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i bought the package, i didn’t know it was HTML file, can i get the WP theme?

The HTML version was chosen for the bundle, the WordPress version can be found at:

Hi, I’m having a hard time setting up the dropdown menu – for some reason, the little down arrows from the sprite don’t show properly.

Can you help?

Thanks, Alex

Of course :)

I could make an account for you so you can have a look.

Where to send it to?

It looks like the css is different than the default, can you replace it with the default (even temporarily) to be sure it’s not CSS related? (and any images you may have moved) Thanks!

Ok, i put back the /css/screen.css (which I copied initially into style.css so I can edit it from wp.)

The image sprite exists…i just gave it the absolute path so it wont be any issues…



I will have limited access to internet for a few days between Feb 27th and Mar 2nd.

During that time, I’ll try my very best to answer any support questions but please be patient and I will get back to you.

As always, I provide free theme support, not free customization work.




Could you please help me. When checking on my iPhone, I see several horizontal lines. I want them out….

Thanks, Olivier

Hey Oliver, check for any forgotten borders or border-colors or hr tags in your customizations.

Thank you. Any specific file I should focus on?

How can I input my own favicon?

Just overwrite mine:



Hi Curt,

I am having problems getting the Cudazi Custom Tweets widget to work properly. When I load the page, it just hangs while displaying “Loading tweets..” I x-checked the settings and didn’t see any security settings in my Twitter account that needed to be set.

Any idea on the cause of this?

BTW , thanks for a great theme – its awesome! :bigwink:

Hey there,

Can you do a quick check for JavaScript errors? (Google- Firebug or Chrome Inspector tools)

Otherwise, it can timeout from time to time due to Twitter being a little iffy. :)

Hello, Great theme, thanks ! In the twitter widget, I would like to get rid of “about 7 hours ago, we said” which is a) a bit heavy b) in English and my website is in French (I can translate “we said” but not “about 7 hours ago”). How can I do that ? Philippe

You will need to modify the cudazi-twitter-widget.php around line 42+ where you see the auto_xxxxxxx strings.


Thanks. I can only target “i said” etc. but not “about 3 days ago”…

You may need to dig into additional options here:

Thanks, all set now. For the record, I used this fork : tweet with localization support

Great tip – thanks for the follow up!

Hi, I’m having a weird issue: I wanted to exclude a category from the blog and when I went to Option Tree – Blog – Exclude from the blog category, checked the right category and saved changes, the category was excluded from the blog BUT the rest of the pages display a SLIDER before the content:

This is driving me nuts – i can’t get rid of that slider…help?

Ok, the problem is with Option Tree – it somehow lost the settings for the slider and the exclude from the blog does not work :(

What an odd issue. The only thing I can think of would be that something in your naming, titles, categories/etc has an odd or unique symbol that isn’t getting along with OptionTree. I have seen people accidentally hit the reset instead of save too, so it’s worth a check. If this persists, send me a message via my profile and I’ll show you were to edit this setting manually in the code.

hi cudazi,

i’ve set the layout in option tree to medium sidebar in all 3 drops downs. a category landing still is in default settings (larger sidebar)

where would i change the default for this?

thank you in advance.

Hey there,

Yea, there is on exception so in archive.php, you’ll see:

grid_8 near the top, replace that with grid_9
grid_4 near the end, replace that with grid_3
The grid_x + grid_x should always equal 12.



Just wondering, if its possible to have the blog as the main page with your theme?

Yes, it sure is – the home page is optional and can be removed to show blog posts or replaced with any static page you wish. (Admin > Settings > Reading)

Hi – great theme. I’ve been adjusting some of the CSS code and everything working well until at some point the WP admin quick links that should appear in the top grey bar are now pushed down and display over the top of the site. I have since reverted back to your original css but the problem still remains. Do you know what might be causing this?

Site normally:

Site after logging in:

Hmm, that’s hard to say without knowing all the changes. I can really only debug on a default/clean install. You can always copy/paste chunks of the original css in and out to see what changes. (keep a backup first of course!)

Hi there – Just sent an email, but a post is probably easier. I’m helping with a WP site (, but I’m having a problem with the placement of the image slider. I’ve looked everywhere I can think, but I don’t see anything about the positioning of the slider. I’m not an expert programmer, and inherited this site from someone else, but I understand a good bit but I can’t seem to find the issue. Please help! :)

I’ll reply to your email – thanks!

Hi! This is very beautiful theme, thanks very much Cudazi. I am almost done with my project but I am missing something vital. Using contact form and its working but how to add fields to it, especially checkboxes and radiobuttons?


Hey Susan,

I can’t really get into free custom work at this time, I need to remain focused on support to keep ahead, sorry!

Maybe try the Contact Form 7 plugin (free) instead for more functionality.


Is the WP version fully responsive?

Thanks, Breno

Sorry, not at this time

Hi – great theme.

Trying to get rid of the post date at the top of all posts but my css doesn’t seem to work (works in Firebug but not when I add to style.css). My css is: .entry-meta { display: none; } Any advice on why this isn’t working please?

Thanks in advance Rob

I’m not seeing the post dates anymore, was this resolved or am I looking in the wrong spot?

Hi thanks for the reply… Couldn’t get the css to work so ended up removing it from the simple post php instead.

I’m getting the following error message: “uncaught exception: TypeError: contentWindow.document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0] is undefined”

Do you know what might be causing this?


I looked in the Chrome/Console and don’t see this error – possibly lightbox related?

Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+

Hi Cudazi, i’m having a problem with my portfolio/ blog entries. They are both uploaded as posts but the portfolio items are classified as portfolio while everything else is a blog post. BUT the portfolio items show up under the ‘latest blog posts’ which means that they will go out in the RSS feed that I am trying to set up. I need to not have the portfolio items mixed up with the blog items. HELP !! thx

Please post using the account used to purchase the file for support, thanks!