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Excellent Work Curt, best of luck with this one, I have a feeling its going to be a top teller here! :)

Thanks Reid :)

Is this compatible with BuddyPress?

I don’t really have experience with BuddyPress but since you can install it as a plugin, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll see if I can get some time to test it out soon – thanks!

This is an excellent theme, well done!!

I am actually looking for a project where I can use it :)

Cheers, Tom

Thanks Tom, hopefully you find that project!

nice template…

Thank you!

Thanks so much. Looking forward to setting it up.


Do you have an OptionTree for Dummies guide? I’ve imported the .xml file and then pasted the long string from the text file but I’m not seeing anything.

I can create things – ex: colorpicker, but how do I use it/incorporate it into the theme?

With any custom background; .jpg or a gif (I tried one from the GridFolio theme). I’m getting this when I attempt to post a comment.

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/39/5761039/html/wp-content/themes/clearlymodern/libraries/custom-background.php:33) in /home/content/39/5761039/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

The space above/below is by design, to customize, you will need to edit the css of the site, I suggest downloading Firebug to track down any styles you may want to edit. Thanks!

I need to research the bg error you see with your site – shoot me an email w/that via my profile page – thanks!

You nailed it Cudazi. Outstanding theme!!!!

Thanks Macs :D

This is by far one of the greatest designs I’ve seen on ALL of ThemeForest!

You must have been really excited to finally drop this. I can only imagine. :)

Thanks Ezii!

It has been consuming ALL my free time lately, so yes, it felt awesome to finally launch. :)

I’m just hoping everyone hasn’t left on holiday vacations yet!


Hi, this theme looks great and I’m ready to buy.

One question though: Can Vimeo videos be loaded into the home page slider?

In your notes it says, “Content sliders for images, video or HTML .” So I assume they can be, but I watched your home page slider tutorial video and did not see any options to add video to the home page slider.

Awesome theme though and will likely pick it up no matter!

Thanks, Eric

I should clarify that: The slider in the header is using the same code/functions as the sliders that slide content BUT the header slider that pulls from the theme settings page is for images.

You can add the slider shortcode to the body-top widget area with your videos/content instead, so it is possible, just not using the theme settings route.

I just bought the theme and have installed it for a project I’m working on. Followed all the instructions on how to install it as well as the OpenTree plugin. At first I got this error and couldn’t access any page after that.

So I uninstalled the theme and reinstalled. Got it all working again and once again the same thing started to happen. When I try to add pages in general I continue to get the following error:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/30/6981730/html/wp-content/themes/clearlymodern/libraries/custom-background.php:33) in /home/content/30/6981730/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

Is there a fix for this yet? Maybe I’m the only one experiencing this problem? It’s a fresh Wordpress install on a brand new hosting account. Never had this problem before. Could it be the OpenTree plugin? I didn’t have it on another theme while playing around with it. There seems to be other quirks like formatting errors since that install. I am using PHP 5

Hey Tanner,

In multiple test installs on 2 servers and locally on my machine, I’ve never seen this.

Just in case it may be your server, try opening up functions.php and removing the line that says:


located right at the top where the libraries are loaded.

I have your email you sent too, we can continue debugging there after Christmas as I will be out for a bit.


Hi Cudazi,

Stunning theme. A few questions:

1. For the video portfolio pages, will text entered into the ‘excerpt’ field appear below the videos as it does in the image portfolios? I need to provide descriptions for each of my videos.

2. I see that there’s a ‘view in lightbox’ option for the videos. But is there a way to make the lightbox default? I don’t want my videos to be seen in the small boxes.

Thank you for your help and time. I’m excited to see if I can use this awesome theme.

- Nick

Hey Nick!

The video page is in the sample formatting area. As the page notes, it was created using the column shortcodes, I just embedded videos in columns I created on that page to show what’s possible. :)

That means, you can control it 100%, having or not having the mini videos, specifying the text/links you need.

Hope that clears it up a bit, thanks!

Your theme looks great!

However, I’m having trouble installing this theme, is there is a guide for installing/activating it? I keep getting this error – Stylesheet not found, with three lines of error code…



Silly me, got the theme to install correctly. Didn’t realize the theme folder was within the downloaded folder. For those purchasing the theme, don’t make the same mistake I did :) Thanks anyways!

hello, merry christmas, and thanks for this awesome theme. not sure if you’re aware, but sometimes i need to refresh the pageload on the homepage in order to see the content under the slider. is this something you’re aware of and working on? thank you again…

That’s odd, you may just want to set the height in the header slider theme settings to “force” it into that space, auto usually works best but I would try that.

hey curt, that did the trick – thanks a lot brother. merry christmas & happy new year… peace & love… rj

I never got the OptionTree to work on my server, Apache2 and PHP5 no go, just got a blank page for the entire plugin. Tried on another server and it aapperantly works fine, except when I paste in the options.. nothing gets though. I have watched and followed all the videos but are still stuck

So the xml import to get the settings is ok, just the pasting of the txt settings file is not?

how i can put the thumbs slider like at the HTML version?


Hey there,

Enter the code below in a text widget, dropped into the body-top widget area that spans across/above the columns. Basically, you use the slider shortcode to slide the column shortcodes.

If you only wanted that on a specific page (home, etc…) you can add-on some additional functionality to the widgets using the Widget Logic plugin:

Don’t forget to check the “Shortcode Content Examples” folder included with this download.


Hi, how do I stop post images appears in the latest post feed page?

Hi Cudazi, thanks for your reply. I have added a featured image to my post, which appears in the post preview page, then not on the actual single post page – as it should, but I would like to remove the large post image I have inserted from the post preview page. Do you know the piece of code I need to remove from loop.php to stop it feeding large images into preview page? Thanks

The featured image (not inserted into the post) will only display on the loop of posts. If you have any images before the

quicktag, they will display too.

To change this, you could change the_content to the_excerpt in loop.php but I would suggest just adding your images after the more tag.

Brilliant changing content to excerpt worked perfectly, thanks for your quick reply!

Well, actually turns out I have a very important project of my own and so purchased the theme.

Installed everything and works like a charm, no problems whatsoever.

This is an excellent theme with and I can recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable, extremely flexible and professionally designed theme.

Thanks! Tom

Thank you Tom, I appreciate the purchase and your kind words!

Hello love the theme,

i’m having trouble using optiontree to upload a header image it doesn’t come out and shows the image not loaded symbol.

Is there a set size or format it needs to be in?

thanks for help


Double check the documentation area on the option tree menu, you need to click “insert into post” for it to show on the optiontree page.

As a backup, you can upload using the media area, copy the link into the image url field on that same optiontree page as the image uploader.


thanks for reply all sorted

Sorry, stupid question, but where’s the option to remove the search feature at the top? Can’t find that for the life of me!!

Thanks! Great theme!

... and I found it. Never used OptionTree before. Thanks!!