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Nice rains effect, GLWS! :)



I love this design, especially the rain!

In terms of the responsive design, all looks great on my iPad Air, however on my iPhone 5, in portrait mode the countdown timer is too wide for the screen, the submit button is cut off and the page can scroll to the left as the background appears to be wider than the screen.

In landscape mode, the countdown timer is covered by the header.

Is this something that can be fixed?

Thank you.

No problem, I´ll send you the new media file soon and I´ll also update the item. Thanks for your patience

Just to let everyone know, RetroStar sent me an updated media file yesterday, and it works fine. Responsive support for a responsive issue! :)

Thank you for say it!

Hello, just a wonderful design and I thank you for it, I just have one issue and it is the email which I have tested and made sure I have completed the validation to my email account and I am not able to view the email basically at this point I can not recieve any emails. is there something I am missing.

Thank you

Hello, thanks for your purchase! Please make sure that you have the correct destination email address inside mail_list/send.php

Hello; Hello thank you for your response so quickly I just found out my mistake and resolved the issue you were correct and thank you again for this great design and thank you again for your support.

You´re welcome!

Hi. I’m in the same boat as design444. I have edited the correct email details but I’m not getting any emails from the form.

My site is

Also a couple of questions (I’m new to editing stuff). 1) How can I get the text to be align just above the countdown timer (it’s the text from the newsletter form)? 2) Can you change the countdown to be years, months, days, hours (the original timer.js can)? 3) Where do I change the active icon colour?

Thanks for your assistance.

You´re welcome!

I’m not sure if I have the text in the right position but it’s good enough :) Still can’t get the email to work. Other sites on the same host work fine i.e. wordpress. There’s nowhere to see if I get any errors either, just nothing happens and no mail is generated. Any ideas?

I really don´t know what to suggest… I´ve used the same php for my other counter “RedGiant” and I didn´t receive any issue from nobody regarding the contact form, and I´m still receiving test emails from both items in my demo pages. I´m not a PHP expert… so the only thing I can tell you is try to upload the files in a different host and do the test to see what happens

Wow great work. Design, code quality, etc.. awesome work 5 starts here. But I have a question: I cann’t get the subscribe link to work! I can’t get the validation to my email account. Please help. :)

Hi and thanks for your purchase! The email collector doesn´t target any email address. It generates a txt file that catches all validated emails, so you can have a complete list that you can use with any email manager. The documentation tells all about this. Please let me know if you have any other question. Thanks again!

Great !! thats all i needed to know. Keep the good work. Grettings from Kelseyville California. Thank you.

Hi, have you got a psd with your logo please, or what font are you using?


Hi! thanks for your purchase The font i used for the logo is chaletcomprime colognesixty

Can you please also send me the updated media file for the mobile fix? It’s mentioned in the comments to “rdavenport” that you sent him the fix. Thank you.

Sure, please give me some email

This is really cool. I like it a lot.;

Thank you! :)