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I need help in configuring blog. I want to use wordpress but dont know how to use blog_post.html page with wordpress. Any help would be appreciable.

Hello there, thank you for your message. We are really sorry, but this theme hase been developed in HTML5 and can’t be installed in wordpress. Yet, you can use Clip-One to create a wordpress theme from schratch.

Good luck :)

Love it! This is a great theme. Very clean and easy to use. I also love the fact that you include a front-end theme as well. That fact alone made this an easy purchase over the competition.

Oh, are you working on an update right now? If so, when should we expect it?

Hello there! wow, that’s a great feedback, thank you very much!

we’ve just released our latest front-end version of Clip-One. Hope you’ve already downloaded it. Stay tuned for the next updates! :)

I have bought this template. But I cannot find the frontend template file in my download zip file. How can I get it ?

Got it :)



This is an amazing template and we are planning to purchase this for our application. We had started our development using core bootstrap, but found your UI elements really good and suitable. We wanted to know if this can go hand-in-hand with AngularJS.


Hello, thank you very much for your positive feedback!

Clip-One can be used in several cases and with many different applications, so it is difficult for me to say whether it could help you or not; neither can I tell you if it could go “hand-in hand” with AngularJS. Point blank, without having any further information, I would say yes, though I suggest you to take a look at this guide to get more details:

We definitely hope, you will buy our template :)

hello.. recently i purchased the theme and in general I am excited with your work. But, today I came up with an issue with the features you provide. When we choose to work with interactive maps if we want to delete a marker is impossible (from what I’ve checked). Is there any solution to this problem? Thanx in advance

Hi, thanks for your message. Glad you like our work.

As for your request, have you already tried tp use marker.setMap(null) ?

Let me know if this suggestion is of any help for you. Cheers :)

Seems the delete button is broken for the multiple image uploader. I am having to find a replacement…

Hello thanks for your message!

We used Sebastian Tschan’s plug-in, “jQuery File Upload” in our demo. Here you can find the related documentation:

Hope it helps :)

hello! i have problem to submit form-register part. i made redirection to another page with POST. i tried to activate the form like in your last comment but nothing. i tried also to submit the template page( login.html) just the url variables but nothing. that’s blocked and more clics that log the form-login. i need help. thanks

Hello there, thanks you for your message!

I am afraid I’m going to need further information to help you out. For instance, did you take out the comments from the functions submit() (es. $(’#form’).submit()) in the file form-validation.js (assets/js/form-validation.js)? Does the form have an action?

Please let me know :) Thanks

Not sure if I am asking this correctly. I need a theme with RTL support. Is the RTL support just a duplicate of the current site or is RTL support activated via CSS classes. Thank you in advance for your support.

Hello there, thanks for your message!

correct! the RTL support is activated both via CSS classes and via direction properties.

Cheers ;)

How do I use a image log in the frontend and admin instead of text?

Hello there thanks for your message!

As for your request, are you talking about the logo, right? if yes, please put the image in the div with the class “logo” as follows:

<div class="logo"><img src="yourlogo.jpg" /></div>

hope it helps ;)

Dear Sir,

We have purchase this template, all is fine with us

in client side implementation we want to show photo slider in full width, please look at following URL

we are not getting Photo Slider in full height, we have tried to alter .js and other related files but not able to make it full height. we are getting empty spaces after Photo Slider that we don’t want

Please suggest change to make Photo Slider Full height

Hello there, thanks for your message. just a quick question to help you properly: are you talking about revolution slider or flexslider?

we want REVOLUTION SLIDERS in full page mode. please suggest how to make REVOLUTION SLIDERS in full page mode. thanks in advance

Hello, the Frontend theme in Google Chrome last version (33.0.1750.146 m) the sliding bar does not work and the top navigation container remains fixed when scroll down and does not resize. Best Regards. Riccardo

I made snapshots console chrome, thanks for the help that you can give me

Hello there, it seems to me that the plug-in twitter-bootstrap-hover-dropdown.js is missing. Are you sure you put it in correctly? Take a look and let me know.

Cheers :)

I checked and it is right. It works well with Internet Explorer and Firefox it will not work with Google Chrome and Opera.

There’s a maximize button in the box headers between the close button and the refresh button, but there’s no visible icon displayed. The class on the button is “fa-resize-full”. Only the current version of font awesome doesn’t use that name anymore. It’s been changed to “fa-expand” instead.

There are a few others that have changed as well. See:

This project probably should be updated to stop using the non-existent names.

Also: (see the lines highlighted with (4.0.1) and (4.0.2) for changes since 4.0.

Dear Tylerl,

thank you very much for your feedback! We really appreciate your accurate comments. We will fix the problems with the next release…so very soon! Keep following us :)

On Demand Paging in Datatable Is there a way to implement On Demand Paging in Datatables. Like if we are showing data from a DB and currently if we have say 200 records, all the 200 records gets loaded to the Datatable, gets reorganized as per “Show X record per page”. This way the page navigation to ‘Next X records’ is faster but the time to load the page with Datatable for the first time is too high. With On Demand Paging, we can have the data stored in Server and call it from the Datatable when ‘Next’ option is clicked.

Hello Syamil, thank you very much for your feedback and sorry for the late reply.

After accurately reading your comment, we think you may find a solution here:

Take a look and let us know if it works for you. cheers :)

Hi, I need help, i am using version 1.2.3, couldn’t got time to upgrade to 1.3.

I am using jtable which uses jquery dialog plugin. when the dialog popup as modal, the background overlay cover only half height of browser. on my other application which are not using this theme it works correctly.

My whole application is using jtable, and i have this problem on every jtable. please assist me.

Dear friend, thank you for your message. :) If I am not mistaken, jtable uses jQuery UI to create overlays. Are you sure you correctly installed the file jqery-ui.css in your application?

Please, let us know if you need further help!

Ok, thanks, I understand the problem :)


how do I fix the layout to boxed style?

Also how to fix the header & footer style? I will need to fix it as I won’t let my users to choose the styles.


Dear Dan, thank you for your message. Here’s the answer to your question straight from our manual:

“The default Clip-One layout is very smooth and fits the page like a glove. If you would like to use a boxed layout, you will just need to add the class “layout-boxed” to the body tag.

<body class="layout-boxed">...
Using a box layout will allow you to choose among 5 different page backgrounds. To pair a background to a page, you will just need to add the class bg_style_X to the body tag. X stands for the number (1 to 5) of the background theme you have chosen.
<body class="layout-boxed bg_style_1">...
Fixed or default Header and Footer

A fixed header and a sliding footer belong to the Clip-One default settings. Yet, if you would like to change these settings, please, proceed as follows:

- from fixed to sliding Header: add the class “header-default” to the body tag

<body class="header-default">...

- from sliding to fixed Footer: add the class “footer-fixed” to the body tag

<body class="footer-fixed">...
You can also combine two or more classes
<body class="header-default footer-fixed layout-boxed bg_style_1">...

Hope it helps ;)

Hello, sorry for the basic question from me, If I buy this admin panel, how can I use this? How could I intergrate it with a server-side scripting?

Dear friend, thank you for your message.

Clip-One is a html template based on framework bootstrap 3. Every possible integration with the server side scripting is up to the customer and has not been provided within the template so far.

Cheers :)


Using the horizontal menu layout on IE11 the footer is not well positioned when the content is smaller than the browser window. I’m using version 1.3 of clipone.

The footer is positionned a bit below the bottom of the browser window when there is plenty of place above it. The most annoying consequence is the vertical progress bar that is shown as a consequence.

Here is my repro :
  • make a copy of clipone/admin/clip-one/layouts_horizontal_menu1.html as clipone/admin/clip-one/layouts_horizontal_menu2.html
  • in layouts_horizontal_menu2.html, add a style=”display:none” attribute to the rows. In my version of clipone that means on lines 745, 789, 930 and 1234. The goal is to have a mostly empty content to show the problem
  • Refresh the page in IE11 : the footer is not visible and you have a scrollbar … :(
Could you fix this pb please ?

Thanks !

Hello friend, thank you for your message!

I assume the scroll is displayed due to some “min-eights”; if you’d like the footer to be shown also with few contents you’ll have to remove them.

In order to do so, open the main.js (assets/js/main.js) and remove the following part of the code from line 64:

if ($pageArea < 760) {
    $pageArea = 760;

Then, open the main-responsive.css (assets/css/main-responsive.css) and remove the following class from line 398:

.main-content {
    min-height: 760px;

This should fix your problem. Please let me know if it helps. Cheers :)


Great, these 2 modifications fixed the problem :-)

Thanks !

you’re welcome ;)


Is there a problem with the checkbox? Because I can not run an onclick it. If I remove the gray class, the onclick works. You can help me? thank you. :(

Hello there, thank you for your message!

To answer you question, no, there isn’t any problem. Clip-One uses the iCheck plugin to customize checkboxes and radio buttons ( Take a look at this part of our manual:

iCheck provides plenty callbacks, which may be used to handle changes.

ifClicked user clicked on a customized input or an assigned label ifChanged input’s checked, disabled or indeterminate state is changed ifChecked input’s state is changed to checked ifUnchecked checked state is removed ifToggled input’s checked state is changed ifDisabled input’s state is changed to disabled ifEnabled disabled state is removed ifIndeterminate input’s state is changed to indeterminate ifDeterminate indeterminate state is removed ifCreated input is just customized ifDestroyed customization is just removed

Use on() method to bind them to inputs:
$('input').on('ifChecked', function(event){ 
alert(event.type + ' callback'); 

Hope it helps! :)

Many thanks for your help! Helped me a lot! :)

Great! ;)

Hi there.

I bought v1.2.3 and love it. I recently saw that 1.3 is out with some bug fixes and the new front-end.

Is there a way to upgrade to the newest template without losing all the work I’ve done?

Hello Mark, thanks a lot for you feedback!

In the latest version of Clip-One, the 1.3, you will find the change log and you’ll therefore be able to know which files have been modified. I am positive, you won’t have any problems in landing onto the new version and you won’t loose a thing.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.


Hi guys,

First of all – great, great job. Your template is just full of useful toys! Last time I felt like this – when I first time saw Lego. I have one problem though. In some pages (maps, dashboard) removing one “row” div disables functionality of some “row”’s below. E.g. removing basic map, disables all other maps, also I found impossible to migrate map panel to other page (even I have copied page-specific javascript sources and initialized Map.init()). On dashboard removing “row” with site vistis/acquisition/pageviews disables spaklines (and I really would like to use them, as an old Tuftonian). Also it’s impossible to transfer sparklines to other pages. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,

Dear friend,

thank you very much for your appreciation. It means a lot to us. :)

As for your issues, please note that, beside removing the row from the html code, you’ll also need to make some modifications in the relative js files.

If you want to remove a row in index.html containing some charts, open index.js (assets/js/index.js), where you’ll find at the bottom of the page the functions activating the different plug-ins, as follows:

return {
init: function () {

For example, if you need to remove the first chart, (Site Visits), just remove runChart1(); on line 452 of index.js.

With regard to the maps, you’ll have to open the file maps.js(assets/js/maps.js) and remove the code part regarding the map you’d like to take off (Basic Map, Markers etc.).

Supposed you’d need to remove the Street View map, you’ll have to take off the code on line 41 from maps.js, as follows

//Street View
panorama = GMaps.createPanorama({
el: '#map3',
lat: 42.3455,
lng: -71.0983

Hope everything’s clear. Get back to me if you need anything else. Cheers :)