Discussion on Clever Course - Education / LMS

Discussion on Clever Course - Education / LMS

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Hello, is the template built with elementor. Thank you for your reply. Cordially.


This template is built using our page builder, you can see it working in the Theme Documentation: https://demo.goodlayers.com/document/clevercourse/

Hello, I’m going to buy your template, but is there a dashboard for teachers in the template that puts the courses online.

Thank you for your reply. Cordially.


First of all, Thanks for your interest :)

Yes, sure, there’s a dashboard for teacher.

Hello, and from this dashboard can the teacher add these courses and consult who has purchased these courses.

Thank you for your reply. Cordially.

Teachers will have limited access to the wp dashboard where they can manage or add courses, you can see screenshots of this on the demo:


They can also see a list of students enrolled in these courses, the consultation has to be done manually.

I need to update PHP to at least 8.0 but i get fatal WP error:

06.01.2023 07:06:10 stoffliebe-erfurt.de [client] Stack trace: 06.01.2023 07:06:10 stoffliebe-erfurt.de [client] #0 {main} 06.01.2023 07:06:10 stoffliebe-erfurt.de [client] thrown in /mnt/web319/d2/12/59298312/htdocs/wp-content/themes/clevercourse/index.php on line 1 06.01.2023 07:06:17 stoffliebe-erfurt.de [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /mnt/web319/d2/12/59298312/htdocs/wp-content/themes/clevercourse/index.php:1

i have everything up to date

WP 6.1.1 CC Theme 2.3.0

fixed my issues by manually updating MasterSlider from your google drive link – this was causing the main problem here

include in main download maybe

Oh ok, thanks for let us know this! :)

hello, Somme issues with your theme with php 8.1 and the payment-api : I finally disabled some in particular stripe in line 62 and 63 of tthe file goodlayers-lms.php. But other problem I can’t find solution I can’t update plugin or install plugin in the dashboard unless swither again to php 7.4 or to install it manually via ftp. Best regards

That’s super nice of you! But if you tell me that you can update and delete plugins with php 8.16, I will try to find or at least send you a link with passwords that can be useful. Because for the moment with php 8.0 .8.1 as soon as I use the dashboard to update a plugin it creates a server internal error so that a .maintenace file is created and it must be deleted manually via ftp to redo some other tests so that I should also give you all these links of my ftp . I’m already going to create a clone on another site with little and if I can’t find the problem I’ll send you all this on the link given. Thanks for your help and kindness Cheers

SOLUTION: several hours later: Ok finally found the problem: Change to the server in Php config : Set Time Limit : activate Ouf ! best regards and thanks to have tested in your configuration and give me envy to find the soluce


Thanks and glad you figured this out! :)

Hello, is here somebody found a solution for stop spam in register form? I tired the plugin WP Armour – Anti Spam but the theme clevercourse is not supported? Best regards

Hello, Thanks again for your answer. I tried reCaptcha by BestWebSoft as you suggest but doesn’t work! ! No captcha to soluce when create new inscription!! and with a second tr, I put a tick on the plugin for using captcha for login…we can’t any more login!! so I just delete this plugin via ftp to retrun back. can I send your user.php, register.php and author-update.php to WP Armour plugin-Anti Spam to try if they can do something? Best regards

Could you make sure you are using the latest version of the theme and our LMS plugin? That plugin should’ve worked fine.

Code for the registration form is in the register.php, you may need to customize this file if you need to integrate a different captcha plugin.

Ok thanks for the informations, I finally remove some fields int he registration and put a field with a mathematical question: random addition and now since 3 days no more spam Best regards

Hi, I am building in HTML/CSS an online course and already have all the lessons in html pages. How do I keep track of the student’s progress? What functionality should I add to my html pages so that a student, once logged in again, can continue from the lesson he has already reached ?

I saw your template, but I don’t need all the features, just the functionality that tracks progress once logged back in.

Thanks for your help, Michelle


This theme is built using php, you will have to integrate some of this code into your code to enable tracking. We can help you locate relevant parts to do this.


dup Purchased

Hello, the plugin doesn’t logout whrn the browser is close, so a lot of student of a school can use it without to pay the course…so can somebody give me some code to put in function.php to logout when the browser is close. best regards dup


Sorry, the WordPress user system is not built to do this, there’s no easy way to change it.

Hi Goodlayers-Support; Thanks for your answer, I finally found solution with the plugin “Inactive Logout” Best regards

dear sir, my question is that, i want this option that my subscribed student can get 1 video or 2 video daily, student cant watch more than 1 or 2 videos if i dont allow to watch more than 1, for example if i sell any course for 30 days and i have total 30 videos in that course so i just want that 1 video per day user can watch, first day he/she can watch first video and second day can watch second video, hope you understand

can you please let me know is that option available in your theme ?


Thank you for your interest in our theme.

Yes, we provide this option. You can set the amount of days that students have to wait before continuing to the next section.


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How to add but insert cours or module between other ? Exemple insert a module between the module 2 and 3! The add (+) allways add to the end. Or if not possible, I don’t where it’s written in database to edit them in Visual Studio Code best regards


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Hello Thanks for the answer :yes I have the last version and complicate to give password as admin; can you have a link where I can test to create a course to be sure. Or can you tell me the name of the files used for this that I can check. I made a lot of change so I don’t want to overwrite files without to compare it. I worked since two or three years of a musical project with your theme and don’t want to loose all. If I have time and courage I can install it in a new server to test, Thanks one more time


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I finally compared the files from the last update and saw that my file: goodlayers-lms/framework/javascript/meta-box.js was older and now it’s ok, the problem is ok. sorry for the inconvenience and especially thank you for always updating your changelog page so clearly: few people do it! it’s really a plus from you best regards

Sorry, we don’t have a site where you can test this :(

Feel free to copy your site to a test/staging site where we can look into the issue.


dup Purchased

Page Builder and wp 6.0.2 doesn’t work here best regards

Can you make sure that you are using the latest version of the theme?

To update the theme : https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/ (Please make sure to update GoodLayers’ plugins as well.)


dup Purchased

Hello Thanks for your reply. It’s hard for me to update your theme because I made some change to some files ! So my thanks for your your detailled chanlog file : please keep it as detailed as possible when you make update! great thanks

The problem was with the framework/javascript for page builder and when we click on the orange wheel-> problem of open or scroll so the file to update was: gdlr-sidebar-generator.js Best regards

Thanks and glad you have it fixed! ;)

hello: 1- do you offer from end course builder ?

2- can hide a course if it became old?

3- can admin block an instructor with his courses, and keep them in students dashboard?

4- can prevent instructor from deleting a course if some one enrolled it ? if yes for all I will purchase it thank you


Thank you for your interest :)

1. Do you mean frontend? Sorry, that’s not possible. Courses have to be added in the WordPress Dashboard.

2. Yes, you can do that.

3. You can reassign a course to a different instructor or the admin, it is not possible to block a course and still keep it accessible to students.

4. Sorry, this feature is not available. We can help you customize the theme to remove the delete option from instructors, this will not depend on the students enrolled though.

Hello friend ASAP, when saving a course, the lms plugin does not save the changes in the February update, was it also updated? thanks greetings

Sorry for some confusion. Just replied your email.


Hello Thank you for your patience and help, I answered you privately :) , I am attentive to your response

hello , I still have errors, please check the private , thnks regards

this link doesnt work anymore ?! I need to check how to update LMS


​Hi, You can find the theme and plugin update instructions here: https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/​

Hi. The theme is not compatible with WP Rocket plugin :)

I tried your demo to find a glitch in the menus. When you click on a sub menu item it does nothing and you have to click twice. It jumps back to the top level.

Will this work with Astra Pro and Elementor page builder


First of all, Thanks for your interest :)

1. hm, that’s weird. I just tested and it’s working fine on the demo. Can you try to switch browser to see if it works?

2. You may use third party page builder plugin but note that most element in demo site will not show as it must be called by our page builder.. For example, blog layout, portfolio layout, column service, stunning text..

When you use page builder plugin, it will call its own element, layout.

how I can stop spam in register page?


Sorry for the delay.

Could you install this plugin, then, use captcha v2 and see if this helps.


how I can integrated recaptcha google?


Sorry about that but the course system doesn’t support Google Captcha.

and how I can stop spam in register page?

I have used this theme and worked ok in shared hosting, Now we have decided to migrate to wordpress.com, we are facing the following issues: 1: The top link has index.php before the page name ,this was not there before. 2: There is no option for next button to go to the last chapter. The other chapters words ok.

Please assist if you have ever heard such issues with wordpress.com

Good to hear the 1st issue is resolved.

I get that the 2nd issue in the latest theme, but not sure what exactly you’re referring to. Could you post a screenshot?

Please see this link https://postimg.cc/qgs6Z2Mt

Next button is missing in the lecture 2 that should take me to lecture 3. In this case I’m not able to view all the last lectures of all my courses even those courses which used to work well.


I don’t see this issue on my site: https://i.ibb.co/TbsWzJ2/2022-02-16-20-31-31.png

Could you make sure your theme and plugins are updated to the latest version? You can find the update instructions here: https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/​

If that’s not the issue, then please send the WordPress login-password so we can see what’s wrong: https://themeforest.net/user/GoodLayers

I bought this theme to report to my clients the possibilities of LMS with WordPress. I just wanted to change the menu structure on a site like your demo site. However, after working with the demo importer, it looks like something is missing in css. Is there anything I need to do after working with the demo importer work?

Can you please submit ticket in our support website? Our dev and supporters only provide support in there, not here :(

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through https://support.goodlayers.com/(Purchase code can be found here : https://support.goodlayers.com/purchasecode.png )

Thank you very much! :)


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