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Clearity WP

Clearity WP

Clearity WP is Wordpress Theme packed with powerful additions that will save your time and make your life easier. Whether you are a Wordpress Master or a beginner you’ll have no problem setting up and customising this theme.

A few cool things Clearity ca do for you:

Flexible jQuery slider: 

Whether you want your slider to contain images and text or just full size images, Clearity has you covered.

Easy to tweak: 14 slide effects, customizable transition speed and timeout

Unlimited sidebars:

Define all the sidebars you like, then assign them to any page you like. No coding required, it’s all  option pages and custom fields.

Flexible column system:

Your content is set free from the boring one column pages you have seen over and over, with Clearity you can have it organized in multi columns, nice and easy.

Custom shortcodes:

You can have attention grabbing buttons, cool message boxes and a wide variety of list styles, all without any codding from your side, just a few square brackets ;)

Many Call To Actions

Show your visitors the way, using the custom Call To Action Bar (the one under the slider) and the big bold top right “Call To Action Button”. You can disable any of them if you feel like you don’t need them.

Portfolio section

You choose where your portfolio items point to: a case study page, a bigger image or a live external site.

Multiple News/Blog pages

You can have as many page-to-category association as you like. No codding, no custom fields just naming conventions.

Working Contact Form

Just set your email, and we’re good to go.

If you’re interested have a look at the