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Hello, very nice looking template. However, it doesn’t appear to be responsive, as indicated in your description. As far as I know, Muse can’t create responsive sites as of yet?

Hi, thanks! You are right I found this article:

Muse does not implement “Responsive Layout” as defined by a hand coder (which means using one HTML file and one set of images for multiple layout variations that are driven from multiple CSS definitions usually triggered by media queries).

However, Muse does provide a few features for creating a web page design that responds to some degree to resizing of the browser window: 1) Browser Fill Images set to Scale to Fill or Scale to Fit (generally with the page fill and stroke set to none, so the browser fill is the background everywhere) 2) 100% Browser width objects (which can contain background images set to Scale to Fill, Scale to Fit, Center, etc. and which can include text frames) 3) Pinned items, which maintain a specific location offset from one or two edges of the browser window

I will remove responsive from the description.

Checking in to see if you have any updates for this template?

Secondly I purchased the template and when I go to make the header larger so I can put in a larger logo on the master page…. it then screws up all the sections on the website pages i.e home, contact, services etc (hope that makes sense)

What’s the best way to make the header larger on the master without the rest of the content on the sub pages being off skew?

Thanks in advance and regards, Amie

I don’t have any updates. Would you like to see some updates for this template?

When you make the header bigger. You also need to move the blue guide down.

Cool will try that. Thanks for the help.

If there is anything in the template which needs updating etc (I.e if muse updated something since you released it and it hasn’t been updated on the template)

Id love to work with the most up to date version of the template before I start making a site with the version I have. If there is nothing to update that’s cool, just let me know so I can go ahead and use what I already have downloaded. :)

Only the slider can use an update. Can you wait a couple of days? Or you can update this yourself. It’s very easy to do. You only need to align the border of the slider with the edge of the website.

Hello, Great Template. Do you have any more info about the contact form? for some reason I cannot get it to work and I dont see any documents about it. Thank you

Hi, what particular problem do you have? You can set up the contact form by clicking on the triangle on the right corner. You can contact me through email for faster reply: