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Hi Jesse, I have a question regarding posts in the category ‘Gallery.’ When I put up more than 15 photos, the ‘Gallery’ creates a second set of circles on the landing (underneath the first set of circles). Generally speaking it looks great, but the second set of circles is slightly cut off at the bottom. It doesn’t seem to matter what dimension the photos have – the second set is always slightly cut off. How can I fix that? Thanks, Stephanie

Hi Jesse, thanks a lot for your reply. Here’s the info: My site: [removed] [removed] Maybe you first need to put in the first username and password (yeah, ... see above)


Hi Jesse, have you had a chance to look at the gallery and the issue with the circles? Thanks, Steph

Hi Jesse, have you had a chance to check this out? I haven’t heard from you in over two weeks. Thanks, Stephanie

Hi, I hope you can help me with this one. My site, looks weird, it puts all the post in one column and leaves a big white space at the right. Maybe it makes sense if you look at the site. Normally it looked fine, and i haven’t touch anything?


Before I purchase, I was wondering if you can remove text from the masonry home page. I want it to be more of a portfolio look

Thank you

Hi, this theme will be removed soon and as it states on the support tab, is no longer supported or updated. Id recommend going for a different theme :)

So this theme is no longer getting updates? Why should I purchase a theme that isn’t compatible with WP 4.3? or even 4.2?

As it states on the support tab, this item is no longer supported. You don’t have to buy anything you don’t want to :)

The only reason this theme is still available is because if I remove it, the people who have purchased it will no longer to be able to download it.

I would recommend you buy a supported item OR try a different marketplace. Im not sure if you’ve been following the talk over on the forums but, many authors have left due to Envato on going problems. Myself included.

Hi Out there, I have a pre-sales question. Is it possible to assign colors to categories on the home page? Thanks in advance for you quick answer.

Hi, no sorry that isn’t possible with this theme. J

Visualkicks, your themes will be available anywhere else? I’m asking because your Clipboard theme covers 100% of my needs for a WP theme and it is quite unique. It would be frustrating if in a future WP update it stops working. I wouldn’t mind to buy it again in a different marketplace to get continuing support, it worth every penny.

Hi Aaffonso, No sorry my themes are not available anywhere else. Thanks for the kind words though, appreciate it. I don’t intend on continuing updates for clipboard though sorry. It’s just too old now to maintain so Im just fazing it now until I can remove it from the marketplace.


Hello there,

before purchasing…is it possible to post gif animation into the pinterest board and will they play automatically then? Would need this feature for some kind of art project.


Hi there! Is there any option i can change or piece of code i can add/modify that would allow posts on the archive category pages to display exactly as they do on the main blog? Im specifically interested in having the thumbnail image of each post display. Thanks!

Hi Jesse, love the theme! Is there any way of making the featured image a standard size across the theme? I’m using this bit of code:

.single .rightContent{ max-width: 900px; } .single .col2.single { max-width: 900px; min-width: 900px; }

To increase the width of the page. However, I’m having problems with images being too large for the screen on the mobile version and not filling the whole width. On the homepage however, the featured image is a perfect size on both desktop & mobile. So is there any way to replicate this for all the images I’d use within a post?

Just realised that doesn’t read too well! Basically, is there any way to make the images mobile responsive?

Hi, do you mean images your placing in the content area? You will need to use the WordPress image settings for those. Or you could add something to force image width 100%..

.entry_copy img { width: 100%; height: auto; }

Please note, this theme is no longer supported and I’ll be removing it from the market place soon.

Hi: Cool theme. I’ve got 2 questions: 1. Can I have a consistent banner/header image before the site title? 2. For the blog page- can it just show blog title (w/ or w/o pic) and the button but NOT an excerpt?


Hey, I really like this theme but I read the comments and It isn’t updated I think. Will it be a problem for me if I buy anyway? Or can you suggest a similar template? Thanks!

What does not-supported mean for a WP theme? It won’t work on new WP versions? I couldn’t find any similar theme I like. I wish you could update it. :(

Hi, it just means I don’t answer support questions any more. The theme is up to date to the latest version of WordPress though.


Ok, thanks I glad to hear that. Can you share the link the photo you use as background? Also your site’s preview doesn’t work.

Your site preview doesn’t work, I would like to see a preview befor I consider to buy the theme..

Hi there!

When can I expect an update on the theme?

Kind regards,


theme customizer not working anymore :-(


mtdan2 Purchased

Hello, I have purchased and installed the theme. I am having some trouble with the theme customizer menu. It is not loading properly and/or takes an extremely long time to load. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.


dtbsz Purchased

View full site on mobile does not work. Back-end falls apart on all platforms (firefox, safari, vivaldi, chrome). Contact form doesn’t work + on mobile it doesn’t even show up at all. Header image is also replaced in the mobile version with plain text. Pretty sad that this theme is left in the gutter. This is the coolest, best looking thing out there… Should have payed more attention to the “no longer supported” part before purchasing… :(

hey there,

You should try contacting envato and getting a refund, I dont support or provide updates to this any more it’s just kept live so people who have bought it can continue to download it. You would need to roll your wordpress back to a much older version for it to work as is.

Regards, Jesse


I bought the theme and I’m currently using the french version, I have an issue with the articles previews > the read more button that just won’t be translated in french, even though it is on the .po file, also tried with the default.po but it still isn’t working, do you know how I can do that ? thank you !!!

also, can I erase all the other languages files as I only need the french version ?

Hi !

Thanks for the theme, it’s really great ! Just a problem, it seems not to work on internet explorer 11 …

The top menu does not appear in the good way, and the left hidded menu appears without opening it. Would you have a solution ??

I can send you a screen shot if needed

Thanks for helping me, Alessandro

is there a registering system in place with theme

demo link not working?

Hi there, yes Im aware of this. They have been offline for a number of months now. Until Envato implement a deprecated feature though, Im not willing to remove my items. I don’t think it’s fair to people who have purchased my themes in the past not to be able to download even the old version.