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Clearly Modern WordPress by Cudazi

Clearly Modern WordPress by Cudazi


After all the positive response from the HTML/CSS version, I could not wait to get started on this powerful WordPress version. Be sure to explore the demo to see all the features, samples and options available. Watch the videos below to get a look under the hood.

Note – New item updates are located at the bottom of the page!

Main Features

  • 20+ smart widget areas
  • Useful custom shortcodes (see below)
  • WordPress 3.0 menu with multi-level dropdown
  • Multiple footer layouts
  • Multiple per page/post layout options
  • Theme settings powered by OptionTree (see below)
  • Lightbox ready
  • Custom background support
  • Localization / internationalization (i18n) ready

Video Overviews / Tutorials


  • Content sliders for images, video or HTML
    Pull images by attachments, featured images, custom fields or create your own slides!
  • Quote / Testimonial
  • Messages
  • Expand and Collapse
  • Contact Form with PHP/JS validation
  • Columns
  • Text Highlighting
  • Scroll to Top
  • Icon List (100+ icons!)
  • Explore the demo to see them all in use!

Theme Settings

  • Header slider source, locations and settings
  • Color Options / Color Pickers
  • General Columns / Layout you can override per page/post
  • Footer Layouts
  • Logo Uploader
  • General Portfolio settings you can set and/or override per page
  • Blog Settings
  • ...and more!

Credits / Plugins Used

  • Icons are from Tutorial9
  • Easy Fancybox WordPress plugin suggested for photos, video and iFrames
  • OptionTree WordPress for theme settings
  • jQuery
  • 960gs Grid
  • Flickr Creative Commons commercial use
  • SXC.hu


If you have already purchased this theme, re-download from your downloads tab for the latest version.

  • v1.8 Released 10/19/2011
    • Updated theme-options.php, fixes: Cannot redeclare get_option_tree()
  • v1.7 Released 8/9/2011
    • Update to header.php for improved child theme support.
  • v1.6 Released 4/25/2011
    • Blog Exclude Category Fix
      Fix in index.php to exclude categories from the blog
  • v1.5 Released 2/6/2011
    • OptionTree Page Fix for OptionTree 1.1.3
      If your slider is not showing on a specific category in OptionTree 1.1.3, this will solve the issue.
  • v1.4 Released 2/5/2011
    • NEW Page Template: Custom Category
      A reusable page template that allows for multiple blogs or greater control over which category of posts are pulled onto which pages. Now you can create a page for press release posts, a page for favorite posts, a page for guest posts and more! Please see the help file (page templates section) on how to use/control this new page template. You can hide the page title/content if needed on a page by page basis.
  • v1.3 Released 1/12/2011
    • Portfolio Excerpt Update – Small update to loop-portfolio.php
  • v1.1-1.2 Released 1/2/2011
    • IE8 Bug Fixes
    • Custom Background Update