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Hi there – I’m using the HTML version of this site – I can’t get the google location maps to work… I tried using the link html code, the embed code (just the src=”” part) and even a shortened URL too…

The map is blank, won’t show – I’m not sure why this is happening – does it work when a REAL address is put in there?

Nevermind to my above question… I put the page on the server and it worked fine…

Excellent. Probably just a local permissions issue or something.

Hi Cudazi.

Just pulled this out from the WD-Bundle.

BEAUTIFUL . Two concerns however, one major, the other basically just an inquiry…

  1. Major Concern: what took me so long to get BACK TO THIS . LOL
  2. Inquiry: have any major changes been made to this since it was part of the Bundle?

Thanks again for your efforts on this.

Hey there! Refresh my memory… was that the WP or HTML version? If it’s WP, please check the version number in the root style.css and let me know, I’ll have a closer look. Thanks!

Hi cudazi

It was the html version.

It’s solid enough from what I can see, so I’m presuming you’ve not had a need to update the puppy.

I gone ahead and inserted a link to a custom.css style sheet for some changes I’ve made/am-making just in case, but for the most part it’s rock solid.



Hey Michael,

The HTML version has remained the same.

You read my mind about the custom css, that’s the easiest way to go.


How can I show Author in my Posts?

Hey David, in single.php (for single posts) you’ll see “posted in” amongst other things, you can add author info there—