Discussion on Clickr Landing Page

Discussion on Clickr Landing Page

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Looking forward to the responsive version :) One more buyer waiting!

Hello MWCD,

Will launch the new restored and fully responsive version soon. :)


shit i was thinking it is wordpress theme, how do i install it? can we not make this theme work on wordpress so i can install wisgets sei things like that?

Hello bizz05,

I am sorry about this confusion. Since this is a static HTML template, it will not install on WordPress. You simply need to upload the clickr folder to your site directory and access the HTML file directly. You can follow the installation instructions as mentioned in documentation/index.html file of your main download ZIP.


Great Landing page for Desktop but not for mobile, please update it to mobile or make it responsive if so it would be a 5 star landing page!

Hello bonini81,

Thanks for purchasing the template. I will update it to a fully responsive version very soon.


That would be great!

I purchased your template the other day. It’s perfect.

My css and htmls skills are novice at best.

One elementary question:

I’m trying to place a facebook like/send button next to or below the “buy now” button. Testing it out, when I click the like button, the facebook comment box that should show the description, picture etc is cutoff both height and width wise.

Is there a quick fix you lend me so that it appears properly?

Thank you in advance.

Hello abercuse,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback. The featured area container has overflow: hidden property due to which the FB box might be cutting off. If your template is hosted live, kindly send me the URL. I will check and suggest appropriate fix.


I don’t have a url yet, using an html editor. I researched css overflow the other day and tried changing each overflow individually to visible but it still doesn’t work. thanks

Hello abercuse,

Kindly send me your HTML file containing the FB code at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check it.


Beautiful landing page. Was also very easy to setup and also easy to customize.

Good work!

Hello HFlame7,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback. I’m glad you liked it.


HI, Should this be editable in dreamweaver?

Hello ronanstafford,

Yes it can be edited in dreamweaver. But for some parts you may need to work in “Code” mode instead of “Design” mode. The Design mode may not show all styles properly as in browser.


Hey SaurabhSharma!

I need a little improvement of the subscribe function. Can I collect two fields email and name and use send it in the body section of the subscription mail?

I’ve tried to duplicate the ‘input text’ line in the original form (changing the $email for $name) but it doesn’t work:

(IN indexdetalils.html) <input type=”text” name=”name” value=”Name” onBlur=”if (this.value '') { this.value = 'Name';}" onFocus="if (this.value ‘Name’) {this.value = ’’;}” >

(IN subscribe.php) $body = “Email: $email Name: $name”;

The result is always with the $name empty … :(

Hello santicic,

Thanks for purchasing the template.

Inside subscribe.php, it will be required to add this code before line no. 18:

$name = trim($_POST['name']);

Then it will show the value of name field.


Thank’s SaurabhSharma!

It works!

I add my congratulation to Mavrik’s one! Very quick reply in support and very simple but powerfull theme!

You’re welcome, santicic.


Hey SaurabhSharma!

I have two questions for you about Clickr.

1. How well does this work with Wordpress? 2. Is there a built in form to this template? Like what happens when you click the “Buy Now” button?

Thanks for your help!

Hello spottedrhino,

Thanks for browsing the template.

1. Clickr is a static HTML/CSS template. It is not designed as WordPress theme. So it will be required to install it ‘standalone’ on your server like a static site.

2. Form is plain HTML. The “Buy Now” is a call-to-action button which generally takes a visitor to the target site for which this landing page is built. For example, you have a store site and you are using Clickr for it’s promotion. Then you would link the “Buy Now” button to your store site so that users can land on that site. This can be done inside HTML template.


Hi! Is it possible to switch the “Buy Now” button with a “contact us” application?

Hello Jbb1,

Yes that is possible. Since it is a static HTML/CSS template, you can replace the button HTML and the entire section with any other application code. For example, you can place a working contact form there.

Currently I am not available for freelance work/customization, and you may need to hire a developer/designer for this task. :)



I use the stand alone version of this template. I am curious as to the size of the image used, and how you got the white boarder surrounding the image!

ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! (Including you themeforest members!)

Hello Mavrik,

Thanks for purchasing the template.

If you are asking about slider images, their dimension is 990px x 378px. If it’s about small image thumbnails shown in Related Products section, their dimension is 98px x 64px. The white border will be automatically added due to padding on images. You just need to replace these images with 98px wide thumbnails.


Thank you so much for your prompt reply! Unfortunately it is rare to find such a great supportive author here on ThemeForest. I will definitely be purchasing more of your themes! Your work is wonderful, very talented! Thanks again mate.

Hello Maverik,

Thanks very much for the kind words and feedback. :)



I would like to purchase this but would you be able to provide me simple instructions to move the subscribe area to where the ‘buy’ button is?

I wish to submit more fields too ie. name, address, event date, contact number, etc.

Thanks in advance

Hello stevengraphic,

Thanks for browsing the template.

Subscribe area can be shifted to slider promo area by simply copy and pasting the code. I will help with that.

For adding additional form fields, it can be done by duplicating existing fields and modifying the php code. I will help with that.


Thanks mate. :)



I am getting this error message when I try uploading theme.

“The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed. “

Hello bjorn,

I’m sorry to say but this is not a WordPress theme. It’s a static HTML /CSS template. You can upload this template directly on the server root within any folder name. For example, upload the clickr folder to your hosting’s root directory. So your landing page URL will be http://yoursite.com/clickr/index.html


Hello!! I have just purchased this theme but I have problems when installing it.

Since I am a complete noob in this business, I just dragged the “clickr” folder into the /public folder through my ftp client, without modifing anything.

Then I try to acces my site using any browser and it says:


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

For sure there´s something I am not doing correctly, could you please help me?

Thanks :)

Hello momofrg,

You can upload the clickr folder at the root directory of your hosting. After doing so, you should access the URL as http://yoursite.com/clickr/index.html

You can also copy the inner contents of clickr and paste at the root leve so that you can access it directly as http://yoursite.com/

If this doesn’t work, kindly send me your FTP details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check it.


Dear SaurabhSharma,

I already bought it and it is working pretty well. However now I need to change my email subscription form and another image in my website. My web site is www.indiream.com Do you have email subscription templates that could be inline with Clickr template?

Thank you

Hello monurakkus,

Currently, the email newsletter form is only a static HTML form. In order to make it fully functional, it will be required to add some server side script to it. I have provided a working php newsletter in my Klix Landing page.

You can also search for some good ajax/php script that can be used for the newsletter form. In future I will try to update the template with a working script.



I would like to buy this template but I wonder if it works in Google Chrome?


Hello monurakkus,

Yes it works in Chrome. Didn’t you checked it in Chrome browser yet? Let me know if you are seeing any issues in particular version of Chrome.



Want to buy this template but wonder if I can use it in my facebook page. Can I resize the template in 850px width ?


Hello Numenor,

Thanks for browsing this template. The template is built on fixed 960px width. changing it to 850px will require changes in PhotoShop images and CSS . If you are good at CSS and Photoshop, this can be done. I can only assist with the required selectors to do so. No personal customization is provided.


Dear Mr Sharma,

Looks great! Is there anyway to get rounded corners on the button and the slider border in IE? Possibly curvycorners.js? I’ve never implemented curvycorners so I’d need some guidance.

Thank you! :)

Hello szombory,

CSS3 properties like rounded corners are not supported in IE. Instead of using a JavaScript workaround, I’d recommend providing the rounded images that are created in PhotoShop.

I haven’t tried curvycorners before. So you can try that as well.



Thanks for a great theme!

I have a problem displaying special characters such as åäö between


Trött på dig

will display: Trtt p dig Do you have a fix for this?

Hello fredrikstraat,

The main heading uses Cufon font PT Sans. The js/PT_Sans.font.js file contains only basic Latin character set. You can create a new font JS file from the Cufon Website and replace js/PT_Sans.font.js with the new one. While creating this new file, choose other character set as required.

If you wish to disable Cufon, you can do so inside index_default.html file:

<script type="text/javascript">

Delete this lines and save the file. The headings will use default sans serif font, and will support special characters.


Hi Saurabh – thanks again for this great template – I bought Klix a few days ago, and now trying Clickr as well. I wonder if there are some simple changes I could make to the subscribe.php in Klix that would make it work with the subscribe form in Clickr? Thanks in advance, Chris

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your kind feedback.

The subscribe form in Clickr should be replaced by the entire form as in Klix. i.e. open index.html of Klix and copy entire form block, including the success and error message. Next, paste this block in Clickr, replacing the old form.

Copy subscribe.php to the Clickr folder. The top and bottom portion of subscribe.php is plain HTML that should be same as in index.html of Clickr.

Finally, open klix/js/custom.js file and copy the “Subscribe form validation” code. (Line 104 to 134). This should be pasted inside clickr/js/custom.js file (just before line no. 17).

I’m not sure if I was clear enough in explaining this, but I hope you will get this done. Meanwhile I will try if I can place an update for working subscribe form in Clickr. :)



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