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Very sleek – I like it! Good luck!

Thank you! :)

Thanks gioska ;)

:shocked: WOW , very cool! Congrats!

Thank you :)

looks amazing and unusual :) Successful sales countryman :)

Spasibo! Staralsya :)

Original wok. :)

Thanks Smartik ;)

A note to anyone thinking of buying this file – it could not be easier to edit and is incredibly versatile – it just looks cool whatever you do with it.
No question 5 Stars – thanks for the great work.

Thank you for your feedback :)

If you need any help, always glad to help.

Nice but looks like a copy of


Yep, inspired, but not copy.

HJWatkin, the idea is worth nothing… :) Good job. Successful sales.

I agree with you. Thank you.

Hi Zerge, beautiful template, thanks for all your hard work and sharing it, it looks great, I love it and it’s simple to edit – just wondering though, there was no documentation when I downloaded it and I’m having difficulty editing the contact form – where do I insert my contact details and is the contact form complete – do I have to add any additional information in order for it to work?

EDIT : Ignore me, I’m being a muppet, didn’t see the contact form lol

Hi MacMoo,

Thanks for the kind words :) Contact email you can change in the file contact.php

Hi Zerge,

How can I change the Twitter feed to pull the tweets from my username? Cannot find where to specify this in the files.


Twitter username is changed in the file js/scripts.js


Beautiful theme. I’ve purchased and downloaded it, and there seems to be no content in the Documentation directory. Is it supposed to be empty? Thanks!


Yes, that’s right. There is so simple and if you have any questions you can ask.

The heights are fixed and you can’t change that because the borders are actually in the images. Not bad looking if your content is an exact match as theirs, otherwise it’s pointless.

Unfortunately, yes. The height is fixed in this case because of the background images. Sorry if you were expecting another option.

Hello, is there anyway to change the drops into tooths?


Of course, it’s possible. Just replaced drops images http://html.color-theme.com/clozyworks/images/menu.png

Just bought it and it’s awesome, like all your works. Please check out my site…any advice will be appreciated..thanks…www.donbrefodesigns.com

How do I change the colors?


You can change almost everything in the file /css/style.css
‘Drops’ in the main menu and Contacts you can change with graphic editor, for example, Photoshop. Just apply Color Overlay effect.

Hello, I would like to know if I can use this kind of template (Vcard?) as my CV/Presence on the internet as a website explaining what I do ??

Thanks ! :)

Hi pana777,

Yes, it’s suitable for your purposes.

Hi, I have one problem… When downloaded template, is directory documentation is empty. Thank you. hawlett80@gmail.com

And how repair characters, when the web card is in the Czech language and some characters are bad. Look you please on cplan.cz

It seems you saved the index page in the wrong char set.

Yes, now isn’t no problem. Problem was with my work with editor… Thank you very much. Lukas