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Hello Serifly Team. Can you please implement preloader.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. As mentioned before we’re not planning to implement a preloader as we think it interrupts the user experience. You can easily create one yourself using a fixed full screen overlay and hiding it by attaching a load event to the window using jQuery. Please contact us using the item support form if you require additional assistance.

Nice template. I noticed an email template is missing. I would very much appreciate an email template which follows the same design. Would it be possible to implement?

Thank you very much for your purchase. Unfortunately email templates work quite differently compared to regular web templates and don’t offer the same flexibility in terms of layout and typography. You may want to look for templates specifically made for emails and customize them using your logo and color scheme.

Still, having one included would be better than me (a developer) trying to design one. I would gladly pay for a separate email template that follows the same design as Cloudhub! 8)

We’ll look into the possibilities of adding a basic email template with a future update, but can’t give you any guarantees.

Also, would be good to have a product/invoice page.

Given the already available product display options, what exactly are you looking for? You’re welcome to send us examples using the item support form.

I was thinking of something similar to an ecommerce product page. :)

Thank you for your suggestion. However, given the overall direction of our template we currently do not have plans to integrate ecommerce layouts.

Table with colspan does not render properly on mobile.

Tables never render properly on mobile devices due to the space constraints. This is the main reason why we integrated a custom mechanism to display tables responsively, which unfortunately does not support the colspan attribute.

Please keep your future comments in a single thread for us to have a better overview. It is also recommended to contact us using the item support form in case you want to send us files/screenshots to describe a problem.

I see. The custom mechanism probably breaks more things than it solves, especially for mobile. It would be good to be able to disable/enable for mobile/desktop.

It took me quite a while to figure out how to do this. Apparently adding the class “table-layout-static” disabled this custom mechanism. This should be documented somewhere in the docs.

Indeed we seemed to have missed to document the static layout for tables. It largely depends on what you are displaying with tables, but we generally believe that responsive tables provide an overall better experience for the data presented with our example layouts.


Neso Purchased

HI, any update on WP version, at least how much is done or something as many of us are waiting for it, I would even buy beta version …

Thank you very much for your interest. Unfortunately we had to delay the development of the WordPress version due to other commitments and don’t know when we’ll be able to release it. You may find another suitable theme in the WordPress section should you not be able to wait any longer.


cikmi Purchased

Hello, actually how to install and make it work wth WHMCS? The html file how can i connect with WHMCS? Documentation only show for whmcs templates.

Thank you very much for your purchase. The WHMCS template is a separate archive included with the download package. Please have a look at the item documentation for installation instructions.


cikmi Purchased

Do you have skype or any?

No, we exclusively provide email support. Please have a look at the item documentation in regards to the template installation. You may also find the official WHMCS documentation useful for setup instructions.


Neso Purchased

What is original source of cloud icon in your logo, where to get it ?

The cloud icon used for the logo has been custom created for this template and is included in the item package as a vector PSD file.

Hello Serifly Team. Is there any ETA regarding Wordpress theme?

Unfortunately we had to put the development of the WordPress version on hold due to time constraints and the expected support load produced by such a product. We still hope to release it eventually.

Hi, Can i have test WHMCS demo before i buy?

Unfortunately we can only offer screenshots of the WHMCS integration as we only own a single license which is reserved for our development site.


Please add a faq to the theme at the next update.


Thank you very much for your suggestion. We will consider it for a future version. Until then you can either use collapse-style tabs for small sections or a basic column heading layout for larger content.


artaweb Purchased

Hey, can you add a logo slider for “Our Clients” section?

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it for the future but are currently not planning to extend the feature base. You can already use the regular content slider and simply display logos in a column row across multiple slides.


handrei Purchased

Can you confirm that the WHMCS templates it’s compatible with 7.6? After installing the theme my whcms look like this. http://take.ms/MJ7sW Or if the twitter username it’s set I got this http://take.ms/4HgHO

Absolutely, our WHMCS integration is based on the version 7.6.0 default theme. It looks like something is not loading correctly, please try to empty the template cache and verify that all assets are available. You’re welcome to contact us directly via the item support form if you require further assistance.


handrei Purchased

Tks mate! Problem solved by clearing the template cache , Amazing template!

Hi, very good template, bravo.

I would like to use it, but without WHMCS.

So, would it be possible to obtain simple cart/checkout/payment pages or system?

We would like to use it simply, the customer pays, and we send him all the info from his domain/server/etc., by email, directly …

And there are no pages for this kind of use, so how to do please?



Thank you very much for your interest. This item does indeed not include custom templates for a shopping cart system at the moment. However, it should be fairly easy to build such templates using the existing form elements and column layout.

How to align horizontally icon on home-single-page.html when the text has different length? Now one icons (awesome) aren’t at this same level.

If you’re referring to the feature icons located in the column layout, you simply have to change its alignment class to ‘align-center-top’ in order for the icons to be aligned horizontally.


sburina Purchased

Hello! First of all, thank you for the great template!

Could you please consider sorting out the code so it doesn’t trigger Chrome’s “Show simplified view” option on mobile devices?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! :)

Thank you very much for your purchase. Unfortunately there isn’t an official way to disable the simplified view prompt for Chrome on Android. iOS and other browsers include a similar mode but do not actively highlight such option.

There are ways to prevent the prompt from showing, such as avoiding the use of ‘p’ tags or increasing font sizes, but we do not think these are appropriate to be included with the template.

Do you have any converter of latitude to map locations on the map (css)?

No, the markers are simply placed with an approximation of their location. The easiest way is to define a basic starting position and work your way to a point where it looks fairly accurate.

What is the support email?

That is incorrect, we’ve replied to your support request on the same day. Please check the inbox as well as your spam folder of the email address associated with your Envato account.

It is true,

The email was marked as spam.

That’s why I did not see it, I apologize a thousand times.

No need to apologize, sometimes messages simply end up in the spam folder. We’ve replied to your latest support inquiry and hope it answers your question.

Hi, is there any way I can see the LIVE demo of the WHMCS module via a link in addition to the screenshots available – will help better understand the responsiveness on various devices. Waiting to buy.

Thank you very much for your interest. Unfortunately we do not offer a live preview of the WHMCS integration. We only have one license which is reserved for our development efforts.

The integration is based on the default Six theme and incorporates the header and footer elements of the main template with the responsiveness being pretty much identical. Should you decide to purchase the item you could always put in a refund request if the theme doesn’t fit your requirements.

Have you got any tips to add a discount to the sliders (e.g. 40%, 20% discounts)?

Then the easiest would be to create a separate slider with adjusted prices and displaying a large header indicating the promotion. Showing a discounted price with its original value is unfortunately not possible.

I don’t need it to display original, just the discounted price?

Then you can simply create an additional slider element with your adjusted pricing values. You could either display your discounted product on a separate page or change elements using a cookie.

Hi, Are you planning to launch the wordpress version?

Unfortunately not anytime soon. We’ve basically completed the development but were not happy with its quality and the custom page builder used. We’ll look into other possibilities but don’t have an ETA at this time.