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I bought this template a couple of days ago but I’m having problems with the modal windows.

I want to create a search form for a table using the modal boxes but if I include a date-range-picker inside the modal, it will open on the back of the modal instead of inside of the window.

Can you help me out with this??

Cheers, Ricardo

Thanks a lot. Will try that later today. Cheers!!

Worked like a charm. There’s one similar issue with the CKeditor when on a modal window. It gets themed correctly but you can’t write on the textarea. If you click on any button you’ll get a “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘getSelection’ of undefined”.

I’ll just skip this for now and post back if I find any solution. If you already came across this and have a solution, please let me know.


Hi hypermnesium, can you please send me your code so I can check it out and try to help you? Thanks.

Dear Author,

This is indeed one of the best Admin themes I have come across recently but I am struggling with one issue since I purchased the template which I am not yet able to resolve.

The theme works absolutely fine with Firefox and Chrome but with IE the left Vertical Menu stretches all the way to whole screen and then after a moment comes back to it’s original size. This is quite annoying as this happens every time a menu item is clicked and the page loads.

Any help would be much appreciated. I fear losing my teams efforts if I have to switch to another template due to this issue.

Images a for Ref: While Loading (Error)

Thanks in advance. Safwan Jamil

Dear Jamil, Thank you for your message, which we also received in our inbox. Also thanks for your great feedback. The problem you are pointing us out refers to Explorer 8, which is not able to interpret the media query for the responsive design. In order to do that, the plug in respond.js is usually used, which yet works only as soon as the page has finished loading. One solution could be loading the plug in respond.js in the page header rather than in the page footer. Anyway, in the next release, clip-one will have a page loading function available, which will show the pages only when all the plug ins have finished loading. Thank you for your patience and keep following us :)


nsb Purchased

I want to allow user to go directly to Register form. I need to create a separate Create Account page.

Is there are way to link directly to REGISTER BOX form?

If I create a new page, remove login and forgot password forms leaving only REGISTER BOX then form is empty.

Thanks :)

Hello nsb, sorry for the late reply. Also Clip-Theme members are sometimes busy or sick :) Ok,let’s try this way. First of all save the page login_example1.html (or login_example2.html) as registration.html (or as the format you prefer).

Then remove the class “login” from the tag body and replace it with the class“registration”.

Finally, replace the login classes in the main.css with the following classes:

body.login, body.registration {
                color: #7F7F7F;
body.login.example1, body.registration.example1 {
                background-image: url("../images/bg.png");
                background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
body.login.example2, , body.registration.example2 {
                background-image: url("../images/bg_2.png");
                background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);
body.login .main-login, body.registration .main-login  {
                margin-top: 60px;
body.login .logo, body.registration .logo {
                padding: 20px;
                text-align: center;
body.login .box-login, body.login .box-forgot, body.login .box-register, body.registration .box-login, body.registration .box-forgot, body.registration .box-register {
                background: #FFFFFF;
                border-radius: 5px;
                box-shadow: -30px 30px 50px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.32);
                overflow: hidden;
                padding: 15px;
body.login .box-forgot, body.login .box-register {
                display: none;
body.registration .box-login, body.registration .box-forgot {
                display: none;
body.login .form fieldset, body.registration .form fieldset  {
                border: none;
                margin: 0;
                padding: 10px 0 0;
body.login a.forgot, body.registration a.forgot {
                color: #909090;
                font-size: 12px;
                position: absolute;
                right: 10px;
                text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #FFFFFF;
                top: 9px;
body.login input.password, body.registration input.password  {
                padding-right: 130px;
body.login label, body.registration label {
                color: #7F7F7F;
                font-size: 14px;
                margin-top: 5px;

body.login .copyright, body.registration .copyright {
                font-size: 11px;
                margin: 0 auto;
                padding: 10px 10px 0;
                text-align: center;
body.login .form-actions:before, body.login .form-actions:after, body.registration .form-actions:before, body.registration .form-actions:after {
                content: "";
                display: table;
                line-height: 0;
body.login .form-actions:after, body.registration .form-actions:after {
                clear: both;
body.login .form-actions, body.registration .form-actions {
                margin-top: 15px;
                padding-top: 10px;
                display: block;
body.login .new-account, body.registration .new-account  {
                border-top: 1px dotted #EEEEEE;
                margin-top: 15px;
                padding-top: 10px;
                display: block;

Please let me know, if this is what you were looking for. Hope it helps!


nsb Purchased

Excellent! Thank you :)

you’re welcome :)

Hi Clip-One theme, you made a fantastic theme here! I just have a quick question. I can see the guide to see what I can do on it is not because I actually go into the field should not have long experience that the creation of a scenario for people like me it is not easy to do.

Thank you very much, good always favorable.

Hello urchins, thank you very much for your message!

We have currently no online guide available, but we will definitely release it ASAP. Please note that clip-one is perfect to build custom admin panels, CMS and CRM, but you can actually use it for building a front-end theme as well, if the layout fits the project you have in mind.

Hello, your theme is great, do you have any plans on adding printable invoice page?

Hello! thanks for your message!

Your suggestions are really valuable for us and helps us improve our great theme, so yes you will find the printable invoice page in one of the next releases! :)

Thank you very much!


Could you help me how can I implement a loading panel inside a button (like the Themeforest login page)? Can I use the CSS3 animation page?

Is there any plan to add a Toggle Infobar in the theme (panel of general information that is usually on the right and is colapsible)?


Hallo, thank you for your message. If you open the page “Buttons & Icons”, in the link “UI Lab”, you will find a panel including several buttons with loading indicators ready to use.

As for the Toggle Infobar, we are not planning of including it in the next release, but we will definitely take your suggestion into consideration. :)

Any recommended front end templates that match or use some of the same elements?

Hello there, thank you for your message!

Actually we have been already working really hard on developing the front end theme of clip-one. It will definitely be available very soon. Thank you for your patience and keep following us ;)

Hi, great theme. Just a quick question on icons. I can get a full list of icons and their names for Font Awesome (, but do you have a similar sheet for the clip font icons included in the theme?

Thanks a lot, David

Hello David, thank you for your feedback! :)

At the bottom of the page “Buttons & Icons”, which you will find in the link “UI Lab”, there is a complete list of all icons available with relative names. :)

Of course there is – so sorry to have troubled you. Many thanks though for your swift reply.

No worries. Happy to help :)

Hi cliptheme, nice work! I like the clean looking theme. I am very tempted to buy this one, but had couple of questions. 1) Any plans on having a Printable Invoice page soon? (Excluding the usual title and the webpage link that shows on most of the print invoices) 2) I have a logo and not very sure what colors would go with my logo (I mean the mouse over color changes etc..) Can you help me with this? 3) Can I have 4 boxes on the dashboard instead of the 3 ( Manage users, manage orders, manage data…)

Hello, thank you for your compliments!

About your questions: the printable invoice will be available in the next release, we have been already working on it as well as on the loading of the page.

As for the boxes in the home page, you can place 4 of them both on two and on a single line: the classes to fulfill this task have already been included in the bootstrap 3 package.

Also, remember: our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction so you can definitely count on our help and support.

Hope this will make you fall into the temptation of buying clip-one ;)

Thanks for your reply Guys! Do let me as soon as you have the printable invoice page and the loading of page thing working, any idea by when it will be available though?

Hello again, The will probably be available in the next release, which is expected on the first days of December. Just in time for Christmas ;)

Hi, Great theme. I’ve bought it and am going quite well with it so far, but I have a couple of questions:

1. can I fix the sidebar so it doesn’t scroll?

2. do I need to leave the cliptheme copyright notice at the bottom of each page?


There’s nothing actually wrong technically with the way the site is displayed on my phone. Everything scales down properly to fit the small screen. I should have explained myself better in my previous post. The problem is that the design is not really appropriate for a phone. Everything is too small for comfortable viewing. Whenever I need to do something, I need to zoom in on the screen. I think I need a totally different design for the phone app – less information on each screen, bigger buttons, bigger input fields, more downward scrolling.

Something like Mobile Admin on ThemeForest but with the Clip One styling would be suitable.

I have discovered one small technical issue with your template on my phone – the icons don’t display. I haven’t tried to investigate the cause. I am using IE on a Nokia Lumia running Windows 8.

Hi again! I think this happens because windows phones have a tablet resolution (800×480), whereas a usual smartphone (ios or android) has a lower resolution.

Anyway, we will work on in and we will try to adjust the mobile version so that it can perfectly fit windows phones as well. :)

OK, that’s interesting. I’ll have a look at my site on an iPhone to see if it resolves better and I’ll let you know what I find.


I tried to add the line below to submit my form on the validation

submitHandler: function (form) {; errorHandler1.hide(); $(‘form’).submit(); }

But when I click, no thing happened. If i remove the $(‘form’).submit(); line, it shows me the message -> Your form validation is successful!

where did I go wrong?

Hello! Thanks for your message!

Did you put the action in the form? If yes, you maybe have more than one form on the page. In that case, please assign an ID (for example form 1) to the form you are validating and then insert the function $(‘#form1’).submit(); into the function submitHandler.

Let me know if it works :)

How can I create a link to the mobile website w/o having the user manually creating it? In other words, is there a way in your app that i can say “Click here to save link to your mobile device home screen”?


Hello! Thank you for your message! If I understood correctly you would like to show the mobile version on a PC desktop, right? Well, in that case, you’ll have to create a page with iframe which references the index of clip-one, as follows:

<iframe src="index.html" width="320" height="500" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Please, let me know if it works.

Thanks for the reply, but what i was asking is how can user place a shortcut on their phone or any mobile device w/o manually going to the browser settings? Is there a way in “Clip One” that can detect the mobile device and prompt the user to add a shortcut/icon to their home screen? For example: I open my phone browser, I type the url to “Clip-One”. “Clip=One” opens fine, i see the front page. I now want the user to have an icon of clip-one on their phone home screen. is this possible?


Hello again, Clip-One doesn’t currently have this functionality. Maybe the following link can help you:

I tried to download the latest version (1.2.2) but get 1.2.1. When will the new version be available for download?

The download version seems to be 1.2.0. Can you check and make sure 1.2.2 becomes available. I need some of the fixes.

Hello again, The current version of Clip-One is actually the 1.2.2. Please, try to clear the cache and download it one more time.

Yes, you are right. Thank you.

Hey there, Love the theme and your outstanding work :-)

Unfortunately I’m having a few issues getting some really simple extra JS to work and would really appreciate your help.

All I want to do is add some extra UI functionality where we can show / hide a div based on a radio button click.

The custom JS itself works when the main.js is disabled however as soon as main.js is enabled (like it should be) the new code fails.

I’m sure that it’s all very basic to you however I’ve been scratching my head for hours and can’t see where the issue is.

Code sample below: Webbyscripts.js (our custom code) /* START – “displayExistingCustomerSelect” : This will show the Existing customer select box on step 01 of the new quote process / function displayExistingCustomerSelect() { $(”#existingCustomerRadio”).click(function(){ $(”#newQuote_existingCustomerSelect”).show(‘slow’); }); } / END – “displayExistingCustomerSelect” */

Calls to the JS from the webpage

<script> jQuery(document).ready(function() { Main.init(); FormElements.init(); displayExistingCustomerSelect() }); </script>

As mentioned earlier, the custom code works fine on it’s own (with main.js disabled)so I’m sure that there is something in my approach that is causing it to clash with the code in main.js

You help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Andrew.

Hello Andrew, thank you for your message and your feedback :) I think that your problem is related to the fact that the plug in iCheck used to customize the radio buttons has its one ways for handling changes.

Take a look at the compete documentation here:

In you case, you’ll need to use the following code:

$("#newCustomerRadio").on('ifClicked', function(event){                                                                       

Hope it helps :)


Do you have any sample that perform ajax request? Is it necessary to add any extra JS file ?

I´ve tried the code below but had no success (inside the <script> tag, in the form_validation.html):

$(document).ajaxStart(function () { alert("AJAX START"); }); $(document).ajaxStop(function () { alert("AJAX STOP!!!"); });

Thanks a lot!

Hello! ajaxStart and ajaxStop will be activated only when an Ajax request is started. There is no Ajax request in the form validation.

May I ask what you exactly would like to do? If you give me more details, I may be able to help :)

What I´m planning to do is make the theme function with ASP.NET MVC, with ajax requests in the forms. I have solved the problem incluing ajax JS files. Thanks!

glad you found a solution by yourself! ;)

change which page to update from version 1.2.1 to 1.2.2? I suggest a txt with fixed and instructions
Thank for excellent update

Hello! thanks you very much for your compliments and your feedback which will definitely consider, like we always do, as your help is really valuable and appreciated.

In the 1.2.2 update we have introduced the RTL version as well as some modifications of the main.js and main.css files compared to the 1.2.1. I am sure you won’t have any problems in replacing these two files in your folder. Happy working :)

(*which we will definitely consider)


Great work on this theme. It really looks fantastic !!!

I do have a small issue. I am trying to run some php code from the submit buttons (login, forgot, register) in the login page.

I want to run this code in a frame on the page. I expected to simply be able to add: action=”code.php” target=”frame0” method=”POST” in each of the form tags (form-login,form-forgot,form-register) to be able to do this.

It works fine for the login but not for the 2 others. Am I missing something ?


hello there! wow, what a great feedback, thanks!

as for your small issue, in the clip-one login reproduction, the form.submit(); is only set to the login function. To activate the functionalities “forgot your password” and “registration” you’ll need to add the function form.submit(); in the login.js (assets/js/login.js) within the function submitHandler.

In particular: form2.submit(); after line 92 and form3.submit(); after line 137

Let me know if it works :)

Yes thanks, its working fine now.

Hello Author,

Is there a way to freeze a column while sorting the data in the Data Tables. Like we are loading DB data to the Data Table with the first column being incremental Sl No. which is added manually while loading data. Now when I sort the data by clicking on any header, I want the data to be sorted but the Sl No should always be the same (starts from 1). Right now the complete data gets rearranged including the Sl No.

Hello there thank you for your message. I’m sorry but I’m afraid I don’t exactly understand what you need. Can you please me provide me more details?

Meanwhile here is the link to the data table documentation. Maybe you can find some help in here.

Greetings :)

I am very happy with my purchase of this theme. There is one issue I like your help with. I’m using inline tabs with the tabs showing on the left. The issue I have is if I add 50 tabs, the screen goes out of wack. I am reviewing student performances and I need to see all of their performances without having to scroll up and down. Can the tabs alone have a scroller at a particular height so that I can see ten tabs or so and I can click the up down arrows to navigate the rest?

Thanks for a wonderful theme

Hello there, thank you for your message. Glad that you are happy :) You can freeze the css at a maximum height to the tag which includes all the tabs. For example, try to create a class“myCustomTab” in your file .css

. myCustomTab{

    max-height: 200px;
    overflow-x: hidden;
    overflow-y: auto;

Then, assign it in the html code:

ul id="myTab" class="nav nav-tabs tab-green myCustomTab " 


You can also customize the scroll thanks to the plugin PerfectScrollBar included in Clip-One.

Hope it helps :)