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I bought/used Clearly Modern about a year ago and no issues with Option Tree. Gone through all your FAQs. Reloaded the older version, per your link. No good. Then tried to deactivated theme and then reload the older Option Tree. No good again. I’ve tried about everything.

What’s the solutions please? Need this urgently to win client business (ugh~~!) Suggest you update the screenr videos to alert others of this issue.

Should I bail on this? Thanks.

Suggest you update your screenr videos.

You may need to de-activate the theme, then load/activate the correct version of OptionTree, activate the theme and then import the sample theme options from the download files.

(Send me a message via my profile page as a nice reminder on the videos)

I’m really disappointed with this theme. It’s not nearly as customizable or well designed as I thought. What looks like text is just images. And the setup is very labour intensive.

I wish I’d known this before buying. Buyer beware!

I’ve received a lot of great comments over the years and featured inclusion in an Envato bundle, sorry for the disappointment, I wish you best of luck in your future projects.

Is there any way of preventing pdfs from opening up in a lightbox modal window? I would like the link to the pdf to open the pdf directly (i.e. link direct to file) thanks

Hi there,

Great theme. Quick question before I purchase. I only need this theme for the blog portion. Is it fairly straightforward to only display the design as a blog, and omit the other stuff?

Yea, you could set any page as the home page and just skip the portfolios and such, thanks!

OK, thanks. Now one more question before I purchase. I’d like the blog to post poetry and essays. Can I easily disable or remove the “more” tag from the code to display the entire text on the main page?

The read more is actually optional, I added more text to the last post on this page and left out the more tag for you:

hello, I bought your theme but for some reason, the drop down nav menu doesn’t work and neither does the slider on home page – please could you take a brief look for me? –

further to my last question, it was working fine last week …!

I’ve worked out it is a conflict with the all-on-one shortcodes plugin – which was working with this theme before but is not any more – deactivating the plugin restored the slideshow and navigation ‘suckerfish’ menu.

I guess I should have investigated this more, as this is clearly not a theme for everyone.

I’ve built several sites with Genesis frameworks, Woo Themes, Obox, Elegant Themes, and various independent Themeforest themes, and I have yet to come across something as (unnecessarily) labyrinthine as the inner workings of the UI in this theme. Sorry, it’s just not my cup of tea and I wish I could undo my purchase.

How do i link the slider images to a page on my site? Currently when i click the image it just pops up and shows me a bigger version. I want it to link to a section of my website.

Please help. Thanks

Here’s how my slider is set for the demo –

I would like to ask if how we can change the “modern clearly modern theme by cudazi” with our logo at the header part of the page?

Just replied to your email, thank you

I’ve purchased this great theme over two years ago. A lot has happened since then though and responsive designs have become a must for anyone who has a significant share of mobile visitors. Is there any chance this theme will be updated with responsive features or is it simply too much work? It surely would give this still “clearly modern” design new uplift with regard to sales.

Hey there, I’m still weighing the pros/cons at the moment as all the elements were built to be that specific width. Thank you

Thanks for considering it. Really appreciate it! Any time frame on that decision or even implementation? Just so I know whether I have to move away from the theme. Thanks again.

As much as I hate to say it, I don’t have a firm timeline on this so I can’t guarantee anything, it’s just on my wishlist to add this feature at this point.


Thank you for your help with option tree – all working fine now.

Quick question:

Can we add telephone number and email to the right of logo (and above navigation)

If so, do we use an image or text?

Many thanks and best regards,


please ignore my last comment – have figured it out.



Is there anyway to swap the content slider to a full screen responsive slider?

Hello, sorry – not at this time

Just wanted to say that working with this theme has been awesome. I have been able to do everything I need to do for customization. I was at first confused about the whole OptionTree issue but figured it out by looking at the comments. (Maybe update the FAQ here so that newer purchasers will see the issue sooner?)

All that to say, great job.

Just updated the FAQ, thank you!

hi, just bought your theme and installed it following the instructions in the _HELP folder. Now I can not import the theme options for OptionTree – Plugin. Still getting the message “Wait! You need to install and activate the OptionTree plugin! (See Help Files)”. What is wrong here? Thankx

Please give this a try –

I just upgrade the Options Tree plugin and it broke the site. It also says “Wait! You need to install and activate the OptionTree plugin! (See Help Files)” at the top of the admin screen. The plugin is installed and activated. But it doesn’t appear to be working. Please help!!!

Never mind. Found this: and it’s working again.

hi, have been using your theme for 2 years now and it works great.

Last week I tried to add Yoast plugin to it. Each time after I install Yoast, my browser displays following message when I try to access any page from my website :

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Query::is_main_query() in /homez.429/christine/www/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/frontend/class-frontend.php on line 518

I disabled all plugins, took Yoast out, reloaded it : same result. A fatal error .

I really would like to use this plugin (which I am using successefully with another website+ another theme) , do you have an idea where this problem comes from ?

Hey there – Can you confirm you’re running WordPress version 3.3+ ?

Indeed, it was a 3.1 version… Uptated to latest version of WP and it works beautifully. thanks !

Hello. We not knowingly updated Option Tree this morning and now the site is not working correctly. I followed your instructions to remove the plugin and use the older version here,

but I get this error message and it won’t install:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_option_tree() (previously declared in /home/content/21/3489821/html/ in /home/content/21/3489821/html/ on line 52

Please help. Thank you.

Never mind I fixed it. MUST first uninstall the option tree plugin. THEN switch to one the the default WP themes for the moment. THEN install the older version of option tree following the link above. THEN go back and activate the theme again. Should be all good to go.

Worked for me anyways.

Hello, How can I change the “clearly modern theme by cudazi” with my logo and tagline at the header part of the page? Thank you!

Hello, please review the included documentation and notes in the main download, it’s done within OptionTree. Thanks!