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Hi Cudazi,

Super theme by the way!

Just out of interest – how do I disable the comments/leave a reply? Is there a shortcode for it?


Hey there,

This article is for but applies here as well:


ach – I’m so sorry for that – totally didn’t see the tickbox!! ‘doh!

Cheers – and havea cool xmas!

Are there any known issues with the theme when upgrading to the new Wordpress 3.3? Thanks!

Nope, all theme demos are on WordPress 3.3 – thanks!

I’ve been a fan of your themes for a long time and have just purchased Clearly Modern for my wife’s new website Trouble is, I did so without properly consulting her about the design – it turns out she doesn’t want a small logo, she wants a whacking great header image with a centered navigation menu underneath it. (Otherwise, she loves your theme!)

I’ve tried tweaking screen.css to add a bg tag to the header container (unsuccessfully, as you can see!). I’ve tried using Firebug as you suggested to others, but I’m finding it ever so difficult to understand.

Any chance you could give me some pointers for these two small css edits?

1. Add header background 2. Center navigation menu underneath the header image

I fully understand if you don’t have time to go into this. It’s entirely my fault for clicking ‘buy’ too quickly.

Happy new year to you.


Hey Steve,

I can’t get too deeply into the free customizations but you may want to try creating an additional grid_12 column (full-width) in header.php to make a big chunk for a header.

Be sure to reference the framework for tips too.


Thank you so much, Curt. I had never come across the 960gs before, and am very pleased to make its acquaintance.

I’ve managed to center the image and am now battling with the menu placement. The placement of the menu doesn’t seem to be controlled from either header.php or from screen.css. Hunting hard… :-)

Very best wishes, and thanks again for your help.


If I have the Slider running – how can I disable the popup image when the slider is clicked???

I may need to see your site as an example but you could use the manual slider option and have it just link to ”#” or something too. Thanks!

It’s currently on a test site: the first page – I’ve currently got the slider in a div aligning it to the right. <div class="alignright">[cudazi_slider media_size='grid_4' nav_style='none']</div>

Looks like you will need to edit a bit of code for that, in libraries/shortcodes.php line 477, replace this:

$slide_output .= cudazi_create_slides( "<a href="" . get_permalink($slide->ID) . "">" . get_the_post_thumbnail($slide->ID, $media_size) . "</a>" );

With this:

$slide_output .= cudazi_create_slides( get_the_post_thumbnail($slide->ID, $media_size) );

Note, in the first part above, the \” is from the auto-formatting of this forum… but the second line is correct.


I’ve replaced the code, but it’s still popping up in the fancybox window..

Contact me via my profile contact form and I will have a look on Monday as this is more of a customization vs support. :) thanks!


I emailed you, but I thought I’d post here as well in case anyone else has this problem. After updating to the most recent version of WP we’re having trouble with the widgets. All of the text widgets (as well as others) have blanked out, and when we try to add a text widget to a sidebar it automatically begins loading the published site inside the widget box.

Can you help me resolve this?

Many thanks!

I’ll check out your email, I tested and can’t seem to replicate this one.


I am doing some consulting work and am looking for a theme suitable for insane amounts of interaction with the public. So I have a few questions:

I did not see a great deal of “like this” or “tweet it” buttons built in. Would this just be a plugin to add?

Was this theme created with a large number of guest authors (10-20) in mind? I know they will need training, that is also part of my job… :/

You can email me if that is more amicable to you.

Thanks, Siege

Hey there,

Yea – I decided not to integrate the like/tweet buttons since that’s the perfect job for a plugin, eg: and they change so often it would be easy to become outdated.

The number of authors shouldn’t really matter as long as they’re WordPress users you create, they can all post.


Hi Curt!

You helped me out earlier with my portfolio listing (boxed 3 column). The problem then was random gaps (like an empty white space where there should be a post) between posts in the portfolio listing that didn’t look so good. Now, there’s another problem with the same portfolio listing. I discovered today that the thumbnail you need to include to be listed in the portfolio randomly is missing. This problem occurs only in Safari and perhaps other browsers, but not in Firefox which I use as standard. I see the same thing on my iPhone which has the latest software. It´s like when the picture is missing completely, only showing the ALT tag, although nothing is missing. The pictures are there, also included in the post and the thumbnails are there. I don’t get it, at all! There’s nothing I can add or change since every post in the portfolio are made the same way, but only 3 have missing thumbnail pictures – in Safari (at least). Here’s the address again – Thanks in advance! /Rosa

I’m getting some odd characters being added to the URL , eg:


Maybe try or disable a caching plugin and see if that takes care of it for you.


Hi again!

I got rid of the odd characters, they were added by Add This when configured to register URL shares. I also deactivated several plugins incl W3 Total Cache over night but nothing seems to fix the problem with the 3 missing pictures. All the posts look the same and nothing unusual has been added, not even recently installed plugins – I´ve had my plugins before you helped me the last time. I haven’t changed anything in the php-files since you made a change in some counter/loop. Actually I don´t know how long this has been a problem, one of the 3 posts was posted in late summer last year, the other two recently. Do you have another idea on what’s wrong? It works brilliant in Firefox! Thanks again for your time : ) /Rosa

I really haven’t heard of something like this (WordPress or otherwise…) if it was my site, I would delete and re-add the posts, deleting the image entirely and re-uploading. You can back-date them so they stay in order.

Hi again!

I followed your advise, which sounded like the perfect solution. I was very thorough in deleting and creating a new post. The context is about the same, but the post has updated pictures (the old ones were deleted) and a number 2 was added at the end of the posts’ name. I backdated and thought the problem was solved since it´s a new database entry. BUT , damn it, the same problem remains in Safari! (Safari was reset and cache emptied before every test) Maybe this is beyond theme support, but I´m thinking that this perhaps relates in a way to the other problem earlier with the same file. The problem again is about the porfolio not listing posts the way it should. Maybe there is no answer to this one but I thought I just get back to you so you know. Thanks! /Rosa

I will definitely keep my eyes open if I hear of anyone else having this issue. Uploading a different photo as a test was a good idea. Thanks for your patience, I appreciate it.

I keep getting a comment box on top of my blog page, not sure why. Wondering if you can help me out.

Nevermind, you answered this question through another post. thx

Hello Cudazi,

I have a bug here:

1 – How do you “split” the pagination so that 2 different blogs don’t mix through their pagination?

You can see it in this page:

At the bottom we can see: < Vital Point Striking – Part 1 article that doesn’t belong to this blog but to the Premium one in the Membership section.

Can you please help to fix it? We are going live very soon.



Actually, you could edit the contents of nav-single-post.php to be blank or as needed as that’s what is displayed on the full “single” post page.


I’m far from being a coder…can you describe the lined involved & the procedure please?


You can go two routes:

1 – Open single.php and remove this line:
<?php get_template_part( 'nav', 'single-post' ); ?>


2 – Open nav-single-post.php and remove everything / save

As always, be sure to backup first.


If you can’t find a fix, can we hide the pagination on the full post view but keep it on the list view? That’s not perfect but at least it avoids this issue in a way.

Yea. I’ll get back to you tomorrow on some WordPress conditionals like is_single(). Thanks!

Hello Cudazi,

Did you find a way to “fix” the pagination on multiple blogs?


OK I di delete the pagination from the full post view.


Hi Cudazi,

I have a new issue here:

Can you please advise?


See the FAQ item on this page, it should solve this:

Thanks for the info.

I got this email from a support tech with an IDX plugin I use. I was using the uxury template but they are saying the following:

“It looks like the plugin may not be finding the main area to generate the IDX pages, as the theme you are using does not have a #content section in the layout. Would you try temporarily switching themes to see if this resolves the issue? Twenty ten is a free theme provided by that I would recommend testing with.”

Do you know if the clearly modern template has the #content area in the layout?

Please post in the Luxury theme discussion area so I can verify purchase, you’re in the Clearly Modern theme. :)

This should be a pretty quick theme mod to make the plugin work for you.

Hi Cudazi I need to update the theme file from version 1.6 to 1.8. How do i do this? Will it get rid of contents and modifications to the CSS ? Hope you can help. Thanks

There isn’t really an auto-update, I would just look at the theme update notes and look at the dates the files were changed, if the 1.8 file is newer, it will need to be updated. There are some great code compare tools out there too like BeyondCompare that can show you what you’ve customized and what’s different.

Hi There,

This site allows you to incorporate videos correct? What about SWF files?

The goal is to show either the video or the swf in the lightbox in the portfolio section.


The video’s use the “Embed” code (HTML) so technically, anything with embed code such as flash can be embedded into those areas too, yes. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve been having an issue with the header slider. It’s somewhat inconsistent, but I’ve seen it in most browsers. The slider image will float over the content below it. Essentially there’s no space allotted for the slider and all the content is pushed up. You can see it at

Sorry about this, please see the FAQ on this page: —