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Hello, I bought your theme there a few months ago and I am very happy. But I have a problem to display the Thumbnail for a few days, would you please explain? Thank you for your answer

Hello, everything is ok now. I do not know if there was an update … thank you !

I seem to be having a problem with the home page slider. Here’s the site I’m working on http://clubretro.net/wp/ When I scroll down the page a section of the slider appears. The way I implied the feature image was by making a post and placing the slider image as the feature image of the post. Am I doing this incorrectly? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve replied to your email…

Hi dynamick74,

I have a problem on my website with the theme (http://www.wasqhafestival.com/). When you are in the main page, if you are in the top of the screen, menu is not working. It is only working when you scroll down. And menu is working for rest of pages…

Solved by email

Hi Dynamick,

Just wondering if the theme comes with an option of demo content to create all the pages with one click?

Kind Regards, Francisco

No, there’s no one click feature. I’m sorry.

Hi. How can I remove the carousel controls in the homepage slider? Pls reply immediately. Thanks

Oopps.. I found it finally.

Just add


to line 56 of style.less

Hello, nice one here. Have one question about backgrounds and color. Do you provide dark CSS for the theme? dark backgrounds light texts? Regards, ghRiko

No, there’s no dark style provided. However you could customize yourself by hacking the css.


Thank you for your great theme! Is there a way to add more sponsors in the footer slider? There is currently only room for 7 in the admin panel, but I would like to add more sponsors.

Thank you in advance!

Sorry, I didn’t see the button with “Add New” in de theme settings. Solved!

Hi, I purchased the theme, installed WPML, But I can not find option for translating the front widgets in different languages (Features, Food & Drink, Read more). Any Help? http://srcetonamakedonija.mk/vardarski/

I managed this, but i need bigger space for logo, any thoughts?

The logo size is defined in functions.php around lines 138-145.

I need space for a larger logo as well. Any thoughts?

The logo size is defined in functions.php around lines 138-145.


I’ve installed your theme in Wordpress 3.7, and I don’t know how to make the homepage slideshow. Can you explain?

Thanks in advance.

Go to appearance -> theme options -> homepage and choose in the dropbox “Homepage Slideshow” a category to show. The posts following that category should have a featured image to be used for the slideshow.

Hi again!

Can you explain how insert the background image in the footer?


Great theme!

It uses the image of the first slide of the homepage top slideshow.

Hi, I’m thinking about using Clinto for our local community arts centre. It looks good but could you give some examples of other purchaser’s websites? Thanks

Sorry, but I don’t have such list. Try browsing these comments and grab the url from the messages.

Our website has a three tier menu set up under http://www.glenroseexpo.org > Our Facilities >Main Arena. BUT the menu link isn’t showing up but it shows that there should be something there. Could you help asap?

You’re right. The title isn’t clickable. I’ll fix in the next release. In the meanwhile you could add the link at line 19, 25, 31 in index.php.

Hi, I’ve been given the go ahead to purchase but I’d like to check one thing before we do – is there a event ticketing facility built in? Linked to Paypal ideally.


Ah yeh but that doesn’t answer my question – is it the free version or the pro?

free version


I just bought the theme, it’s working fine on desktop browsers however on mobile devices (in portrait mode) the nav and text of header slider appear to be misplaced. You have the same problem on your live preview version as well.

Is there a fix?

Try to reduce the text length. In which resolution exactly do you see the problems?

Lovely theme. I have a question. When I install the theme, there are default contents but not the slideshow, how can I activate the slideshow? Thanks in advance!

Go to appearance -> theme options -> homepage and choose in the dropbox “Homepage Slideshow” a category to show. The posts following that category should have a featured image to be used for the slideshow.


Please check the site. Check the social addons. When you hover on it, it disappears. Then check the 1st and 3rd buttons on featured boxes. When you hover on it, you can’t read it anymore.

I thought it’s just a plugin conflict, but now i realized there’s really a problem. Please help asap.

Yes, there’s an a:hover {none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) !important} that remove the sprite image. Remove it from your stylesheet.

Hi there,

I am looking for a way to leave the events on even after the event has passed but somehow mark it as complete. Is there something you can help me do here?

www.flexpeditions.com is the site.

Hi, see at this page: http://codex.wp-event-organiser.com/function-eo_get_event_classes.html

you could use the eo_get_event_classes that gives you a class eo-event-[future|past|running] that indicates you which kind of event is.

cant seem to get a specific category to display in the box-news partial php page. Would like to specify which posts display on front page. Any help?

There’s no filtering. In this area are displayed all posts. However you could add filtering by adding some hacks. You could add a line like: ‘cat” => ‘4’ at line 3 of partials/box-news.php. More info at: http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Category_Parameters

Hi! How can I remove the social icons?


Sure, just comment or remove the lines in partials/social.php.