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Hi, Very good theme and thanks for your previous support! I have a question about the advanced slide show. I found it’s kind of freezing when you have more than 3 slides. Hard to switch between slides by clicking them. Check below:

Any insights? Thanks!

Hi, I checked your site and the slideshow works without problems. It automatically rotate all slides.

Which browser are you using?

I used Chrome/IE. The weird thing is that your demo site works well. But on my site which has 4 slides: The buttons are not clickable. I can’t jump around between different slides.

Hi Luisvelaz,

Another great theme! Congratulations.

I need to show a full page slideshow on the index.html page with hotspots that will link users to individual product pages. The code for this functionality I have done but I want to know how I can go about implementing it with regards to having the current index.html page in your theme as a secondary page (maybe default.php) and all the category and product pages linking from that secondary page?

Please advise me if this is possible and how I would go about it?

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for your reply

When undertaken either option can I still retain SEO friendly URL’s on the opencart store?

Yes, you can use SEO URL’s on the store because OpenCart will be independent. Just remember that all your URL’s will start with store/


Thank you very much for your assistance. I’ll try this out when starting the project.

Luis, I’m not sure if I’ve turned something off but when I have a parent category with sub-categories I don’t see any sub-category links on the parent category page. In your documentation it says “The subcategories (Refine Search) will display as links by default [I don’t see any refine search], you can hide them or display them as thumbnails.” I don’t have these options at all in the theme settings module. Is this no longer available? Thanks, Margaret

Hi Margaret,

Did you install a new extension recently? What’s your URL?

Send me a message through my contact form to follow up the conversation.


hi luis,

Amazing theme! I am trying to get the effect & feel of the advance banner exactly as you have it on your demo site, but I am not getting there

would you be able to explain how to get this effect?

would be great if u could let me know the sizes of the images and the input i need for the fields



one more thing! I am trying to connect twitter and display feeds, I have set up the new API and copied all the passwords but it is still not showing anything.. I double checked that I copied everything well per the youtube video but nothing! any ideas?

ignore the twitter question, it just took time from twitter to be activated :)

Hi Guy,

Glad to know you manage to solve the issue with the Twitter extension.

About the slideshow, you can check the configuration here in the demo site

User/password demo/demo

It’s easy, you can choose the same effects from the admin panel.

Check it out and let me know if you have further questions.

Best Regards

Hello Luis,

In footer contact info, the additional text under email address does not show up. :(


Dear Luisvelaz,

I like your theme very much, though i would like the default theme with the header lined to left and right and then the rest to be boxed. Unfortunately this is no option, is it possible to make it like that?

Thank you for your answere!

Kind regards,


Hi Bram,

It’s possible with a little CSS code. The included skins don’t have an option like that.

Send me a message using the contact form on my profile and include your URL

I’ll help you to make the changes.

Regards, Luis

Dear Luis Sorry for my late response ill send you right away a message!


Awesome theme, I like it a lot :)

I want to center items in horizontal menu bar, but solutions that I found on the internet did not help, because clearshop has different stylesheet.css

I need to do it because I have 3 languages on my website, so horizontal menu text length is different for every language.

Waiting for your kind reply. Best Regards


I’m glad you like the theme. Thank you!

Can I see your site? Send me your URL, I’d like to take a look.

Send me a message using the contact form on my profile and I’ll send you the code to center the menu.


Hi, that’s not my theme. Do you posted the wrong screenshot?


Hi there, There’s extra css in the body to control the upper case of TOP menus. /* 2nd level bold, 3rd always visible in normal text */ ul.nav li.dropdown > ul.dropdown-menu > li > a, .column-menu > ul > li > a { text-transform: uppercase; }

Where can I change this to capitalize?

Dear Luis,

I sent you 10 days ago a message, dont know if you already got time to answere my email?

Hopefully you could help me.

Thank you!

Kind regards,


Hi, I have an issue with revolution slider. First slide is fine, but when second slide appears, it has black line on top and bottom. Here you can see: First slide: Second slide: Third slide: Please help me to fix that. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. I also e-mailed you.


I checked your site. It was an issue with the slideshow settings. The main banner image had an error value instead of empty. I just cleared the field the the problem was solved.

I replied your email too.



I love your theme. It is fantastic! :) I am trying to get rid of the CONTACT US below the featured products. How can I get rid of it?

Thank you!

You’re AWESOME! Thank you :) Now, I’m trying to get rid of fax, company name, company id, and tax id, but I keep getting an error. Would you happen to know how to get rid of it in the account registration?

Hi, thank you! :)

The company id and tax id fields can be disabled from the admin panel on Sales > Customers > Customer Groups.

The other fields should be disabled from the registration template file catalog/view/theme/clearshop/template/account/register.tpl

Don’t delete the code because those fields are validated by the controller files. Instead, just add a code to hide those fields. Edit the .control-group container of each field and add an inline style to hide them:
<div class="control-group" style="display:none;">

That way it won’t give you errors.

Try it out.

It worked like a charm! :)

For this theme, is there any way I can add two small banners below the head slider? I tried, but it ends up as a small slider. I want the two small banners side by side. Is this possible? If so, how can I achieve it?


How do not display prices on the History link request? We also need to stop showing the link “discards”


Do you want to remove the Total on the orders list? You should edit catalog/view/theme/clearshop/template/account/order_list.tpl

and delete the $total variable.

Where is the “discards” link?

sent in your email, the image of what I’m talking about, you received?


I have a question, when I export to excel, edit and import back, the product list on the tabbed list is not updated.


But on quickview/product page/add to cart the price is correct (as edited on excel).

Can u advice on this?



Yes, the tabbed products module doesn’t save values to the database. It only integrates 4 other modules. So, you need to edit the module and save the settings to reflect the changes.

Hi, found the problem.

I changed the product call function on tabbed_product module to getProducts instead of getLatestProducts.

Thanks anyway. Like your theme :)

Thank you for the information! I’ll check in case any other user have the same issue.

Best Regards

Hi. Sorry for my bad grammar english. The questions: Can possible, at the action next-previous product making visible all the hierarchical system breadcrumb category. This is visible only first time when see product, but after action next-previous product, all the hierarchical system category is short, visible only the last category of the product. Can possible see all the category breadcrumb?

THK in Advance.

Hi I love the theme. It’s pretty and seems pretty simple which is exactly what i was looking for. But i have nver uploaded a theme on my own this is my first time. My previous themes have been uploaded by their authors. So question: do i have to create a folder name documentation and then a folder named assets before uploading the files under assets or not? This question goes for all the folders that came with the zipped folder. Do i upload all the files on my server and then on open cart as well?

I am sorry if i am not clear i hope you can understand my questions.

Thank you

Hi. I replied to your email.

Basically you only need to upload the files within the folder that matches your OpenCart version. You don’t need to upload the documentation folder. That folder only includes the instructions for the theme installation.

But, check my mail and let me know if you need further help.


Hello, I sent you an email, I need answers. thank you

Hi Henrique,

I replied by mail. I recommend to search an extension to add the customer information to the administrator mail. It can’t be done with the theme files. It requires more changes on the mail controller files. So, it’s better to find a good extension.


Dear Luis,

I am using a Multi-store shop, though shared cart does not seem to work with clearshop theme. Do you have a answer or solution for it?

Thank you,

Kind regards,


Hi Bram,

Which problems do you have? Clearshop works with multistore configuration. Maybe the issues appear with some extensions.

Please, send me a message using my contact form so we can follow up the conversation by mail and find the solution.

Don’t forget to include your URL and as many details as possible.

Best Regards

It is nearly a year since I purchased this theme. The support I have received from luis has been more than excellent. He is still helping me develop the theme , overcoming issues caused by 3rd party modules.

Thank you luis, Happy New Year

Glad you are satisfied with the service. I appreciate your words.

Have a Happy New Year!

Hi Luis,

I’ve contacted you regarding an issue with the style sheet but haven’t yet got any response from you please?


Just to note that this issue was solved by mail. Regards.