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Another great theme! There’s a lot to love – icons, the number of widget places, straightforward css … etc.

Not a strictly theme related question but I hope you can help. I’m trying to use the UberMenu plugin with the theme so that one of the menu items is a mega menu. I suspect there’s something in the theme that is overriding the plugin as I can’t get it to work? and I’m lousy at working out what it is.


Hey there!

Shoot me a link to the site (here or profile form) and I’ll see if anything jumps out, I’m not familiar with that plugin. :)

You must get this a billion times, but I checked the entire html_theme folder don’t see the style.css file.

I think I accidentally bought the html version! Is there a way for me to get the WP theme without buying again?

You are correct, no purchase icon on this theme. Give Envato support a shout, I don’t handle the money side of things. Thanks!

Hello Cudazi,

I’m trying to add a custom page with a specific category for a blog. But on WP I can’t see any custom field on the page?

Do I miss something?


Hey there,

That’s more of a WordPress 3.1 question, I created a quick tut to show custom fields in WordPress if needed:


Sorry for the complaint. I missed the good link. I wanted to thank you.

Sorry did find them on the screen options.

No problem!


Here is my problem. OK for custom fields it works :-)

My issue is that I want to exclude a post (premium content) from a blog here:

The ID of the cat is 3. So I use -3 to exclude the category but it doesn’t work.

On this page I managed to show only the premium posts excluding all the other posts (


For the blog, use the “Exclue from Blog” feature in the theme settings:

Ok I worked it out – just a dumb mistake on my part.

Another question though – where in the CSS does it place the menu on the right side of the logo? Firebug suggests its menu-main-container but I can’t see it in screen.css.

Reason for asking is that the plugin replaces the menu bar but I have to redo the styling and I want to replicate the original style.

The right-align comes from this, look for .sf-menu for styles to match:

.sf-menu {
   line-height: 100%;
   position: absolute;
   right: 0;
   bottom: 0;
   float: left;

Hi Cudazi,

Great template. I also purchased Minimal and like them both.

Couple of questions on Clearly Modern

Your home page example: Did you use column short code to configure the bottom of your home page example? I’m having problems doing the same thing. Is the home page set as a 2 column?

I’d like to insert icons of LInkedIn and Twitter and link them to my profiles, like the Minimal theme. I’d like to insert in the top nav above the nav links. How would I do this in Clearly Modern?

Thanks for your help! I checked the other comments and did not see any on these – apologies if i missed them.


Hey there,

The home page is actually just a default page template, see the sample import xml for the icons/etc.

The top areas are widgets (text widgets) you could insert any type of content there as needed.


Great theme here… wanted to know how can I exclude the slider from showing on pages. Right now I’m using the manual setting, on posts and on the home page it looks fine. However on the “Pages” of the site, it displays one image below the other.

I would like to fix that or just disable the slider from showing on Pages period.


Please be sure to check the theme settings page for – “Display on Pages” and check the pages you want it to display on. Thanks!

Quick question: How do I get rid of the bold on the main menu and its submenu text? I know that the “sf-menu” tag in the css controls the font family and size for the main menu but where is it getting its bold attribute from? Thanks.

This should do the trick:

.sf-menu a { font-weight: normal; }

Hi Cudazi I am now working on SEO . I am reading that there should be one h1 tag, and only one. When I check my website with your theme, the h1 tag exisst for each page but refers to the logo. How to change this ?

You are free to edit the theme to fit your needs, header.php is where that piece of the site resides. Thanks

This theme is beautiful, easy to setup and has a clean and well thought out design!

Cudazi has done a great job and when I asked a question about the YouTube video embeds, he was very prompt in responding and adjusting the code base of the theme!

You can check out the theme in action on my site

Thanks! Adria Richards

Sorry – I’ve been searching for an hour and don’t have time to search thru these threads.

I can’t get the comments box off of the home page.

Help! Thank you.

When editing the page, go in to screen options and enable the discussion area, then you can enable/disable it as needed.

There’s more info on Google as well –


Great theme Cudazi

Just wanted to know how I can change the homepage slider dimensions to 1980 X 400 ?


Hey there,

The site width is 940/960px as it’s based on the 960gs framework, you will need to have some customization work done to modify the CSS and slideshow.


Hi – This is a horribly newbie/amateur question:

I’m using Clearly Modern, and have it set for the Front Page to display latest posts (as opposed to a static page). Currently, though it shows the complete post. Having trouble getting it to show just the first five lines like it does in your blog

Can you help me figure it out?

Also, “Blog” page comes up blank even though I’ve created a few posts already.

Thanks much – great theme! DD

Hey there,

You need to add the more tag or use the more button to cut the post of exactly where you want, here’s some more information:


Thank you for the quick response!! (wasn’t expecting anything on the Saturday a.m. just after Thanksgiving :-) DD

Just bought it, like the design ….., but … what a hassle to get the right colours.

Do i really have to test every # in the screen.css ??

Can somebody please tell me

What labels I need to change for:

- the background-color of the menu/logo section - the footer - the fonts (titles, widgets etc) - the line under the menu/logo section

- the height of the logo/menu section

Please tell me I’m missing something and there is an easier way …

regards, roderick

Hey Roderick,

I highly suggest a tool called Firebug or Chrome’s inspector tool, you can right-click on an element and “inspect” it to see where the style comes from in the CSS , just like any other website.


Im clearly being a bit dumb here but where is the css file for this theme?

All the css is in the css folder, thanks!

yes that will work, thanks!


Sorry if this has already been covered, but where do I find the Gallery Shortcodes you talk about on your sample website? eg – Site Overview > Shortcodes > Gallery Shortcodes

I have the shortcodes supplied in the ‘Shortcode Content Examples’ folder, but there are no Gallery shortcodes included here.



Hey Dave,

If you import the sample content xml file on a live or temp/demo site you can copy/paste the code out of that actual page, thanks!


before I buy this theme (Clearly Modern WordPress by Cudazi) I want to know if I can disable the slider on the home page. Can you send example what the home page looks like with out slider?


Totally optional, I used Firebug to delete it from the demo in my browser as an example –