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something strange just happened, after i uploaded the site to a server, some of the icons are not showing,...

what seems to be the problem? (all files are uploaded to server nothing missing) ... any ideas

Hello again. Sorry, the links do not seem to work. Can you please check them so that I can open them? Let me know, thanks :)

its working now, ... thank you

you’re welcome ;)

thank you for this great theme, but i have another question hope you can help me with? i was checking the theme from my iPhone 5S and the icons are not showing on properly.

any ideas?


Hello again nhayder. Which problems are you exactly having with the icons? Can you please give me more details? Thanks :)

Do you know if this template works with I am able to do form validation but am unable to execute server side code after validation. Do you have a working sample?

Hello there,

Clip-One works perfectly with Asp.Net. To activate the submit of the form, make sure also to activate $(‘form’).submit() in the function submitHandler.

Hope it helps :)

Dear Developer! I want to put medical icons on the main navigation. The default buttons are defined as clip-xxx the medical icons in fa-class. If i put it only shows a square not the icon. Also tried thas show nothing.

Glad you worked things out by yourself :)

Thanks! :) Can you please tell me how can i place a panel that is closed default and it can be expanded with panel tools?

Hello there! sorry for the huge delay, I overlooked your comment. You’ll be able to do that in the next version of Clip-One which will be released in a few days. thank you for your patience :)

Hi there! I love the look and feel of your theme. Although, is there any way to make the navigation menus on the top instead of the side?

By any chance, will you have this new function released before the new year?

take a look at the new release and let me know if you find what you need :)

Thank you for the update! I needed to make some tweaks, but the majority of it is great. Thanks again!

How can I get the panels to hide automatically ?

Hello! give your panel an ID, then put the following function in your js file:

             var el = $ ("#panelID").children(".panel-body");

Let me know if it works. :)

got it working with this: <script> jQuery(document).ready(function () { setTimeout(function () { $(”#A1”).trigger(‘click’); }, 10); }); </script>

Where A1 is the ID of the link (and you get the “Hide” annimation)

Great! Glad you found a solution! :)

Hi, I am using v1.2.1 and development work is going on. How can I upgrade to v1.2.2 without impacting my work?

Hello there. you only need to replace the boostrap and font-awesome plug-ins as well as the folders assets/js and assets/css.

Hope it helps :)

In my single-page-app I am having problems with the collapse/expand on the panels. It is because Main.js loads and runs once initially and the bind events only binds on elements currently existing on the page. But in a SPA, new elements are added dynamically and the binding fails.

Will this be improved in the new version? And by the way bind() is deprecated in favor of .on() etc

Hello there, you might want to use the function runModuleTools() everytime you dinamically add a panel.

Let me know if it works :)

Hello, is there any version of clip-one where all css/js are added to 1 single minified file ?

transfering code blocks is a little bit challenging, every time you want to use a button in a page you have to transfer a whole plugin to your page (css,js files, js init calls etc)

Hello Cyclo, thanks for your message. I am really sorry, but this function is currently not available nor foreseen short term. But we will definitely take your request into serious consideration for our next releases.

Menus in IE8 appear to no longer function, Below is a screenshot of the broken areas.

Hello there, thanks for your message!

If you need to open your management software with explorer 8, you’ll have to replace the jquery 2.0.3 with the jquery 1.10.2. You won’t have any problems, guaranteed.

Hope it helps :)


i loved the template and very happy with the way it has been developed. I am working on a page where i have to pop up a modal dialog box but the source is an <iframe>. i couldn’t find any sample done in the project. is there a way you can help me to achieve it?. Basically i need an iframe with width/height 100% of the modal dialogue box.

Hello there, thanks for your message. I am afraid I am going to need more details, in order to answer your question. What problems are you exactly having with Iframe?

I’ve checked the theme’s demo before i buy it, and i think i’ve found a bug. In the wizard form i can’t go back if there is some required element. You must fill all the required element before you can go back.

Will you fix it soon?

Hello there, thanks a lot for your feedback. We will definitely fix the problem with the new release!

By any chance, will you have the top navigation released before the new year?

Hello there! sorry, I am afraid the top navigation will be released in January 2014, hopefully in the first week!

Thank you for the update! I bought the theme, and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty on it. Cheers!

Hi there,

Bought your product and I love however I have a few questions

1. In the documentation I can’t find anything to help my understand your div structure. For example I can see how rows and columns are created – that seems fairly self explanatory – but things like the different sizes available for panels (i.e. flot-medium-container vs flot-small-container) or the class pull-right doesn’t seem to be explained anywhere. Am I missing some documentation – or is there a page where I can see all of these utility classes that help me understand layout?

2. Is there a way in javascript to activate a tab – I need to show a specific tab after page reload.


Oh and one more question – your fancy checkboxes etc work great – however I want to capture the event after the user clicks the checkbox (i.e. use onclick or onchange) but it seems to override my event – ideas?


<label> <input type=”checkbox” class=”flat-teal” onclick=”callfunction();” name=”tagid” value=”< =tag_id %>”< if (chk2) { > checked< } >/> < =pt.getDescription() %> </label>

Hello there, thanks for your message! :)

the div structure uses the basics of bootstrap, so you can have a complete overview by clicking on the following link.

as for you second question, the answer is yes, you can do it. you have to insert the querystring tabid, which must have the ID value of the tab you would like to activate. See the following example:

Hope it helps :)

Hello again! as for your last question, you may want to remember that Clip-one uses the iCheck plug-ins, which have their own ways to capture the events. You can find the complete documentation by clicking the following link:

hope it helps :)


I am testing your theme for my application and found it great so far.

Unfortunately home page is missing in theme, I want to keep home page of my website similar.

Can I expect some help from you? Do you have plans to roll out simple home page+Blog. E.g

OMG and now it’s the 28th!! shame on us :). Seriously though, I think you can imagine how hard we’ve been working on our projects. We are almost there. thank you very much for your patience :)

Thanks Cliptheme for releasing front end.

promise is a promise man… :)

Hello! I’ve bought your theme and it looks great!

Is there a one HTML that you can provide that has all the CSS and JS files? I am writing an application and now, I have to keep including and removing some files depending on the pages. It would be nice to have a list of all the JS file, CSS files, etc.

Hello there! thank you for your feedback. glad that the theme works well for you :)

As for your request, the list of all plug-ins is available in the general documentation. Moreover, you can easily understand from the information on the html code, which css and javascripts are used for all pages and which are only employed for the specific purpose of the page.

Hope it helps :)

Hi there,

Really nice theme. I’m willing to buy it with 2 questions first: - does it come with the LESS files? - is your source organized logically? i.e. if I only want to use say a few pages and plugins, I’d like to make sure I can only load the relevant less and js files without too many hassles :)

Thanks! - Vincent

Hello Vinco. Sorry for the late reply, I accidentally overlooked your comment.

Clip-One has a LESS file to manage color combinations. You can have access to it by simply replacing the string <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”assets/css/theme_light.css” type=”text/css” id=”skin_color”> in the code, with <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”assets/css/theme_light.css” type=”text/css” id=”skin_color”> and with <link rel=”stylesheet/less” href=”assets/less/styles.less” type=”text/css”> .

Then you’ll only have to replace the three color variables located at the very beginning of the code.

If it doesn’t work, please, try to be more specific and provide me further details (the more the better :)) We’d be happy to help!

Ok so I’ll try to be more precise.

I’m building a website with Bootstrap 3.0 and I’d like to integrate some of your components styling (not all of it) in my design.

I have a general less file which links to the default BS3 less files (ex. buttons.less, type.less, etc…)

Right now, I only see the compiled css of your layout. Yes you have a less file to change some variables of your design.

But what I’d like to use is the less files you used to create the compiled css so I can select the mixins and variables of the components I need (instead of digging into the CSS file and recode it in less).

It’d be much more efficient and also more flexible.

See what I mean? - Vincent

Yes Vincent, it’s clearer now. We are about to release the version number 1.3.0. Your request will definitely be satisfied in the following release (1.3.1). So, stay tuned :)


Your theme is great. I have just a problem with the main menu on the last version of chrome. In fact when I click on a choice of the menu, the sub-menu open and when I close it, it disapear and after I can’t open any other. It’s working on Safari or Firefox but not on Chrome. Know that I use your last version to see the bug.

If you want a screen shot tell me



Hello Leo! thank you very much for your feedback! ;)

I actually tested clip-one on the latest version of Chrome and I didn’t find any particular problems. Can you please provide me more information about the troubles you’re having?


So I’ve took some screenshot to show you the problem :

1. When I click on a choice of the menu, it’s working well

2. When I click to close it, only the texte disappear

3. When I click again to open, the arrow disappear

4. When I click on another choice of the menu, the arrow disapear

Know that I didn’t change anything at all in the template, I tested it on fresh unzip clipone.

Hello there! I am sorry, I can’t reproduce your error. I tried really hard, also using different devices, but I didn’t find any issues related to the latest version of Chrome.

I have some further questions though, which may be helpful to fix the problem: first of all, did you try to reinstall Chrome? it might be an installation problem. Otherwise, what operating system and what version of Chrome are you exactly using?

Thank you for your cooperation! :)


We are very happy with this theme but we have issues with ie11 when we try to assign a value to a masked field.


whe try this in Chrome, Firefox an ie10 and work well…

Hello! glad you are happy with the theme!

As for your issues, I performed a quick check but I could not reproduce the error on Explorer 11. I am afraid I am going to need more information. Can you please tell me, for example, if the value obj.Email is correctly read by Explorer 11, through an alert or on the browser control panel?

The more details you provide me, the more helpful I can be :) Let me know :)


i’m using the nested drag & drop to arrange and sort menu items on my front page, every thing is working fine so far but i just want to get some pointers on how can i store sorting of

  • elements in MySql DB.

    do you have an pointers to start with.

    thank you for this great theme :-)
  • Hello there! thank you for your compliments! :)

    As for your issue, I’d suggest you to activate the saving code after having sorted the items. Try the following procedure:

    $('.dd').on('change', function() {
        /* your code */

    This way you may be able to create a serialised object by using the attribute data-* of every item:


    The serialised JSON will more or less appear as follows:


    You can now send it to your php code, through an ajax call, in order to save it in your database.

    Let me know if it works :)