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Advanced Slider is not working with open-cart 1.5.6 please help


It should work without problems. Did you upgrade from OpenCartr Make sure to run vqmod installer again and copy the xml files from the theme.

What’s your URL?

url: i am not upgrading Open-cart i installed new Open-cart package 1.5.6 and then applied your clearshop theme then i installed vqmod-2.4.1-opencart but still not able to see slider

Probably the vqmod files included with the theme were overridden when you installed vqmod. Reupload the xml files from the theme package to the vqmod/xml/ folder on your server.

If you still have issues give me temporal FTP access and I’ll check what’s happening. Use the contact form on my profile page to send me the info

Good afternoon,

Can you tell me how do I disable the buttons in theme and compare wish list?

Hi Henri,

Which buttons? Compare and Wishlist icons can be disabled from the admin panel Extension > Modules > Theme Options – Clearshop.

Check the Layout tab, then Extras.

PERFECT! thank you my friend! :)

Heya Luis,

Thanks for the support earlier. I’ve sent you an email on regard to the header and hope to receive your reply yea.


Luis … when product tag is entered in the product page the tags are not arranged properly. Thanks

Hi luis I cant go to the theme option in the demo admin section. Please remove the restriction.


Sorry. Try again.


Hi Louis Quick view on iPad is working for theme version 1.0 but not for 1.01

Hi, How do I not display the price of the product?

Use the contact form on my profile page

I’ll take a look

I would like to send an attachment.

Your site is not online yet? Send me a message and I’ll reply you. So we can exchange files if needed.

Luis, you always do excellent work. I have already licensed your other themes but I’m wondering if it’s possible to disable the ‘Quick View’ functionality in this theme?

I prefer to keep things as simple as possible and I think just going directly to the product detail page without the popup is a better solution for my needs. Is this possible?

Hi. Yes, it can be disabled from the admin panel on the theme options module.

Thank you!

Hi Luis, Is there an option to have a manufacturer list in the main navigation bar? If not then how easy is it for me to make that happen?

Thanks, Ty

Hi, you can use an extension to do it. Or do it manually, it’s easy too.

I’ll add this is a future release. I thinks it’s a great feature.


Hi Luis, Great Job !

Got a little problem, I did a fresh install of OC 1.5.6.

I installed French & German Languague pack as well.

In the checkout (English Version) I got the green bullet (STEP 1, STEP 2 etc..), but when I change the language to french or german, NO Bullet anymore.

Can you help me ?

Thx in advance

Hi, I’m glad you like the theme

Yes, it requires a little change in the a template_misc_options.xml for additional languages.

For example, in English catalog/language/english/checkout/checkout.php :

Step 1:
is replaced with
<span class="step">1</span>

Is similar for other languages. Probably you only need to change the “Step” word.

Also, you can send me a message through the contact form in case you need help with the files.

Many thanks

For Quickview to work on iPad you need to disable Image zoom on Quick View box … this what i have discovered

Thanks for the tip. I’m checking this right now.

Hi, I’m now about to install this on my live site. This may be a dumb question but your installation instructions say to upload the 4 folders (admin, catalog, image and vqmod) to my server, but obviously the Opencart installation has those folders already so I can’t just copy over the folders as they are without renaming. When I tested on my local machine I uploaded the template files from each folder individually to the existing Opencart folders, but I don’t think that can be right because it takes a long time! What am I missing?

Hi Margaret,

The template files have the same folder hierarchy that the OpenCart core files. The folders will be merged, not replaced. So, upload the 4 folders.

If asked by your FTP client select merge/combine the folders. Specially if you are using Transmit on Mac. On Windows it will merge the folders by default.

It’s the same installation process for any extension with the OpenCart folder structure.

Try it out and let me know if you have any issues.

Thanks, Luis

Hi, After i installed blog manager clearshop which is included inside your theme. i copied both catalog and vqmod to my server and when i go to my site, it shown error as following;

Notice: Error: Could not load model blog/article! in /home/kutiscom/public_html/shop/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_loader.php on line 48

how to solve it??


The package only includes the template files necessary for the Blog Manager extension for compatibility. But the blog manage is an independent extension you get from the OpenCart extensions website.

thanks you, and another question, how can i add more social icons n links?

You can add more social icons in catalog/view/theme/clearshop/template/common/footer.tpl

The theme uses font icons

For example, to add a new one use:
<a hre="link"><i class="icon-linkedin"></i></a>
You can also use your own image icons if you wish:
<a hre="link"><img src="my-icon"></a>

What html do I use to copy the the exact layout of the sliders on the demo website?.. i.e. with the sale red bit, text and large image.


Hi William,

I sent you an email with the backup file and images for the slider.

Check it out.

Hi,could you give me the demo data and images?


I posted the sample data here

Check the green button.




I’ve contacted you but haven’t got a reply yet, could you let me know the status please?

Thank you.


Sorry for replying late. Check your email, there’s an updated RTL stylesheet.



I’ve sent you a few more issues with the stylesheet, waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

I did buy your clearshop template a fiew days ago. In google_chrome the footer information is behind products. Not in ie or mozilla.

Hi, what’s your URL? You can use the contact form on my profile page if you want to keep it private

Best Regards


If I use quick view multiple times in a row, each time the quantity -/+ increases by 1; e.g., the first time I use it, it adds normally. The second time I use it (close and reopen quick view), each click adds 2 to quantity. Third time, it adds 3 to quantity per click. Is this just me?

Hi, thank you for reporting this behavior. I’m checking that right now. I’ll let you know the solution.



Thank you Luis for support! great thème !

Hello Luis Just bought the Clear Shop. Great Work as usual. I’m very excited about the theme.

Just a quick question. how do i set the button color with only two colors. like the ribbon skin on demo.



Only normal and hover colors? This is the snippet from the Ribbon skin:
.payment .right .button,
.cart .button,
.button-cart {
  background: #d00000;
  border:1px solid #ff0000;
  color: #fff;
.payment .right .button:hover,
.payment .right .button:active,
.cart .button:hover,
.cart .button:active,
.button-cart:active {
  background: #ff0000;

Just change the colors to your wish and paste the code in your custom CSS.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Thanx So Much Man.

One more thing. how do i change the logo size. which file should i look at. Regards