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Badiya Hai Boss ! :)

Thanks Bhai :)

Gazab Hai Boss..!

Keep it Up..!!

Thanks Bhai :)

Very Cool Template. Is it possible to insert a vimeo video instead of an picture?

Yes you can embed any video easily. YouTube, Vimeo etc. Just in place of the image, you would need to paste the video embed code.

Beautiful work! Best of luck with Sales…

Thanks mate :)

Hello, i would like to buy this template but how to config the mailing list form to create automatically a csv file when visitor add it mail.

thank you for your answer

Hello sylvain05,

The template is a static HTML page. You will need to add some back-end code to implement a working newsletter form. This page provides form structure and CSS styling.

Is it possible to add more sliders to the code.

I just want to make sure before I purchase it because there are going to be some instances where I will need more than 4 sliders.

Thanks for the info.

Do you mean more SLIDES ? or More Sliders? You can do both. For adding more sliders, you can use half width column or one third width column. You will need to provide different ID names for slider containers and initiate them inside JS file. That’s it. :)

How can I add a link (URL) to the slider images that a person can click on to go to another website?

Hi webfective,

You would add an anchor tag to the image slides as:
<ul id="slider">
     <li><a href=""><img src="images/slide1.png" alt="Product Slide" /></a></li>

Love the template, bought it for a simple project I’m building. I do have a question though, why can’t I edit the logo in the PSD ?

// I’m using Photoshop CS5 .


Hello oubipaws,

The Logo inside PSD is rasterised, i.e. it is a graphic, not font text. You can easily make your own logo using the font PT SANS BOLD . You can find it for free on :)

Thanks and regards.

Love the look of this template! Just bought it, I hate to be the one to ask the newbie question but I have to. Im used to installing wordpress themes through my ftp. However when I add this one through my ftp it says its broken…. What am i doing wrong?

Is there some setup I need to do before hand in 0rder to make it an actual theme?


Hello mx187,

This is a static HTML /CSS Landing page. Not a Wordpress Theme. You can directly drop this folder on your Hosting directory and start browsing the page. You need not require any CMS for this.

Thanks! :)

Forgive me if I just didn’t see it. Do you offer multiple colors for this or do I need t change the 3 images manually?

Hi Emperor

There is one color scheme (that you are seeing in live preview). For slider images, yes you can insert images manually.

IE6 Compatible?

Hi vjstar. I haven’t tested this on IE6 . Some small fixes can make it run on IE6 too.

Hello, I’m interested for this your great template but I’ve a question: is it for WP too? Thanks

Hi there,

No, it’s a static HTML /CSS template. Not a WordPress theme :)


Great template!

Just wondering if its possible to change the easing function?

Tried changing to linear but not working??

Many thanks,


Hi Damien,

Open js/custom.js file and replace the code with the following one:

// -- Cycle Slider Settings --

        fx: 'scrollHorz',
        speed:  1300, 
        timeout: 4000,
        // callback fn that creates a thumbnail to use as pager anchor 
        pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, slide) { 
            return '<li><a href="#"></a></li>'; 

Just assuming you might have missed a comma after ‘linear’. This is working fine at my end. :)


I have a trouble in creating link address (HTML code), kindly need your advice.

I already install a wordpress in my hosting (location:! not in the sub domain).

How to connecting your “Clicker Landing Page (index.HTML)” to my wordpress (via the button)?

It’s that OK if I write the address like this (in Clicker Landing Page (index.HTML)):

’... a class=”button” href=””>

The result is can’t work! Did I missed somethings? folder MGT ?

Kindly need your help

Best Regards & Many Thanks

Hi! It’s just weird, I mean … still not working!

Do you ever try this treatment, I mean like I did before? Create your very own pre-loader site (index.HTML) then you want to link in into your WORDPRESS (All files are in same root).

Do I have to change the file name of my index.HTML to default.HTML?

It’s that true that the main file of WORDPRESS is index.PHP?

It’s that OK for me to copy the all file in root/directory: /www/ (in my hosting) OR in /public_HTML/ ?

Kindly sorry for my NEWBIE things.

Best Regards & Many Thanks

Hello hellotiko,

So you are actually loading the landing page first, and then trying to link to your main wordpress site using that page?! I assume so according to your description. I haven’t tried that before, but will tell you one simple way.

Say, your site is And the wordpress is installed as .. or may be on root itself. Place your index.html file inside public HTML root folder and load it as

And link to your Wordpress site as If your wordpress is at root level too, it might be difficult to load index.html and index.php together.

Thanks a bunch You are Very helpful

this theme is not working for me, it does not show when i upload it, i buy and use new themes all the time , not sure what is going on

says the active theme is broken after it is uploaded every time, updated WP, checked plugins, not sure why it is doing that , i really want to use this theme

Hello Brainspike,

After you have downloaded the theme, you need not upload the entire folder. Unzip the download and look for “hulk” folder. Next, upload the “hulk” folder to wp-content/themes/ directory via any FTP program. Let me know if it still gives that error.


Hi, could you tell me how I could get the big blue CSS “Buy Now” button to appear and function like the the small orange “Submit” button on the index_details.html page? Thanks!

Hi there,

Inside style.css file section “6. Miscellaneous”, you will see the CSS for blue button as:

.button { ... }
.button:hover { ... }
.button:active { ... }

And inside section “5. Subscribe form”, you will see the CSS for orange submit button as:

#subscribe input#submit { ... }
#subscribe input#submit:hover { ... }
#subscribe input#submit:active {... }

In order to have blue button same as the orange one, you would simply copy the styles from later one into the former one. Finally, you can change width or font sizes as required.


Thanks – that worked great.

Another question about h1, h2, h3 tag styles: how come h2 is rendering more narrow and softer than h1 and h3? Both h1 and h3 have crisp, sharp edges to them and doesn’t look as smooth as h2. It almost looks like there’s some cufon font replacement going on but there’s no reference to that in the code so that can’t be it. I’ve gone through the style sheet and html now more than I’d like to admit and I’m not seeing anything that could be causing them to render so differently. Any ideas? Here’s a screenshot:


Hello mchris,

That’s because we are applying cufon font replacement only to the “H2” selector. Inside index.html head section, you will find a code as:

<script type="text/javascript">

You can append more selectors as:

<script type="text/javascript">
        Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, .some_class');       

Since we are using h2 as the primary heading, I applied cufon to it. And for smaller headings, they were rendering good with Helvetica and Arial, so didn’t applied. :)


can I edit the bottom content? I need the template but want to use in other language, let me know please. thanks

Hello there,

Yes you can use it in other language as well. The process is normal as you would do with any basic HTML /CSS page. So, if you are able to use custom language on a test HTML page, you can do so with this template too. :)