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This has probably been answered before but, how do I create the main slider in the home page? I’ve searched for documentation, tried the “slider page” that you created, but nothing has worked. Please help.

If you want to create a main slider do as you see in these images:

Is the Audio Player on the Frontpage Sidebar a Plugin (which one)?

It is not plugin, use jquery.

when i saw this theme i fell in love with. However I cant figure out how to upload this to WP… I have very minimal programming skills and am new to word press, so any help would be great!

Yes of course, with the greatest pleasure to help. You can use private message http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign

Hello, if I purchase now the theme, will I have access to the future updates and how?

Great job with the theme. Thank you,

Yes of course you have access to the next update. -theme will be responsive -another display style for the blog archive -another display style for the event archive -commerce for tickets (probably, still not sure)

how to add google map on event?

how to get latest blog posts and latest events on the home page like the demo preview?

very simple, using shortcode [blog] and [event]

for demo:

can you give a full list of shortcodes?

are you planing on making this theme responsive

yes, the next update.

call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘events_datepicker_css’ not found or invalid function name in /wp-includes\plugin.php on line 403

I suppose that you didn’t install the theme correctly. You must delete the data base and create a new one and then install the theme correctly. But you bought theme?

i cleaned the database, problem resolved thanks..yes :)

DANG … I need this soo bad! :) BUT I need it to be responsive! :(

When you do you think it will be ready?

Thanks!!! Great job!

In a few days it will be responsive.

Amazing Work! im just getting setup but www.g2h.fm my one event i posted when u click it says not found? what do i need to do to fix that?

I am going to ask you to mail me your access data for wordpress to see what is not working. I didn’t figure it out what happend, everything should have been working perfectly.

email: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

Go to Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes.

that worked! amazing!

Bought the them. Awesome work. Putting together a test build right now and having an issue. After I’ve added an event, it says that the page does not exist and gives me a error 404? Plz help.


See the work properly. Go to Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes.

Nevermind. Should have read the previous post.

no problem

http://g2h.fm menu spacing seems off i made the logo the 300 by 100? so many options layout wise with this theme great job!

I recommend using menu to be shorter

Is it possible to have a light-colored version of this theme?

maybe another update

Are there any tabs/toggles shortcodes for this theme?

Do you have a date when the responsive updates will be done?

Thanks my friend. :-)

The update will be ready in 2 days. Yes, shortcode exists: tabs, toggles, player, soundcloud, highlight, dropcap, photo_pretty, video_pretty, etc…

WOW ! Awesome! THANK YOU !!!

Hi there,

How would I got about adding custom fields on the all the other posts (except for the posts themselves).

For example: When adding a video, I would like to add a custom field. This option is not available in the screen options.


please send me an email with more details about the custom field

email: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

How did you get the audio to appear on the Audio Player widget. Is there a shortcode?

Two questions. How can I remove the “Buy Tickets” from the events?

And is the “Latest Events” different from “Upcoming Events”? I can’t seem to find the widget or the documentation for the “Upcoming Events” like in the demo.

Thanks in advance!

One more question. :) Can I choose the order in which my “Latest Events” show up? Right now they show up in the order that I post them and I need to add events in between others that have already been posted.

Thanks in advance again!

Since it is not possible, the next update will be possible what you want. Update will be tomorrow or 2 days later.