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Clean graphic design work , congrats :)

Thank you! :)

Very neat! There’s a typo in the preview banner “Full background imgage”

Good luck!


Hello can i convert this themplate to wordpress?

You can do this only for yourself, but you can’t do this for resales.

nicely done… and a good documentation :)

Thank you! :)

A friend of mine have bought a similar template but he said it was hard to configure the subscription form, so im wondering how does it work for this template?

In this template you just need to change “Example email” on your email in “subscribe.php”. That’s all.

This might be a stupid question but how do I get the subscription script to work? It successfully checks for email addresses but when pressing “Enter” nothing happens…

Hmm. Your “subscribe.php” always returns 0 (false). It happens only when script can’t to send email or save CSV -file, maybe on your server isn’t allowed both these actions?

They are allowed and these actions are working fine with other scripts running on my server.

Then I’m really don’t know why It’s not works. That’s very strange. I’m sorry.

hi Romannovohackii,

I am having the same problem as dayplayer… Nothing happens when i press Enter. See it live here:

Can you help me? Thank You


Can you learn wich version of PHP is installed on your server? It may very help me to solve your problem.

Thank you for your reply. I am trying to answer your question. I already post a question to the company where the site is hosted. Your question is about the PHP version of the server or the version of the subscribe.php version? Is there an E-mail where i can send you the subscribe.php file?

My E-mail is Thanks in advance,


I Have to say that i´m happy that i bought this template. Thank you for your time romannovohackii! I appreciate your patient and your Lovely support! And of course! The template is very simple and elegant!

Thank you again, Marcos Caetano

Thank you, really! I’m very pleased!


I just realized that the countdown doesn’t work on the lastest version of Google Chrome. (24.0.1312.52 m).

Do you know how to correct this problem ?

Thanks !


I’ve solved problem and already updated Live Preview (maybe need to close frame and reload page by ctrl+F5 or cmd+shift+R.

Solve: You need to change the “js/jq.countdown.js” on this file (new version of “jq.countdown.js”).

That’s all. Thank you very much for your note!

Hi, thanks for a great template. How do you disable the responsive design? I would like to have the desktop version to run on all devices. Best regards.

Sorry for a long response.

It requires many changes in the ”/js/custom.js”. You can write me on the email ( and I will send a special version of theme for you.

Is there a way to make the background have multiple, rotating images?

Excellent theme, thanks.

Hi, for a pretty urgent launch I did buy your template. Now I have 2 problems: the subscribe script to email does not work and the timer in IE is way to big (Chrome looks good). Could you please repond a.s.a.p. to what to do?

Regards, JBH9

Any tip for centering a logo in stead of text