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Beautiful work – very nice indeed…

Might you consider adding navgation pegs or buttons for the homepage sliders so visitors have the option to cycle through the images used?

Best of luck with it.

EDIT : FANTASTIC VALUE TOO ! Two beautiful themes, homepage alternatives – everything for $14. Outstanding…

There were a few $22 themes repleased in the past months that wouldn’t be a patch on thie template. Kudos.

Thanks :)

Screenshots look great, but I can’t get the live demo to work, all I get is a white / blank page.. ( maybe a local issue) I’ll check back later… Good luck with the sales

What browser are you using?

Hi Bluz, Great theme. Live demo banner not responding to link alternatives in Cloud Version. Moon working. Keep up the nice work.

Thanks voodoogal.

Sory Bluz, can you answer my question above please:

Might you consider adding navgation pegs or buttons for the homepage sliders so visitors have the option to cycle through the images used?

Oh sorry sticker didn’t notice your question.

I’ll trying doing that first thing tommrow after I’ll wash my car :P

No worries Bluz – Cheers


I’v added navigation to the fading and crousel sliders. You can see it in the demos.

And I’v uploaded the update and it is in the queue in the moment. I will let you guys know when it is updated.


Hi !

I’ve bought your theme, but could you send me the font your are using ? I would like to try CSS3 font-face instead of Cufon. It seems that the font is called Garuda but I can’t find it.

Hi bakura,

Thanks for buying the theme.

I can’t send you the font but I can point you on where you can download it. Here: Quicksand

Thanks Bluz – I will buy once the changes are uploaded. Thanks…

The file has been updated.

Thanks for template and for help – look my working adress on

Thanks for buying the template. I was glad to help you. :)

Theme bought – Thanks for the code addition Bluz

No problem :) Thanks for buying

Does the blog function fully. If Not how would I be able to integrade this to work?

As you know this is an HTML template not a Wordpress theme so it doesnt function as a worpdress blog but as an html blog you will need to update manually.

are you planning to come up with a wordpress version any time soon?

Yes =]

Great theme, I’m using php to automatically show the night version between 8pm-6am. Just wondering though if there is any reason you are using jQuery 1.3.2 instead of the latest 1.4.2?

No special reason you can update it if you want. Very cool what you did with php! if you can send me the function I will try adding it to the final download file if you dont mind.

awesome theme! i shall buy it soon ;)

Nice Template.

It’s featured in our Blog here

Cool :)

Hi bluz, nice template. I have a quick question for you. I am having trouble with the form on the contact us page. I changed the php file and added the correct email address but I am getting an error message when I hit send. Could this a problem related to the hosting company (server) or am I doing something wrong? Does this form work on PHP4 and PHP5 ? Thank you.

Hi bluz, is there any chance this website can be made compatible with IE6 ?

How do I go about making the search bar actually function?


I am having issues with the contact form. Can you please give me support on making sure that it is working correctly. I have updated my email and changed everything on the sendmail.php and it’s still not working.

Thanks, Phil

Hi phil,

Please send me an email from the contact form that’s on my profile page with a link to your site and I will solve your problem.


From now on all support questions will be answered through the support forums

Are you still answering questions on this template? On the Index page I need to swap the positions of the slider-wrapper with the box containers (boxes above the slider) and cannot get the css right. Please help!

Send me an email from my profile page and I will gladly help you with this.