Please update me.


Hello, we just uploaded the new version, but we are still waiting on Envato approval. Once the new version is available, you will get notified via email.


bigint Purchased

Re: Your email saying that Envato need to approve the download first, so it will be available shortly.

Ah! that makes sense. Thank you, very much. Merry Christmas.

Again sorry for all the inconvenience. Merry Christmas to you too :)