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I love your theme and can’t wait to make the site live but I’m having problems that are very frustrating. When I click on any of the navigation items it loads the page and then goes back to the homepage? HELP

I sent mail!

quick question, i am thinking about buying this theme and i see from the demo pages that on the “Event 1” page the module layouts have a “buy tickets” button. I wanted to know if i was to use a e-commerce plugin like Woocommerce if it integrates with the theme so purchases could be made directly from the site? Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately this theme doesn’t have this option.

hey, Is there a why to add a custom color to the theme colors? I need to use this color #C301CD because it is part of my brand ID. I am new to word press so you may have to walk me through slowly.

Thanks for any help A>

nevermind. I got it. I added the color code #C301CD; where the # signs are and after BRACKGROUND:


background: #C301CD;

I am using ‘event style 2’ template for showing the event archive (past events). But some events show up twice, others just once. Can’t find anything different in these event settings. is there something wrong with your query?

SELECT wposts.* 
FROM $wpdb->posts wposts, $wpdb->postmeta wpostmeta
WHERE wposts.ID = wpostmeta.post_id
AND wpostmeta.meta_key = 'event_date_interval'
AND STR_TO_DATE(wpostmeta.meta_value,'%Y/%m/%d' ) < CURDATE()
AND wposts.post_status = 'publish'
AND wposts.post_type = 'event'
ORDER BY STR_TO_DATE(wpostmeta.meta_value,'%Y/%m/%d' ) DESC

I recommend that you use “Event Style 3”. If you don’t have “Event Style 3” please update the theme.

when using this event styles 3. I get the upcoming events (not the past) en still events are shown triple or even more

Ok, so you are telling me that the events are showed more than once.
You have to delete the events and repost them.


Will you be updating this theme to Mobile Responsive?

Unfortunately this theme is not Responsive!

Oh, okay. Another 2 questions, are the video thumbnails automatically generated when the YouTube video is uploaded and for the post images, does it use the featured image?

The image is not automatically generated, you have to post it.

Is there a way to set up the readmore ? I mean choose exactly where to put in, while im create a new post ?

And how/where to go to set up the dateformat ?

Thank you in advance for your answers

Unfortunetly the dateformat seem to not update. I set it up on my adminpage (general settings) and the old post still showing up in the old date format.

I just tried to create a new post, and the dateformat doenst update. WHere i need to put the format ? (F j, Y)

Settings/General seems to not be enough. So i’ve changed singlepost/blogstyle 1 & 2 … It is good ? Or do i need to put the format elsewhere ?

Probleme resolve ^^

Hi could you please help me.? The admin isn’t working correctly with this theme activated. On add new post the “add media” dosnt work and “set featured image” opens op in new window and cant change from “visual” to “text” in the editor… When I activate another theme it works again I guess it is some kind of script interfering but I cant get it to work properly… Can i send you the login somehow privately

Please update the theme. If you can’t handle it, please give me wordpress access.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

Having a degree of difficulty using the videos feature. I put in a link to a video, but the theme never shows the video. Example: http://igotflow.net/archives/video/so-independent-klick-a-s-i-k-life-vol-1

What could I be doing wrong?

To post a video follow this video http://www.screenr.com/w7r7
But you have to create a page called “Video” (or the name you want) and on “Template” use “Video” style.

Ive got 2 mixes loaded into the audio player, there both displaying buy when i go to click on the 2nd one the player goes all weird and wont play, can you please advise, i think an update to this theme is well needed, cheers…

I sent mail!

Hello; Is there a way to disable the Ticket purchasing button? (remove it completely).

The buttons are in:

Delete everything that is framed with red.

Hey Wizedesign,

Thanks for the awsome template. I am having trouble with photos, no matter how hard I try or how many meathods I try to ‘upload photos’ to the photo category from the side of the dashboard, it will not let me. It will upload but will not add to the page. I tried many meathods. Is this a common problem? What can I do to make it work? Everything else works fine. Also is possible to add another social bar to the top of the page like the one on the bottom??

Thanks in advance! Good Work!!!

Please update the theme. If you can’t handle it, please give me wordpress access.

Ok where do I send info? After upgrade shortcode doesnt seem to work…

Please excuse me! mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com.
Please specify in the mail what username you have.

Is there .wav support for the audio player?

Unfortunately we do not support.



The Widget on the footer for photos is showing ALL of the photos instead of 6, how can I fix it? The footer is way too long.

I have removed and re-added. No Joy.

Thanks, Myles

Hi, I have attached 2 images. \\ \\


ISSUE – Audio Player

the progress bar and player does not show correctly in Safari but works on other browsers.

Please help. Myles

Yes indeed, it’s possible, but most of the time it looks right.



Using shortcode, the title on main page shows in blue font and not in white and blue as shown everywhere else.

Thanks, Myles

It’s possible to have a plugin installed wich conflicts with the script for the 2 colors.



Audio tracks show up as hyperlinks on some posts and then displays correctly in the player on other posts.

Thanks, Myles

I created some videos on how to upload music. I hope it will help you.

that worked! thanx!



I added the ‘ID’ to the widget and it now shows the correct number of photos. Would have been great not to have to update the ID in the footer everytime I add a gallery however … one for the update?


Thanks, Myles



Sorry, my last post for today (promise :)) – Is there anyway to add a hover button on the home page like the READ MORE under the gallery (see more) and audio (See all audio) ... etc

Thanks for the awesome work on this template! Cheers, Myles

Unfortunately it’s not possible

I added it this way … it works but the colour is wrong – [button link=”http://www.domain.com/”] >>SEE ALL NEWS [/button]

The button is blue and when I hover it goes grey … instead of the opposite way around. I can live with it.

I am having trouble queueing up music in the built-in player (not Soundcloud). For some reason, it only shows the last song I added (rather than all of the songs there). It’s strange because under Theme Settings the # of Audio per page quota is at 8, but it consistently only shows one.

I don’t really understand, I think you are talking about the songs order. I attached an image. If you are not talking about this problem please send me an email with more details.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com \\

Can I make the logo bigger than 100px?

Also is it possible to add in another text colour than the standard selection. link—> http://tiny.cc/my14sw

I want to add in green like in my logo please

Yes, you can enlarge it up to 300×100px.
The color like your logo is code: #4f6f17
I attached an image on how to modify the color. \\

Nice one :-)