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Very nice desing :), GLWS

Thank you for kind words. Much appreciated.

Nice Work and Good Luck :)

Thank you.

hi just downloaded the cloud dark and light template and all the images are Blurred can you help me Cloud Hoster – Modern Hosting Company HTML Theme if you go to and you can see it there please help

Images have been blured just as the envato staff requires. They can be blured or replaced with dummy images. I chose the first method.

As mentioned in the theme description “Images are not included”. You have to buy them separately from other services like istockphoto, photodune etc.

i think u will find the images dont come with the theme as the author says on the main page of the template

Credits for images and scripts used are in the readme file. IMAGES ARE NOT INCLUDED!

Yes that is the case here. Images (of servers, people, logos) are not included.

oh nice work by the way and glws


Hi, there is also a WP theme?

Unfortunately, there is not at his time. Currently I’m working on making it fully responsive (it should be available in the following days), but if there will be an interest from customeres in WP version I will consider making it.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I hope it will not take so long to WP version :-)

I like the lines you’ve created on this site. Fantastic job. Can’t wait to see a WP version.

Thank you very much.

Hi Rafal, I’m about to buy this template however it seems not quite responsive? Could you please fix up the code a bit so it is more responsive on mobile devices?

Really love this theme and looking for an update for more responsive theme…

Hello. Yes I’m just working on it now and uploaded the semi-completed theme for testing. It’s ready for tablets and now I’m finishing up the mobile part. Should be up and ready in a day or two (depends also when Themeforest will update it).

Please feel free to buy it now if you want. You will have free access to the updated one when it comes out. And as all the changes are made only to the CSS you can start working on your site now and then only change the CSS file.

Best regards

Theme has been updated and is now responsive

Hi, very nice theme. Are PSD files also includes ? Thanks

They are not included since they are not 100% exactly the same because I’ve made some changes during coding. But if you are interested please buy the theme and I will send you the PSD’s.

Hey man, good job on the theme, just got it! Appreciate your efforts.

Do u have the psd source file? Would u mind sending to me?

Cheers, Fred

Thanks. Sent you an email.

hi, wp version is already in progress? I can not wait :-)


mmhhhh… ? News?

Good news: it’s comming. Bad news: after eBookie WP version so pobably at the beginning of April.

I waiting for the WP Version???

It is very nice and i love this template, when i get money y buy it

Thank you very much for the kind words sir.

I downloaded the theme and the slider doesn’t work… any idea why there is no slider buttons??

thanks, could you please send me the PSD’s?

Send me an email so I know your mail address


Do you have samples of people that have used this?

Not yet Sir.

Great theme! Very interested in a WP theme as well! Can you please give me an update on when this will be released? Also, very interested in the PSD files. Sending you an email now. Thanks!

Good news: it’s comming. Bad news: after eBookie WP version so pobably at the beginning of April.

PS. PSD’s sent :)

Hi, it would be better to first develop the WP version!

Well the eBookie WP should be ready this week (or the next) and I will start with Cloud Hoster after that. So it is possible that it will be available even this month.

ThemeForest standards are high though (which is very good of course :) ) so I don’t know how fast it will be accepted so I rather tell you a later delivery date and make it available faster (hope so) than to tell you like “in two weeks” and then postpone it several times. Don’t worry it’s comming (slowly but steady :) )

Nice theme! I like to buy this theme if you would add the following features:
1) Change the existing top menu/nav to a sticky nav that the menu will be visible all the time
2) Add a “TO TOP” button on every page that viewers can click to go to top of the page instead of scrolling up
3) Add a human captcha (numbers) to contact form in order to stop bots/spammers (no recaptcha please)

Thanks for feedback. Sounds like very reasonable and nice features. I will add it to my ‘to-do’ list for future. Keep an eye on updates.

Thanks, I can’t wait!

Hello. I have emailed you twice and did not get a response. I purchased your theme last week but need access to the PSD files to make some minor graphic adjustments. According to your page once I purchased I was to email you for these files. Can you please contact me? I need to get working on this ASAP. Thank you.

I have sent you those files 3 times and have recieved 3 “failure notices” from MAILER_DEAMON. Messages just came back so please check your mail account and try to fix it. I will send you now those links for the fourth time via your themeforest account. Hope that you will finaly get it.

Oh… now I know why I didn’t do it earlier. You don’t have an option to send you an email via your account. Please send me some other email address then previous because as I said I cannot (for some reason) send you those files on the previous mail – they are just comming back.