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this morning i already bought the theme of clip one and i now want to ask

how to install “clip one theme” inside codeigniter ???

thank you

Hi, there!

Unfortunately we do not know this application and we can not support you. If you need support on the functionality of the theme we will be happy to help you.

Thank you for writing us. Kind regards.

I bought this theme this morning but there are no documentation on how this is supposed to work or how to use it. It is all good and well having beautiful HTML files but they mean nothing if it doesn’t function dynamically. If there is no support I want a refund. This is the second theme I bought from you that does not function as advertised. Please contact me urgently!

We have responded to the new comment you wrote.

Not sure if you got my message, but I am not impressed by the product clip1. The documentation on how to use it is not clear and currently I bought a dud product. I am I supposed to work with it. Please contact me urgently! If I have not had a response from you with 24hours I will contact Envato and impress upon them that the product is not functioning.

Maybe I am not making myself clear . The theme is working and I can view all aspects of it however I am unclear on how to use it. If for instance I want to only use the step wizard where and how doe I select the relevant files. Is it a designing platform, is it a visual key only to be used to look at and nothing else. What is its purpose. I chose it because I thought it would be saving me time coding for example a form or extra add-on I want for my site. Am I understanding this incorrectly? I have tried to only use the step-wizard and it simply does not function and probably because I am missing some file somewhere. If I can get documentation on the queries I will keep it otherwise I want a refund or a product that will be able to do what I need

Thank you for your reply. Most of the themes present are only demos that show how the components of the theme work. It is correct that you find fake texts that are meant to insert some content on the demo page. I can help you build a page that has a simple form without any problem, it’s what I have to do to help you. but for the code that is behind the form that serves its operation you should contact a programmer (php or or any code you want), for this type of development we can not offer assistance.

I’m waiting for your answer, I wish you a good day

that is not what it explains in the documentation

I would like a refund please as this product is not functioning and I have asked for support and none was given

I want a refund, this product does not function and I have asked for support many times over with no response. I cannot use a product that does not function

I want a refund. This product is not functioning.

I want a refund. This product is not functioning.


I bought this theme a few years ago but never got to use it. A client would like to know if its possible for you to customize the color scheme and how much it will cost and how much time it will take.

We like the navy + red combo, however, not the red part of the combo. perhaps to replace it with orange

Please let us know soon as possible.


Karlo M.

Hi, there! thank you for writing to us.

CSS is developed with SASS files, in the folder “assets \sass\theme\ _partials” you find the file “_theme_navy.scss” where you can customize it as the customer wants. let us know if this was what you wanted.

Kind regards.