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Simple and very nice! Good work!;

Thank you Sir! Much appreciated!

Great theme! the best around i love it so much – thank you! Woudl it be possible to have the PSD files pleeeease? Thank you so much… Philippe

Sure just mail me about from thtmeforest form it and i’ll send it to you

Hey RafalBorowski , great work i have a question where do i contact you ?

I’ll give you 1 shot to refund me my money if not i’ll call paypal up and prove your a scammer to this community

Alright this author is a total scammer. He doesn’t respond at all to my ticksy messages when i’ve paid him to customize my theme,


Its been nearly 2 weeks yet no response total scam?

How to add more Font Awesome icons? Thanks

There are all icons from Font Awesome 3.0.2. If you want icons from newer sets you need to update Font Awesome to newer version. Please note that from FA 4+ the tag structure was changed. For more info please refer to FA documentation.

Hello there, I find a issue, when you try to click the login modal from this url structure nothing happens, please, need your help

Please use the support forum @