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Great theme, good luck with sales ! ;)

Thanks! ;-)

Very nice ! Cool and trendy… It opens new doors…

Thanks to you too!

How I config the homepage?? Shortcuts or drag & drop??? I can´t see this here!! The theme looks very good!!!!

And one question more. This theme works withoout or with Bootstrap framework??? I hope it works as standalone!

Home page could be configured through a theme option panel. The theme includes some Bootstrap libraries.

< Hi, Dynamick74… Nice theme.. Any chance for submission feature? So users can submit event via front page ?


Hi, Events are custom posts. You could enable some user roles to be able to manage events. I’ve no idea if exists plugins to create guest custom post.

oh okay, I see.. :grin:

Hi dynamick74, I really like this theme but i miss the sidebar column. Do you think that would be hard to add it to some page templates? (I am in fact a developer so I can edit the code myself but I would like to have your opinion) Thanks

It’s very simple to add the sidebar. The only problem is the centered title will look asimmetrical if sidebar is present

I tested this with a Galaxy Nexus with Chrome (720×1280) but the home page is not really perfect. I can send screenshots if needed.

Oh yes, send me the screenshot where it breaks. I’ll try to fix it!

Thanks for the replies, i sent You an email to the “info@” address with a screenshot attached


How do I add the custom slideshow? It doesn’t seem to be working for me.


Hi, you should open “theme options” -> HomePage. Choose a category in the “Homepage Slideshow” dropdown menu. That category should contain posts with a featured image.

Hope this could help you, Mick

Thanks, that’s how I was doing it. Just wondering if it was wrong because it wouldn’t allow me to change the colour of the background writing on the image. Thanks for your help.

Will this easily play videos? In the news section?

In homepage you can’t. You could anyway add the youtube/vimeo embed code inside the post code.

I need to have the featured image at 100% of the screen, there is a way to do this?

You could use a tricky way inside the post code. Add the following lines:
< / div>
<img src="folder/yourimage.jpg" style="max-width:100%" alt="alt" />
<div class="offset2 span8 entry" />

sorry, I think I did not explain well, my English is not good lol, I need to have the photo of the slideshow at 100% like a example of live preview!!

The theme already provides a 100% image width on the homepage slideshow. You only have to upload a image bigger than the browser window.

Hello! We picked this fun and funky theme because it was fresh and exciting. Well done on a new theme that stands apart from the rest!

Now the question: Can I make homepage sliders link to a different location than the post itself? Like another page, for instance?

Thanks, Wade

Thanks for your nice words. You could not change the link location. However, if you have some little practice with php, you could play with lines 23/24 of partials/features.php.

Hi, I am not completely thrilled with the theme considering that the home page is limited in making my own customization.

If I wanted to completely change the home page using my own columns, images, layers, etc… How can I do so without changing up the CSS?

Seems that the home page is limited to changes.

I’m sorry for you dissatisfaction. You could customize the homepage content, but you could not change the layout structure. However you could play with index.php, which is very simple to understand and with native bootstrap element.

Is there a way to sync the calendar and events with Google Calendar? Thanks!

You could export the google calendar in ical format (http://support.google.com/calendar/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=37111 ) and import it in the Event Organiser plugin (Event Organiser page, Import/Export tab).

Non riesco a sostituire la prima icona “icon-heart” con nessuna delle altre dell’elenco, mi spiego meglio una volta salvata la nuova icona rimane memorizzata ma non si vede. Ho provato a cancellare i file temp del browser ma non si vede invece le restanti due icone ( Food e Entertainment) funzionano.

Ti ho risposto per email.

I have a question if you don’t mind :) Where do you get those colorful dummy images that you use in demo sites from?

I really love this them, and while my install worked, I keep getting this message from the dashboard:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/landmarc/public_html/test_site/wp-content/themes/clinto/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 344

Please help! Thanks!

Hi there, it seems that envato autoupdater isn’t ready for wordpress 3.5, you can dissable it by going into functions.php and commenting/deleting line 91: add_action(‘admin_init’, ‘on_admin_init’); Until the library is updated, I don’t recommend to use it.

Hello again,

I would like to increase the size of the logo, 116×40 is extremely small.

I am comfortable editing the code, please let me know where and what I need to edit.

Thanks, Wade

This looks pretty cool. However, can I move the logo up vertically from its current position on the site?

Following up with you on this. Any solution?

Could you write me the site URL you’re developing and what do you exactly want?

Me again. I would like to remove the “search” bar. How can I do this?


just remove line 29 in partials/primary-nav.php. The line to be removed is: <?php get_template_part( ‘searchform’ ); ?>

Thank you.

I want to buy this theme, but it looks horrible on IE8. In the description sidebar say that it´s compatible with this browser. Probably it´s somethig easy to fix. If you fix the problem, here you will have a customer.

Greetings from Argentina

Hi dynamick74,

could You please describe, how the event map on your demosite is made? What must be done to display all events with picure, event date, short summery like in your demopage

Greetings from Germany & Thanks for Your help!

Go to the admin panel -> Events -> Venues. Each Venues has a “view” link. That link open the page you’re searching for. Just copy link address and create a menu item pointing to the copied url.

Hi again!!

I want remove the description in the slider!


Hi, just remove line 24 on partials/featured.php:
<p><?php the_excerpt(  $the_query->post->ID ); ?></p>