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Side navigation minimize/maximize does not work in any version of Internet Explorer. It closes and opens, but when opened there is no content to the menu.

Hello! Thank you for your message and your feedback. We have just uploaded the clip-one 1.1 version where this bug was fixed :)

Works perfect – will be purchasing this soon for a project. Thank you for the quick fix!

I also noticed the drop down search box in the ‘show rows’ for data tables doesn’t appear to work, but the actual search box in the header of the table does.

I do have one more question, or possible request… checkboxes on the data tables. I will be using the data tables extensively and am going to need a checkbox for each entry as well as a check all/uncheck all in the top header mainly for the purpose of allowing the user to delete entries, but possibly other things such as exporting, saving, etc. Is this possible?

Hello! glad it works. We will also check out the possible bug you reported. tx :) as for the checkboxes, we have been already thinking about it. Now, It’s officially a DO on our list and we will take care of it in the following updates.

I’m planning to buy the script but demo doesn’t save the show/hide state of the side navigation. Will it save the show/hide state in the full purchased version?

Love the simple design and colors used.

Any idea when new version will be available? would like to start the project yesterday :)

It has been availble since today! check out the updates and have fun :)

oh sorry, my mistake. I misread the comment. About your request, I am positive it will be satisfied by the nex update, which will be released in the first weeks of November, more or less :) Stay tuned and keep following us :)

the interface is very nice, very good but too many redundant files and folders in the plugins folder. Need to remove redundant files that

Hello, we actually decided to keep the plug-in folders intact on purpose. We indeed believe that people who bought (or will buy) clip-one can read up on all the used plug-ins. Moreover, this will make the plug-in update easier, when a new version is released (since in most cases you will just have to replace the folder). Of course, this benefit may create some redundancies, but you know how they say: the perfect is enemy of the good, right? :) Thank you for your feedback!

It causes severe system for specific application is web access in Yii framework

I did purchase the 1.1 version, but when downloading files download version 1.0

Hello! You probably purchased the 1.1 version when it had not been validated by themeforest yet. Now it is officially available, that means you can download it for free. Have fun :)

Do you provide LESS files? I guess it would make it easy to change the colours and variables.

Hello! The files are not available yet. We are thinking about providing them, but it may take a while to figure the best solution out. probably with the next updates. We will definitely keep you posted.

Thanks. We are looking forward to it.

its just awesome…...

thank you very much! :)


I have a question about the login box.

If i go to the forgot password page.

How to make the submit button active ?

Ok j’ai trouvé :


91. submitHandler: function (form) {
92. errorHandler2.hide();

Il manque la ligne ci-dessous :

A ajouté à la ligne 93

Pareil pour le formulaire de membre il manque cette ligne dans le fichier login.js à la ligne 139.

.validate() is the method for initializing the jquery validation plugin which is referenced in login.js.

If the form is valid, the submitHandler will fire.

Otherwise, you are doing it properly by placing your ajax inside the submitHandler callback.

Hope it helps :)

Sorry for the basic question from me, If I buy this admin panel, how can I use this? Can I buy regular theme and use this as an admin? Sorry to bother you again.

Hello there! Clip-One is an html template created with jQuery and Bootstrap 3, but it does not communicate with any database. So, in order to activate its functionalities, you have to integrate it with a server-side scripting. Hope it is clearer now :) No worries, you can ask as many “basic questions” as you want. We are here to help! :)


I just downloaded the file I’m missing some page as such: pages_user_profile.html

Could you provide me with a full zip.

Thank you.

Thank you for your quick response everything is in order.

Question DataTables in a xls export, and print pdf is you planned?

Yes, they are on our list. They will be released in one of clip-one’s future updates :)

Hello! I’m having trouble is conflict between the jquery library clipone v1.7.2 and 1.10.2 which is used for guidance to overcome ?

This template looks a skin of metronic by keenthemes

Hello Amsad!Well, Metronic is a good template, but clip-one, except for the employment of bootstrap, has nothing to do with it. And you know why? Well, because we are not kind of fans of “metro-style” (if you know what I mean) ;)

Great theme. Easy to customize for my needs.

Great work!

I am glad you like it! Happy to help :)

Great theme,

How easy is it to set up?

Hello! thank you for the positive feedback! :) well, it depends on what you mean by “set-up”. If you are planning to integrate clip-one html, css and javascript with your programming language, then the set-up is gonna be a cakewalk! Hope it helps ;)

You planning on upgrading to Font Awesome 4?

Oh yeah, we’ve been working on it, stay tuned and keep following us ;)


Great template. One question. How do I change the “panel heading” background color?


That works well, but how do i maintian the “box” layout. When I use your above css code, it renders the panel heading red, but then it removes the box outline around the panel.

Hello there! yes, of course. you’ll just need to add the border color to the class panel-red:

        background-color: #990000;
.panel-red .panel-heading {
        background-color: #990000;


        border-color: #990000;

I’m plan to purchase the theme, but is it support RTL (right-to-left)?

Hallo mantrack. not yet, but we are working on it. Stay tuned :)

thanks for you, we will go forward to purchase it.

Greetings – question. just upgraded, however you have changed the css for the icons. So now I have to go thru and change my code. Is this going to be a normal thing or are you standardized now? Love the them, but I could spend considerable time in customization just to have it for not, if you change the css schema again. Please advise. Thanks Jim

Dear Jim, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we had to change the CSS schema, since font awesome 4 has basically renamed all the classes. However, we set some CSS lines, so that the main classes will be compatible with both versions of font awesome (4 and 3.2.1). So at least the upgrade won’t “hurt” so much, will it? :) Yet, since we are here to help, can you please explain us what kind of problem you are struggling with, so that we can try to support you? Thanks.

Understood..thanks for the reply…no problems I just do not want to have to re-work my CSS again. Thanks for an awesome theme. Regards Jim

The best theme on Themeforest IMHO.

Super easy to customize and integrate into my programming stack.

Always happy to read such great feedbacks . Thanks a lot :)

hi, i’m planning to buy the panel, the most important thing for me is if, can i use Form X-editable in it? is there any example on theme?


Hi! Thanks for your message! Of course you can use x-editable in the Clip-one version for bootstrap 3. With the next release, we will also run a demo. So keep following us :)

Hi. Your template is awesome, but I want to know more about Licence. I want to use in a CMS to all my next clients, and other projects. Is that possible with “Regular Licence”?

Hi there, thanks a lot for the positive feedback! Of course it’s possible. For further information, please visit :)