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Hi… Just both your theme and would love to get the PSD files, thanks

Thanks! Will there be a WP version?

bought it as well ;) thanks!

Hello, I just purchased too.

I am in love with your theme man…

Is is possible to have the psd files too?

Thank you very much.

Thank you. Yes of course. Could you please send me your email address so I could send you those PSDs?

Hi is the slider able to be made to auto slide instead of having to push on the arrows?

Coming up in the next huge update in few days.

Auto slide coming up in update in the following days.

Love it, will love it more if you send me the PSD thanks. And if you can send it as fast as you can, need it bad. email :

already sent :)

wow that was fast thanks!

heh…it sure was :) no problem. Enjoy :)

Hey, i’m trying to make the login to work as this <form enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" action="" method="post"> <p class="element"> <label for="email">Email address</label><br /> <input type="text" name="email" id="email" value="" placeholder="E-mail"></p> <p class="element"> <label for="password">Password</label><br /> <input type="password" name="password" id="password" value="" placeholder="Password"></p> <input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="Login"></form> can you help me? $?

Support is provided only via this forum.

The Licence Certificate don’t show up on my downloads

Please let me know if the solution I gave on the forum helped so I could close this ticket.

+1 to the Wordpress Version. I’m very close to purchasing the theme but would prefer the flexibility and easy to update nature of Wordpress.

Please release a Wordpress version!

Also any chance of making the menu when using a mobile device to stay at the top of the screen now matter where you are on the page?

There will be added “back to top” button so you can easily scroll up to nav at any time. As for the twitter I am not sure how would it work with the theme but I will consider it today since the update will come out tomorrow (or friday).

Updates will also have changed slider (with auto play and will be touch enabled), 250 font icons will be added etc. Stay tuned :)

The updates all sound good, thanks for those. The twitter banner that I have in mind is something that’s in quite a few themes and usually on at least the home page. Just a strip across the full width of the page which is called something like Latest Tweets or news etc and displays the latest tweet, either scrolling tweets or whatever the latest tweet is when someone visits the page.

Usually about the height of 1 row of text so its not to big or bold, but think it would increase the functionality of your already great theme.

I don’t want to post links to other themes here as I’m not sure if that’s allowed but hope you understand what I’m asking.

Look forward to the update! Will be purchasing very soon. Like I said, I’m very impressed with the theme and will purchase both your HTML and Wordpress theme (when available)

Many thanks!

Have you tested the new theme out with an iPhone when you turn it to landscape? It seems there’s a big gap between the buy plan button and the text explaining about the hosting package?

Hope it’s an easy fix.

Also sorry about this I have checked the site on a iPad and when in portrait view the navigational menu has contact on another line which messes with the layout.

Update on the way. For future please send me a message if you find an issue instead of posting each single one in a separate comment.

My apologies. Sorry about that. Will send you a message instead. Looking forward to the update. Appreciate it.

can you make WHMCS as well? as i’m having issues with my getting it on it… thanks

Not promising anything but will look into that in the following weeks

I think this theme has been updated since my purchase… do I just redownload? I didnt get any notification… Thanks

Yes just download – you will be downloading the newest version. Sorry if you didn’t get notification.

That’s ok. So of course all my changes will be deleted? whats the best approach to take?

Since there were things added in the HTML (like back to top, new slider and redesign of main container for better mobile nav performance etc.) you need to copy your content to the new version – sorry, but that is the downside of HTML themes. PS. WP version is coming out next week.

how to change the google maps address? Thanks! Nice theme

this function is located in the main.js file (located in js folder). Change the latitude and longitude (lat: , lng:) to change the address.

Hello, I just purchased the theme… can you send me PSD.

Thanks, DP

Sure just send ma a PM via ThemeForest form on my profile page.

Hello Rafal, I just sent a message to you… can you please email me the PSD ASAP

What is the easiest way to customize this? By editing the HTML files? Also, what is the status on the WHMCS version?

Editing html is the only option. Corrently no WHMCS


Great theme, thank you very much!>

Anyways, I want to convert it into masterpage, Can you give me some advise how to do it?

And also can you please send me PSD files to Thanks!

PSD sent. As for the conversion I do not provide that kind of service nor do I create templates in So you will have to do it yourself or hire a freelancer to do it for you. If you prefer to do it yourself you should refer to some tutorial such as one that can be found here:

Hello… How can I change or remove the up to down word that says ” FEATURES”in the red box in the slider?

Thank You.

Response on ticksy.

Ok Solved …

Thank You

Great template, thanks! Pls send psd files?

Thanks for purchase. PSD sent.

Hi, are you sure it works in IE10?

It seems that slider is not working and also the component “accordion-toggle collapse” is having problem with my IE10.-

Please, please help to solve this big problem!

Please post your issue on the ticket system

Hey, im wondering if you could make a testimonial section

Something along the lines of this ?

Also was wondering if you already had a integrated whmcs template?

Regards Jay

1) There is a testimonial shortcode – see documentation 2) No WHMCS 3) For further questions please use the ticket support system

Hi Mr. Borowski very nice theme, thanks!!!

When I load my site on Google-Chrome the logo is on left side and the menue on the right (as i like it)

When I load my site In Firefox the logo is above in the middle an the menue below. (I don´t like)

When I load your Demo-Site in Firefox the logo is on the left side an the menu on the right. (like I want it…)

What can I do?

Already responded on support page (ticksy). For further assistance please use the ticksy site at: