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Bookmarked, this looks very nice!

Thanks.. glad you like it.

yes cool theme, one thing missing in my opinion, an email box to notify users of launch :) but bookmarked also

thanks for your feedback, already working on it, with admin panel, for upcoming new version

Looks great.. GLWS ;)

Hi, where can i add the company logo? btw, this looks awesome!

Hi, you can add it anywhere, im actually giving support to those who bought the item and needed my assitance to adding the logo.. and Thanks!!

if we buy now . can we get later new version?

yes of course..

how to change countdown values

Achievement. Looking forward to the new version

great.. the new version will be available in a few days

Hi, would you be so kind on grading this template.. I would appreciate it

Love the looks!

You said an updated version was coming in a few days two months ago? When can I expect an responsive version?

Hi, I am still waiting on the update. Also, I’m willing to pay a bit more than $5 if the theme is worth it and this motivates you?

It’s a shame there is still no update nor any response…

Still no updates?

Not bad, already payed for it but wouldn’t do it if i saw earlier that 4months ago the author promised new version in a couple of days and till now nothing came up. Still works as intended but no mail for customers.

Hi, This week I’ll publish the new version with email notifications and support for more than 1 year in the countdown. Sorry for the delay, I was finishing another projects

As I said, works as intended and described and also looks awesome. Keep up the good work on this project.


Waiting for the responsive version. Any idea when it will be finished?

Thanks, -S

Dear Phanorcoll, It looks absolutely great, but you have promised a responsive version a few months ago… Any idea when we can buy it? Please do let me know. Thanks

Amazing job!;