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Hi there, i am wondering if you could support me with the RevolutionSlider, because i asked for support directly from themepunch, but they refused to help me cause i did not buy the slider with them… so, i have a problem setting an offset container when the slider is on fullscreen… the offset container appears when each slide starts, but it last just a few seconds and then the slide turns into fullscreen.

I have my html elements like this:

div class = “tp-banner-container” id=”slider” div class=”tp-banner”

div id=”welcome”

This is my js:

revapi = jQuery(’.tp-banner’).revolution( { startwidth:1170, startheight:650, hideThumbs:10, fullWidth:’off’, fullScreen:’on’, fullScreenOffsetContainer: ”#welcome”, navigationStyle: “round”, onHoverStop: “off” });

By the way, your Theme is Awesome! Thank you for your help

Dear friend,

Thank you very much for your comment and great feedback. We have already forwarded themepunch your request. We will let you know as soon as we receive an answer. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned ;)

Hello again!

Here is the answer provided by Themepunch:

“Hi Clip Theme,

I assume you’re using the jQuery version of the plugin? I’d be happy to help you with this if you can send me a link to a live example.


Hope it helps. If you need anything, just get back to us. Cheers :)


The template looks really nice and i plan on buying it for your form features and table features. When i completed your form wizard and clicked submit it doesn’t seem that it sends to an email address. I am wondering how i would be able to do that or if i can when using the theme? What would the code i would need to put in be as all that comes up now is a msg box

Thanks! Great job on this template!

Dear friend,

first of all, thank you very much for your feedback. Means a lot ;)

As for your request: After having completed the form, it’s up to you to write the server-side script which will be able to manage the data previously put in the form.

Otherwise, if you’d simply like to submit the form, you’ll just need to disable the commented out code, which you will find in the files of Clip-One.

Let me know if it helps ;)

Hi, I want to disable the responsive admin, i want the same 100% width 100% height, but it must stay fixed when resizing, how is this possible?

Hi there, thank you for your message.

We are really sorry, but from the very beginning, clip-one has been developed as a responsive template. In order to disable this option, you should really work hard on the css, especially on the main-responsive.css, in which you should eliminate the breakpoints of the media queries.

As for the bootstrap css, take a look at this link:

Hope it helps :)


I want to configure the ckeditors toolbars and I change the settings in assets\pugins\ckeditor\config.js but there have no effect!

Where I must change the settings?

best regards from germany

Lieber Freund, herzlichen Dank für deine Mitteilung :)

As for your request: Clip-One uses ckeditor 4, which is slightly different compared to the previous versions. In order to apply some functions of the toolbar (for example, the text aligning), you will need additional plug-ins.

Take a look at the following documentation:!/api/CKEDITOR.config-cfg-toolbarGroups

Hope it helps :) Liebe Grüße

Hi, I have test with a Nokia GSM with Winphone, and i discover a bug with the tactil menu. It’s working fine with IOS and safari but not with WP8.

I’m interest to buy it, but do you have a correction for WP8

Hello, thank you for you message.

in order to better understand your issue, I’m afraid I am going to need further information. What kind of problem are you exactly experiencing?

Cheers :)


I just purchased the template, great product but I have one question/concern.

On the page “table-data” I would like to have 2 dynamic tables on one page that are separate from each other. The problem that occurs is that only the first table has a search area, pagination and show ‘x’ rows. Is there a way for both tables to have that functionality on one page?


Dear friend, thank you very much for your comment.

Take a look ath the following link:

Let me know if it helps you to solve your problem. Cheers :)

hi, congratulations for the work.

in the next version could add more styles accordion?

exemples: content boxe


Dear friend, thank you very much for your feebdack and your valuable suggestions. As we always do, we will take them into serious consideration.

We have been currently working on a new release where you are going to find so many new functions. You are gonna love it!

Stay tuned :)

thank you very much

Dear Sir,

We have implemented this template and working fine but getting one issue 1) 2)

visit both links, the only difference with this link is www is available in one link and in another it is not there.

In 1st link I am getting ”+ (Plus)” sign of right corner and all other symbols but while visiting same page with link 2, I ma not getting ”+ (plus)” sign.

Please suggest

Dear friend, thank you for your message.

I think your problem is related to the correct mime type for the font files which seems to be missing.

Take a look at the following link. I think it might help:

Please get back to us if you need further assistance :)

Great template. I would like to use the frontend mega menu class with the admin template. I am struggling a bit to make this work. Can you provide a tip please?

Thank you

Dear friend,

first of all sorry for the late reply. We unintendendly overlooked your comment.

As for your issue, I think you should use the layout with the horizontal menu as well as put a part of the code of the front-end css into the back-end css.

If you prefer, I can also send you the code for this operation. All I need is your e-mail address.

Cheers :)

Hello, First let me thank you for this great template ! Really nice work ! Could you help me on this specific point: On the dashboard page there are 2 small percentage indicators : Bounce Rate and New Visits. How can I change the size of the actual graphical representation inline, from html? Is there a data-options tag or similar? Thank you in advance for your help on this.

Dear friend, thank you very much for your great feedback. It means a lot ;)

As for your issue, Clip-One uses the “easy-pie-chart” plug-in for the percentage indicators: modifying their size is definitely not going to be a problem. Take a look:

Hope it helps :)

Hi, can I fix breadcrumb on top? I want to make menu bar with breadcrumb or should I use something else instead.


Dear friend,

I am afraid I am going to need further information on your issue.First of all: are you talking about the admin template or the front-end template?

Thanks for your cooperation :)

I talking about the admin template. And can I fix sidebar?


Hi, Love your theme!

Is there a feature where I can store a Directory for employees? A so-called employee directory so we can look up any employee’s phone no. + eemail address, etc.?

Thanks for your help :)

Dear friend, thank you very much for your message. Glad you love our theme :)

As for your request, you could adapt one of the sample charts you’ll find on this page:

Let me know if it works ;)

hi, great theme

i like it very much , i will buy it

notice ==> our Happy client slider not work hope you fix it

Hello dear friend! thank you very much for your great feedback! glad you like the theme :) Also, thank you for informing us about the issue you’re having. We’ll definitely going to fix it by the next release.

Cheers :)


i have purchased clip-one but i have a question for the admin site…

how can i modify padding (or margin) to adapt automatically when the browser vertical scrollbar appears???

Thanks! PedroDama.

Hello dear friend, thank you for your message :)

You could use a code like the following:

if (($('.main-content > .container').outerHeight() + $('.navbar').outerHeight() + $('.footer').outerHeight()) > $(window).height()){
     // your code here

Hope it helps :)

One Question…for now. :

1. What controls the width of the

on the user page. See ScreenShot ( . GOAL: I want the left side to be table view to be even throughout the sections.

Hello, thank you for your message!

I hope I correctly understood your question, anyway, the size/width of the chart is usually adapted to the div containing it.

If you need a chart extended throughout the section, you should simply replace the

div class=”col-sm-5 col-md-4”

with the

div class=”col-md-12”

Please let me know if it works! :)

One Question…for now. :

1. What controls the table width td on the user page. See ScreenShot ( . GOAL: I want the left side to be table view to be even throughout the sections.


they are an JavaScript error on the front-end theme ( :

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function -> main.js:56 (the auto dropdown in the top manu not working)

I have this error on Chrome 34 and Opera 20. With Firefox, everything works fine.


i can’t open the menu by hovering the mouse, i have to click. and the top bar stay at top: ~50px :

I have tested on Linux with chromium 34: everything works. But with Chrome 34 on Windows 8, I have this strange JS error.

Just try to remove the reference to the function “runDropdownToggle()” by completely removing line 584 from the file main.js (assets/js/main.js);

Please, let me know if it works :)

If i remove runDropdownToggle(), the javascript throw no error. But i loose the auto dropdown even in working browser. I hack this issue by adding a try catch block on line 56.

Hi! I’m a developer using this theme.

I’ve noticed that fa-resize-* icons do not exist!

You can notice that here:


Dear Rodrigo,

please remember that we provide technical support only to our customer. So please, be sure to buy our template first and then get back to us for everything you need :)

Hi Cliptheme, I bought this theme, or in another words my company bought the theme, do I need to use the account that bought the theme when asking for support? (This is my personal account)

Simple question, what controls the focus for the nav bar? I’d like different headings to indicate active when i click on them. I’m actually using the nav bar to scroll within the page not as drop downs. I see the first item in the nav bar has a class=active, but what controls which menu item is active? I’d like to have the active class move to a different nav bar item when it’s clicked. Does this make sense?

BTW: great template.

I’m with the exact same problem!

I need to be able to execute the functions on main.js when I want and the same for other js functions.

I can’t run the .Init function because it will run other functions more than once…

Dear Rodrigo,

thank you for your message. We provide support only for our official customers, i.e. to those people who have bought our template. Thank you for understanding.