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in photos. it appears you can only choose 1 at a time. However, Nothing uploads! I tried in chrome and IE. and yes I filled out a support ticket already. Thank you for your help.

Nevermind. I found the solution here… https://vimeo.com/68914649

I’m using the Clubber Upcoming Events Widget but it doesn’t show any images or excerpt like in the demo homepage. Is there a way to fix this? I’m using Pagebuilder by Site Origin plugin to build the homepage with widgets, including this widget.

Hello to everyone! I want to start by apologizing to all of you who had problems with the support or the theme. Starting tomorrow, a new type and much more detailed support will take care of your problems and requests in maximum 7 working days.

All your messages from support have been lost because of the mail. Please send to us again all your problems and for a better and faster solving please make screenshots of your problems.

The ones who bought the theme and are having problems with it, please use this link: http://support.wizedesign.com

Who wants to ask anything about a certain theme, please use this link: http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

Thank you very much!


Love the theme! 1 Quick Pre sale question.

If an event is scheduled for:

August 20th

Will the event show under the “events” section on August 20th? If so, does it show in upcoming or past on August 20th?

What I am trying to ask is where does it show on the same day.


Hello! That event is from last year 20 august 2015. Now I updated the date and it’s appearing on upcoming.


I need your help, I send you and email, please… Thanks

I’ve sent you mail. We keep in touch there.

Thanks, please check your email


MagicGe Purchased

The responsive menu doesn’t work.

I’ve sent you mail. We keep in touch there.


MagicGe Purchased

Thank you very much, it works fine now ! :)

Hi, great theme…. One question, is it possible to add adsense code to video player?

From what I know youtube offers this facility and it automatically appears in the video ads.

I had a background image all set, but it has disappeared. Any help please?

I’ve sent you mail. We keep in touch there.


kwertie Purchased

Nevermind, figured it out.

Hi, I’ve got a question. I’ve got a lot of menu items so I was wondering if it is possible to extend the header. So I will have a two rows of menu items, or will the menu items hit the page heading?


It can be done how you want but it requires a small modification to the theme. After you buy the theme please contact me.

I have two issues that I am getting frustrated by. I bought this theme for 2 different venues- one place these things are working and the other it isn’t. 1) I can’t get the background image to show up. Instead it is black. Any ideas? It worked at one point but then disappeared 2) I can’t get the Responsive Menu plugin to work. It shows-up on the phone etc but isn’t clickable. Thoughts? Thanks for the help, since the developers aren’t getting back to me

I’ve sent you a mail. We keep in touch there.

I’ve emailed you a response to the email you reference here and have not heard back. Your solution did not work. Please reply asap. Thank you.