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Greetings from Belgium! A beautiful template, practical and comprehensive Sorry for my basic question, but how can I use a single chart? When I disable one of the charts.html page, they all disappear … Thank you in advance! Regards

Hello! Thanks for your message. Well, besides disabling the charts you won’t use from chart.html, you must also disable the relative scripts from the file charts.js (assets/js/charts.js). otherwise you will get a JavaScript error on the page, preventing you to visualize the chart you would like to use. Hope it helps. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Greetings to Belgium :)

great ! thank you very much :-)

Are you thinking at a frontend theme?

We are not up to implement it in the nearest future, but yes, we are definitely thinking about it :)

Would it be hard to bypass the icon only state of the sidebar menu? So the menu toggle appears in the navbar on medium screens, like it does on small screens?

No. it wouldn’t be hard at all. You’d just need to apply some modifications to the css. Greetings.

Back to purchase and disappointed to see the price rose without warning.

Don’t be disappointed pmt. In the meantime we have released three other updates, so our application has definitely gained more added value. Higher price means higher quality :) and themeforest agrees with us :)

A very nice work! Good luck :)

Thank you very much :)

Hello, I really appreciate your work! I wanted to buy a plugin that allows my authors to post article from the front end, but i saw this your plugin, I un-bookmarked that one. Please I would like to know, is it possible to disable every other like plugins, Tools, etc and show only posts and the post editor where authors can write a new blog post. The admin will see the whole features but the authors will see only the posts menu where they can write a new note. Thanks

Hello! thank you very much! of course you can disable all the plug-ins you won’t use. Yet,please consider that Clip-One is an html template created with jQuery and Bootstrap 3, but it does not communicate with any database. So, in order to activate its functionalities, you have to integrate it with a server-side scripting. Hope it helps! :)

Hi, I would like to try one of these templates but not sure how to use it. Is there any video on where to start, etc.? Regards Dale

Hello! thanks for your message. I am afraid the only available demo on themeforest is the Live-Preview. Yet please note that Clip-One is an html template created with jQuery and Bootstrap 3 not communicating with any databas. This means that an integration with a server-side scripting will be needed in order to run all its functions. Hope it helps!!

I like your template, but I want to set it to be default & fixed template where it uses the box & header + footer are fixed. Can that be done?


I managed to have the footer fixed with boxed. But on some pages where the contents are short, there is a black background shown (the content box is too short) before the fixed footer. Is there any way we can make the height of the content section fill the screen height?

Hi! in the next release we will include the function to set the height of the page, when the contents are short. In the meantime you can change the function runContainerHeight() in the main.js (assets/js/main.js) as follows:

//function to adapt the Main Content height to the Main Navigation height
    var runContainerHeight = function () {
        mainContainer = $('.main-content > .container');
        mainNavigation = $('.main-navigation');
        if ($pageArea < 760) {
           $pageArea = 760;
        if (mainContainer.outerHeight() < mainNavigation.outerHeight() && mainNavigation.outerHeight() > $pageArea) {
            mainContainer.css('min-height', mainNavigation.outerHeight());
        } else {
            mainContainer.css('min-height', $pageArea);

working great thanks!

Hi Cliptheme, you made a fantastic theme here! I just have a quick question – How can I change the footer to be displayed ‘fixed’ rather than the current default?

Hello there, thank you very much for your feedback! You’ll simply need to add the footer-fixed class to the tag body. Have fun :)

<body class="footer-fixed">

Thank you Cliptheme! That fixed it for me! Again, thanks for a great theme!

No problem :) glad to help you out!

I’ve studied the code of your very nice template which we are considering purchasing. I have some questions
  • Why don’t you use HTML5 semantic tags such as: <header> <nav> <section> <article> <aside> <figcaption> <figure> <footer> instead of simply using divs with class attributes.

Has this been tested in a Single Page Application framework such as Angular?

Hello, thanks for your message!

We decided rather to avoid semantic tags, since clip-one is pretty suitable to be used as back-end. However, we developed the code so that it could intuitively be transformed exactly through the employment of semantic tags.

As for your other request, of course it has. Moreover, we are planning a new release of clip one as a single page application. So keep following us! :)


I changed the .html to .php, hoewever the hoover, accordions are do not working. What should I do to make them work? If I remane bak ti html it is ok…

Thx , Dennis

Hello Dennis, thanks for your message. As far as I know there shouldn’t be any incompatibilities. Can you please send me your code, so that I can check it out?


How can I increase the width of the “popover” boxes. They seem constrictive in certain places? thanks!

Hello!thanks for your message. the popover has a maximum pixel width level; that means that setting a value which exceeds the maximum limit will not bring you any results. So, you’ll have to change the max-width in your css file (or in you main.css, if you prefer). For example, if you want a 500px widht you should proceed this way:

.popover {
                width:500px !important;
                max-width:500px !important;

Hope it helps :)

Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for!


I just purchased your great template and just found a small error on the login_example1.html page.

if you look at you can see in the console : Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘colorPalette’

Regards, Eric

Hello Eric,

thanks for your compliments and your feedback. We will fix the problem ASAP and release another update.

Meanwhile, insert the following link in the tag head of the pages, within the css:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/plugins/bootstrap-colorpalette/css/bootstrap-colorpalette.css">

Then, insert the following scripts in the javascript files, before the tag :

<script src="assets/plugins/less/less-1.5.0.min.js"></script>
<script src="assets/plugins/jquery-cookie/jquery.cookie.js"></script>
<script src="assets/plugins/bootstrap-colorpalette/js/bootstrap-colorpalette.js"></script>

Hope it helps!

Thanks again

Hello, I am interested in purchasing your admin theme and had a question about your datatables implementation. Is there any CSS code included for the pdf, csv, excel, and print buttons if I choose to show them?

Hello there, thank you for your message :) Actually, clip-one has several tools available, which allow you to do whatever you want. For instance, take a look at the section “bottons and icons” in the live preview. Here you can choose among different styles and solutions, in order to integrate the functionalities you would like to employ, directly in the data table. Also remember that we are here to help so we would be more than happy to provide you the necessary support, if need be.

We have just purchased the template to be used in an Angularjs application. I just want a bare-bones production ready template that is not bloated with loads of plugins. I was not planning to spend time to filter out all the dummy stuff.

Using the pages_blank_page as the starting point. What are the required plugins? I doubt these are needed:
  • jquery.cookie
  • less js without the less stylesheet
  • bootstrap-colorpalette
Ideally there should be another separate production template which is stripped down. Without the style selector for example.

Similarly for images. What is required? I don’t want dummy avatar images in my production build, but I do want bg_2.png for example if it is indeed used by the template itself.

Another comment regarding the X-UA-Compatible meta tag. It should be the first tag after head as pointed out here

Apart from that, it is all good :)

Hello there, thank you for your feedback and detailed comment :) Actually, you could remove all the not desired/requested/necessary plug-ins, but please remember to adapt the main.js(assets/js/main.js)so that it won’t activate the functionalities you don’t want to use. The three plug-ins you pointed me out, for example, activate some functions of the syle selectors. If you want to remove them, you will have to eliminate the following group of functions from the mainjs:






I will also definitely keep your suggestions and comments in mind, which I thank you for. I think it would be a great idea to integrate a bare-bones production ready template

Hope it helps :)

Hi there!

Great theme – loving every second of it!

Just one question – I have introduced the option to expand the panel boxes to the full screen option to the user profile page.

When it enters full-screen mode, the inner panel only fills 50% of the page. I.e. there is a cut off of the height of the “panel-full-screen” attribute and it doesn’t fill the whole of my screen.

I will point out that it works fine on the other pages you normally include it on.

Quite hard to describe – I hope you understand? Could you provide any assistance?


This should fix your problem. Please let me know if this was what you were looking for…

Sorry, I am rewriting the comment, since I made a mistake in the code: comment 2.0 :)

Hello there, thank you for your message and feedback. If I understand correctly you would like to insert the expansion bottons into the user-profile panels, right? In this case a scrollbar is provided which will stay fixed, when you make the panel fullscreen.

You can proceed as follows: 1) First, remove the z-index limit (set to 11) from the class .tab-content in the main.css (assets/css/main.css).

2) Then, add a specific class to the panels of the user profile page (ex. panel-user):

<div class="panel panel-white panel-user">

3) Finally, add the following function to your js (or to your main.js, if you prefer):

    var runPanelBodyHeight = function () {
        $('.panel-user .panel-tools .panel-expand').bind('click', function (e) {

            wbox = $(this).parents('.panel');
            wbody = wbox.children('.panel-body');

            if (wbox.hasClass('panel-full-screen')) {
                wbody.css('height', wbody_height);
            } else {
                wbody_height = wbody.height();
                wbody.css('height', $(window).outerHeight() - wbox.children('.panel-heading').outerHeight() - 30).perfectScrollbar('update');

Do you still have plans to add checkboxes and select all/deselect all functionality to the datatables?

I see you have them in the static and responsive examples, but the select/deselect all functionality does not work.

Hello thanks for your message! yes. in the next release we are going to add the function to select/deselect the checkboxes in all the charts, datatables included. Stay tuned :)

Wonderful – if you are taking requests I was also going to add drop-downs to the header as well for site related pages outside of the admin area.


Hi again. I’ve got a couple of questions
  • First, just letting you know there is a missing </li> in the USER DROPDOWN <li>Could you explain what the <code><span class="selected" /></code> in the navigation-menu does please?</li> <li>And most importantly... I am having some trouble with the menu in my Single Page Application. It is the collapsing of sub-menu when the user clicks a menu item in another sub-menu. I am removing the 'active' and 'open' css classes, but there remains a <code>style="display: block;"</style></code> on the <code><ul class="sub-menu" /></code>. This must be put there by a script somehow. It works in your demo page because you reload the whole page, but I am only reloading the content. Would you mind helping me identify where and why this is put? This class should be sufficient <code>ul.main-navigation-menu li ...</code></li> </ul> Thanks. And hmm not easy to get the formatting nice in the comment. Sorry about that

Hello. These questions are too specific for a not (yet) customer. We provide this kind of technical assistance only in case of purchase. Sorry.

First of all, we (Blueback) have purchased an extended license, but it is my supervisor who did it with his Themeforest account. Second, I am contributing to your template with suggestions and fixes.

Hallo bhjertaas,

First of all, I apologize for the inconvenience. Since we could not see the “purchased” badge near your name, we thought you were (still) not one of our clients. My bad.

Your suggestions are really more than valuable for us, believe us, and we will definitely cherish your advice for our next releases. Please note that in the latest version 1.2.3 we will provide the Single Page Application with its relative menu, able to record the web history. The new documentation we are working on will help you passing from the old to the new version, without having to check the whole code.

I hope it helps and once again, sorry for the misunderstanding. I will save your nickname (bhjertaas) as “purchaser” in order to provide you full support.

Hi, the pages with the login forms are not working (the “I forgot my password” and “Create an account” links, please check the script files at the end of those files.

Hello there, thanks for your message. you haven’t downloaded the latest version of clip-one (1.2.1) yet, have you? the problem has been already fixed ;)

Right now, you are welcome.

It would be super useful if you could include a changes.txt inside the zip with the affected files on every release because since I got the previous version I made a lot of changes to my layouts and I don’t now where the new fixes are.

Thank you very much for your suggestion, we will definitely consider it :)

After I use the style selector on the page:
The login page does not work
I’m using version 1.2.1
TypeError: a[c] is undefined

Hello, thank you very much for your feedabck, the problem will be fixed by the next release. In the meantime, you can replace the function runCustomSetting() on line 594 of the main.js (assets/js/main.js) with the following one:

var runCustomSetting = function () {
    if ($.cookie("clip-setting")) {
        var loadSetting = jQuery.parseJSON($.cookie("clip-setting"));
        if (loadSetting.layoutBoxed) {

            $('#style_selector select[name="layout"]').find('option[value="boxed"]').attr('selected', 'true');
        if (loadSetting.headerDefault) {
            $('#style_selector select[name="header"]').find('option[value="default"]').attr('selected', 'true');
        if (!loadSetting.footerDefault) {
            $('#style_selector select[name="footer"]').find('option[value="fixed"]').attr('selected', 'true');
        if ($('#style_selector').length) {
            if (loadSetting.useLess) {

                $('.color-base').val(loadSetting.baseColor).next('.dropdown').find('i').css('background-color', loadSetting.baseColor);
                $('.color-text').val(loadSetting.textColor).next('.dropdown').find('i').css('background-color', loadSetting.textColor);
                $('.color-badge').val(loadSetting.badgeColor).next('.dropdown').find('i').css('background-color', loadSetting.badgeColor);
            } else {
                $('.color-base').val('#FFFFFF').next('.dropdown').find('i').css('background-color', '#FFFFFF');
                $('.color-text').val('#555555').next('.dropdown').find('i').css('background-color', '#555555');
                $('.color-badge').val('#007AFF').next('.dropdown').find('i').css('background-color', '#007AFF');
                $('#skin_color').attr('href', loadSetting.skinClass);
    } else {

Is perfect now. Thanks for your help :)


I love this theme, but I’m having a hard time with getting a form to submit. I have a few forms which work fine, but I decided to try the form-validator on one form.

It does the validation correctly, but the form does not submit.

I took a look at the js/form-validator.js file and I see a reference to successHandler, but I’m not sure if that’s something that I have to implement?



simply add ’$(‘form’).submit()’ in the submitHandler function
submitHandler: function (form) {

Hello, thank you.. I’ve tried that, but it seems that that just causes an endless loop. I added an alert(1); in there too and it kept being triggered.

I also tried it with the original source code to ensure that it wasn’t anything I changed by mistake and it also runs the endless loop…



Hello again John. Did you put the ”$(‘form’).submit()” in the funciotn submitHandler, which is already present in the form.validation.js? Plus, if you have more than one form in the page, try using the id you assigned to the form:

submitHandler: function (form) {


I tested it and it should work. Let me know it it helps :)