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I can’t drag and drop anything in the widget area. Please help.

Please update the theme , delete the old one and then install the latest version, all the posts will remain saved, and after that go to Theme Options > Save Changes. Then sign in wp-admin and press F5.

I am also having trouble displaying the slider on the homepage. I have set the homepage as static and I can only see my latest posts.

Please check if you have the option checked from Theme Options > Template Settings > Homepage slide (checked)

Is there an instagram plug in or widget in the works for this theme? Are there any existing Plug ins that will integrate with the Clubber theme?

I am verry sorry, I really don’t know in this moment, I will look into it.

Is there an instagram plug in or widget in the works for this theme? Are there any existing Plug ins that will integrate with the Clubber theme?

How do I show the categories of events in the category’s widget?

Unforunately this thing it’s impossible, on the next update it will be available.

Hello! Thank you for this great theme! I have a problem loading multiple instances of audio player on one single page. Here’s example http://sigul.ru/creative/ispolnitely/ Unfortunately i couldn’t manage to deal with this audio’s script by my own) Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately you can’t have more than one player on a page, but if you really need more than one player on a page I can help you, please give me FTP access.
But there are going to be a lot of changes, you can use soundcloud, it’s a verry good item.
Please specify in the mail what username you have.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

Some bugs i have noticed while using this theme:

  • Theme does not load it’s translation domain
  • Some strings are not marked translatable, e.g. “Read More” in various places
  • Dates are not localized

I’m trying to get my static homepage to look like the one on the Live example. How do you get the widgets of latest post, latest photos, latest events, etc to show up in the page design?

Please use shortcode on the homepage, here’s a video.
More details in the documentation.

Is the documentation located in the .zip theme file? I’m having trouble locating it

Hey… Thanks for all the help you are providing. I am really excited about using your theme.

on to business…. Is there a way to create 2 sections of videos? I want one section for Promos and commercials and another for shows.

here is a link to what I am working on http://arteroticaevents.org/wordpress/

thanks for responding. I really should have asked how to do it. IN the live demo there are drop downs menus. I would like to do that for my videos. I apologize for not explaining correctly. How do I make the drop down for my video section?

no worries… i figured it our. thanks

ok so I have the drop down now. How do I make the videos populate in the the right area? All the videos are showing up in both areas.

Is the header box editable so I may place a header image instead and not just the logo placed on the header?

Yes, it’s possible.

Hi :) How can i change the “length” of an event from this Length:11:00 pm – 04:00 am to 24H clock!? (European style) last thing i need to get done at the theme so hope you can help!

\\ You must delete “{ timeFormat: “hh:mm tt” } from “time-start” & “time-end”.
You can find this file in:

Hi.. That did’nt do anything at all. am i doing something wrong? Its the “Event Time (hh:mm tt):” i need to change to 24hour format. I deleted the two lines of code that you described in the picture..

Sorry.. I got it to work :) Thanks!


In which file I can change event time PM – AM to ÖÖ -ÖS

Thank you,


Now, I really don’t know but I recommend you to use 24:00 format.
\\ You must delete “{ timeFormat: “hh:mm tt” } from “time-start” & “time-end”.
You can find this file in:

Hi, I solved the way you show. Thank you, Zeki

when i go to photo’s and upload new pictures. I do get to see them in the widget and the feature image on the photo page. But when I click this fgallery I get a 404

Please go to: Settings > Permalinks > Save Changes
If it doesn’t work, please give me wordpress access.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

Where can I translate the months that appear in the events? Thank you!

Did you bought the theme?

Is there a mobile option?

I am verry sorry to dissapoint you but I don’t belive this theme will be for smartphones, it was designed wrong from the start for smartphones. Maybe in the future I will make it responsive. Anyway, I noticed that in the near future will appear the FULL HD smartphones, so there will be the same technology on smartphones like on the computers. These kind of themes will not be responsive for smartphones anymore because the cell phone technology has evolved a lot and the resolution will be the same on the smartphone and the computer also.

Great theme! One question though. I would like to make the slider wider. I combed through the code and could only find
/* Image resize for slides */ add_image_size('slider-full', 1170, 400, true);
in functions-setup.php”. But the images are still being resized to 980×400. Which file/line of code is resizing the slider images? Thanks!

It’s ok where you did the modification. But you have to post the images again to look right on 1170×400 px dimension.

Yup, it worked after I deleted all the previous slides and re-uploaded the images. Thanks!

How I can sort images in the galleries? I want to appear first just I have uploaded in the gallery widget and in the gallery single


You have to modify the admin/photo.php file.
At orderby you can put “title” or “date” and at order “ASC” or “DESC”

Loving the theme so far…

How do I find the sound cloud API?

**I was able to figure it out, it was not set as a featured image.

I made some videos, I hope it can help you.