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great work, good luck with sales! ;)

Thanks csspress

Looks really nice ;)

Great style , congrats :)

Thanks again Bedros :)

Thanks my friend

Great work!!! Just buying! :)

Hi DoubleMThemes,

Thanks for purchasing!


Very nice work. Two questions, though: 1) how can I change the font(s) and 2) how can I replace the three preview images with ones that show a more informative image selection? As of now, the viewfinder is kind of random.

Hi there,

Can you contact us through my profile so we can help you out?



I just downloaded the files, and when I open the Html file all I can see is a blank screen. im using Chrome, IE and Safari however it looks fine on Firefox, please fix this!

Hello, getitmm

Chrome works fine here? What version are you using? Latest?

Hi, I only need one background, how do I do this? :)

thanks, love your template

I fixed it :) wasn’t really that hard. Just one more question, when you resize the page the social icons hide, how can I take that white button that shows and hides them if I want them to be always visible. Thank you!!

Hello, we made it that way so its fits when responsive. We need to change the code if you want them to be seen the whole time.