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Hi Cudazi, i’m having 2 problems now:

1. a problem with my portfolio/ blog entries. They are both uploaded as posts but the portfolio items are classified as portfolio while everything else is a blog post. BUT the portfolio items show up under the ‘latest blog posts’ which means that they will go out in the RSS feed that I am trying to set up. I need to not have the portfolio items mixed up with the blog items. You can see this in the blog or portfolio pages. The portfolio posts are mixed up with blog posts

2. Also – I need to add a slider to the homepage. I added it but the slider is showing up 2 times – as it’s own slider and then underneath one of the other slider. I had to remove the slider so I can’t show you how it looks.

Please HELP !! thx


I just bought the non-version of Clearly Modern, spent 20 minutes trying to install it on my Wordpress, then realised I’d bought the wrong one.

So I just bought the Wordpress version, and now I have 2. Can I get a refund for the first one? Please :)

Theme’s great by the way, looking forward to playing around with it.


Hey there,

Go ahead and explain to that you first purchased the site template but have since purchased the WP version, you should be able to get credited for your mistaken purchase.

It happens :)


Just having issues with my photos. . Any idea what could be wrong? The image previews are not showing up but when you click on one the lightbox still works.


Hey there – I don’t see a “purchased” badge on your account…? :)

Not sure why…I purchased it.

I figured it out anyway.

Hi Cudazi, – different topic – inserting a captcha into the Clearly Modern Wordpress theme. I bought this theme and have created a site using it. I need to insert a captcha with your form. [cudazi_column width=’6’ class=’omega’ ]

"">cudazi_column width=’6’ class=’alpha’ please can you help – thanks Di

Hey there, I can really only provide support to get the theme up and running like the demo.

Hi Cudazi, sorry I just realised I didn’t put the site name there, if you need to see it— —the portfolio posts are being shown in the ‘latest posts’ area which should just be for blog posts. I thought that I had solved this problem with using the portfolio classification box when making a new post. Is there anyway to separate these two types of post so that only the blog posts show up on that ‘latest posts’ column?

Still haven’t resolved the slider issue, even after installing a new slider widget.

thanks. rnd

Please send me an email via my profile with the issues you have remaining and any screenshots possible.

Hi Cudazi,

I uploaded Option Tree today and all my settings seemed to disappear with the new version. I downloaded the older version again and that worked fine, but wondering what you suggest for upgrading to the newer version. Thanks!

Just working through that now, sorry for the trouble, keep an eye on

Avoid upgrading OptionTree for now. How to revert back:

I sent you an email which you can ignore. Sorry for that. However, I am having issues with the option tree not uploading my logo. You can see it at

It doesn’t show up. Also, it isn’t an insert into post button. It is add to option tree. I am using the version in your download link provided above. Thanks for your help.

...and my sideboard disappear.

Hmm, I just tried it on a user’s server yesterday and it seems to work as it used to… let me think on this one.

Hey there!

I really like your theme, and I wonder if you’ve got any feature for a video (youtube or vimeo) attachment to the slider?


Here’s a page with the video slider, once purchased you’ll see how it runs in the demo content import, thanks!


Love your theme! Am having a problem though. I have the theme installed and activated. But when I try to upload the theme options xml file i get a message stating that “settings could not be imported.” I know there was an update to the OptionTree plug in that I updated. It is version 2.0.9,

There is also a notification next to the upload button in OptionTree settngs that says: “This import method has been deprecated. That means it has been replaced by a new method and is no longer supported, and may be removed from future versions. All themes that use this import method should be converted to use its replacement below.”

I can upload the .xml file ok and I insert into OptionTree, but can’t get the settings to load.

Help is appreciated! Thanks!


Hey I JUST saw your message about NOT downloaded the new version of the OptionTree plug in. I have gone back to earlier version and everything good.

My apologies for missing that post.



No problem :)

Hi, I am having an odd issue on my home page. When you go to you will see the home page slider overlaying the 2 column text content for the page. But if you click on any of the menu links, even the Home link, the page shows as it should show with the slider image above the text.

Do I have something set wrong? not set? or is it an issue with a style sheet not being loaded when you come to the page?

Thanks for all your help.


That did it! Thanks!

I get this error: Wait! You need to install and activate the OptionTree plugin! (See Help Files), but I have Option Tree Version 2.0.9 installed. Any suggestions? Everything seems to work ok, but when I post something it posts it on every page.

You can remove the chunk in line 6-16 about that if you wish and that’ll stop appearing in the admin area. There’s no harm in it being there but I realize it’s annoying and do apologize.

Hi thanks for the theme. It’s really great. But now i need to integrate a member list and profile page. I did this with symposium plugin but now i realised that i need a second menu. One for non-members and one for members. Is there an easy way to get 2 menus running?

I found this site:

with this code:
register_nav_menus( array(
    'primary' => __( 'Primary Navigation', 'twentyten' ),
    'visitor' => __( 'Visitor Navigation', 'twentyten' ),
    'footer' => __( 'Footer Navigation', 'twentyten' ),

) );

But couldn’t find a way to do this. Any idea if a second menu is possible?


Yes, that function can be found in /libraries/themesetup.php – thanks!

Avoid upgrading OptionTree for now. How to revert back:

Is this version compatible with the latest stable WP 3 .4.2?


Hello – yes, that’s what the demo is running, thanks!


Great simple theme!

I am having one problem with the contact form. I tested it out and I am not getting the emails.

[cudazi_contact to=””]

I did it exactly like it says in the support and tried testing with multiple email addresses. They are all not working.

Could you help me please? Thank you

Looks correct to me! Hmm, try setting the “from” address to your own email address in libraries/shortcodes.php

$headers = "From: <".$from . ">";


$headers = "From: <".$to . ">";

Do you have plans to update this theme as a responsive design?


Not in the near future unfortunately.

Have you found solution for OptionsTree? It doesn’t work the same way anymore. I tried to download from link…but the activate failed.

Please de-activate the theme, install/activate optiontree, then activate the theme and you should avoid that error, thank you

Version 1.1.8 correct? I followed steps. I received NO errors, however, i see no changes or tools to the Theme Options – I just get one field that says “test input”.

You’ll need to import the sample content based on the help file:

In the OptionTree > Settings > Import, upload the theme-options-XXXXX.xml file (in the Sample Content and Exports folder) to the top section and click Import XML.

Then, after uploading, copy/paste the contents of the theme-options-data-copy-paste.txt file (in the Sample Content and Exports folder) into the “Theme Options Data” and click “Import Data”.


Received error on OptionTree (and I installed old version from download site above):

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_option_tree() (previously declared in /home/atos98/ in /home/atos98/ on line 52