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I downloaded the latest version of the theme today and it broke my site. The Product category display were incorrect and to be frank it looked like the code was malicious. I have reverted back to an old version of the theme.


Please create a ticket at and let us know which issues did you face.

Hello Stephen Harms,

my developers have found a BUG that needs your urgent attention to fixing it. The page alignment doesn’t seem to function properly.

When centered in English version, a change to another language version of the theme causes the page to shift causing some contents to shift out of the screen.

/* ckb’s page left side shift/ /#page ,#colophon this is good for home page/ /#page—this is good for other page*/ #page ,#colophon { left: -81px; position: relative; }

Please fix this asap as it is interrupting with work on the theme.

Many thanks.


Let’s take a look at your situation first to find our what’s wrong! Please create a ticket at


The design looks great!

I have two questions:

1. What content builder do you use (visual composer?) 2. is there a woocommerce 2.6 version available?

I will purchase as soon as I know these answers.

Thank You!!


Thank you for taking interest in our theme!

1. We use our own Page Builder, a branch of what used to be IG PageBuilder.

2. Yes, it’s woocommerce 2.6+ compatible.

How do I make the list view as default on the category pages instead of grid view?

Our support for this template has expired so we are unable to submit a ticket – it seems a bit unfair that we have to pay $41 to renew support for what seems to be such a simple request and something that should really be included in the theme itself as standard. There isn’t much point in having the option to change from grid to list if it requires the customer to trigger the option rather than us dictating how they view the site. We have tried the available plugins to make the list view the default, but your template is over-riding them.


You can create a ticket regardless of your support status. I’ll be glad to give you advice on what you should do.

Many thanks, I have created a ticket

Hi, Im using PT Shop Filters: Size widget for my e-shop and there is a problem with this function. If there’s many items, you get more pages, that’s okay. But this filter only filters items, that are on the loaded page. I need to filter all the items on all the pages at once. Is it just me, or this widget doesn’t work the way it should?


That’s the intended behavior of the widget – it works only with the loaded items on the page. You can use native woocommerce filters – they will work throughout the whole base of products, but with page reloading.

Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. I have a few more questions.

1) I haven’t updated a theme yet. So, will updating a theme (manually, envato update plugin doesn’t work) affect woocommerce products? I’m somehow okay with the possible option, that I lose my customizations in php files, but I’ve got eshop full of products and I would be devastated if I would lose them all.

2) On Woocommerce order summary, there is no recapitulation of billing and shipping address, is there a way how to show them there?

Thanks in advance.


1. Update may affect your site, thus you need to make a full website update, including database, before updating it.

2. Certain coding customization is needed to achieve this:

Boutique Theme update php7, website can’t display. And occur the situtation:

The errorlog is

PHP Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in XXXXXXX/wp-content/plugins/contentbuilder/core/shortcode/layout/row.php on line 416

How can I solve the error?

thanks your reply

But website show “500 Internal Server Error”. When return php5.6, and revert website old backup. The website is OK

I will notify our development team about this. However, our live demo runs on php7 – and it’s working just fine. Maybe you need to update your theme. If nothing helps – please create a ticket on this matter, we’ll take a look.

You should also try switching to a neutral theme, like twenty fifteen, to see if the issue is theme related. Maybe it’s plugin related.

HI where can I find sample data please? You talk something about a plugin, but I can’t see any plugin about installing sample data.


Did you find it?

Hi, im getting this message on my site with the clickboutique theme

Fatal error: Class ‘IG_Category_Items’ not found in /home/alexjgaprinting/public_html/ on line 290

Please create a ticket at

Hello!!! A few months ago i bought this template. Right now I have my shop inline thanks to it. The design looks great! And the experience implementing it was very good. My web site is you can visit to see my adapatation.

My shop online:

Best regards Satisfied Customer

Thank you very much, I appreciate your comment!

Hi! I juste updated your theme ClickBoutique and everything seems to be messed up in the page builder. I had v.1.2.14 to the latest version (2.2.1)

My homepage is all broken, other page containing simply text seems to be better. Need your support on this one.



Please create a ticket at

hi rtl support?


There’s no default RTL support in this theme.

There is no ‘SAMPLEDATA’ folder in my package….........

I’ve created a support ticket already. Thanks.

Hi quick questions (Brands Carousel)

On the Brands Carousel on home page it displays the image + the category name + # i would like to remove the category name and # of item and just leave the IMAGE i looked on appearances on the cat widget but not sure where to disable this

is it even possible? please advise.

thank you


Please create a ticket at


edgallo Purchased

Hey guys where is the rest of the documentation. The file stops at the “contact” page, I need this info fast Pls. Thanks

I need the another 3 pages info

About Us Gallery Page Shop Page



JoshWright Author Team


Sorry for inconvenience but this part of theme documentation is under maintenance and will be restored asap.


edgallo Purchased

Hey Josh, what happened Bro???? I need to buy support for this template and now the Helpdesk told me you don’t give any support anymore for this template. I bought this 2 years ago and now I try to use and there is a lot problem. can you help pls?

Hello, the IG page builder in not supported. What type of new builder can we use? Thanks


You can try using a different builder, like Visual Composer, for example, but it will require integration with the theme.

Theme author’s support is amazing!! Helped us trouble-shoot an issue that was caused by the previous site builder’s dumb mistake!! Great Theme, Great Support!! (can’t leave a review since the client purchase the theme, otherwise would be 5 Stars!!!)


Not able to find the sample data.. raised the ticket. please reply.

I am having a hard time installing the sample data. I also a lot of people having problems doing the same. Dont you think it will be easier on you to fix the problems and issue update, instead of wasting peoples time. Just pruchased this theme. tried to import the slider zip and getting error message (Error: Incompatible Archive.). how do i proceed.