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I am having trouble getting the photo galleries to work properly like the the demo. I have the photo gallery page but when clicking on the preview it does not bring up the photos. http://www.blaaze.org/photos/

Please send me your wordpress access data by email.
Please explain the problem.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

really enjoying the theme, really nice work!

wondering if i can add some more fonts to the theme options? i have a few fonts i have downloaded and would like to use them with this theme…

any easy way to do this?

You can not upload your personal funds but you can use fonts from google fonts are more than 500 fonts.
I took example Arial name, you only need to enter the font name in google fonts.

The right side of the theme is chopped off on ipad at dindindara im guessing its like this for everyone?

On the next update I will solve the problem with the cut header for smartphone and tablet.
I am verry sorry to dissapoint you but I don’t belive this theme will be for smartphones, it was designed wrong from the start for smartphones. Maybe in the future I will make it responsive. Anyway, I noticed that in the near future will appear the FULL HD smartphones, so there will be the same technology on smartphones like on the computers. These kind of themes will not be responsive for smartphones anymore because the cell phone technology has evolved a lot and the resolution will be the same on the smartphone and the computer also.

http://lionology.com is my website.

I like the way it’s coming out but I don’t know how to add shortcodes. I’m confused as to where I’m suppose to enter that. I want my lastest blogs & photos to appear on the home page but don’t know how.

On homepage write shortcode [blog], [photo], I created a video.

Can’t get the gallery to work. It simply won’t allow me to insert the photos. I’ve noticed this is a problem with other people too. It’s very frustrating that something that should be so simple is so problematic. I need to fix this. What should I do? Thanks.

I created a video for you, if you can’t handle it please give me wordpress access to explain directly on your site.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

Does changing the permalinks settings effect this theme?

I am sorry but I don’t understand, please be more specific.

Sorry – I figured it out…BUT I do have another Question – I need to have the option to make events with Tickets At The door, or something similar. Any options, I cannot bypass the current Buy Tickets online, because I will also have online sales that I will need to link. Any ideas?

I am having trouble playing vimeo videos. If I put in a random youtube link it works. none of my Vimeo videos will load and play. I get a buffer wheel but nothing happens.


I noticed that you used the link on vimeo with
https://vimeo.com/14571891 – it’s not correct.
http://vimeo.com/14571891 – this is correct.

thank you!!

Hi, I love this theme and truly appreciate you for creating such a gem. I am attempting to create a new page template fashioned after the audio taxonomy page that is included in the package to display my client’s mixtape catalog. I have put together a php file and uploaded it to the template directory, but for some reason, the new template does not show up in the page template drop-down. How can I fix this so that my new page template to shows up in the drop down box? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, Please send me an email with a link to your site and specify the problem.

To create a new type of post:
I attached 2 links that you can use, this explains a lot better than I do.

Thank you, I just emailed you.

Hello. Tell me pls, how I can change a word “Evant”, here http://dubaiclubs.ru/event/festival-sunburn-c-tiesto-world-trade-centre-chetverg-28-marta

There are a lot of modifications to be made, please give me access to FTP and wordpress, and specify the problem. You will lose all the posted events by now.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

events can accept comments?

Unfortunately no.

Hi ! Your theme is just perfect. But it would help me to have the sample file. Is it possible please ? Thanks a lot ! f.mounier@lesdistilleurs.fr

Hi, I sent you mail!

can the slide use video, like youtube , vimeo this would be really cool

Unfortunately it’s impossible.

Great theme and amazing support! Would buy from you again.

Now I only have a couple of questions left. How do I get a different pictures on the homepage slider?

And is there a way to change the color of like the tabs and stuff? I see the default colors you set but is there a way to get like a Monster Energy Drink Green? I want that Green color.

For slide: http://www.screenr.com/wmg7
I attached an image wich will help you to change the color that you want. \\

Awesome theme but having an issue with the Events displaying on the home page and as well on other site pages.

When I “Activate Shortcode Events Category” in the theme options the events do not show up on the home page created. On sub-pages they are shown correctly as they are and filtered using the “cat” comment in the shortcode. Ex: [event cat=clubv]

When I “Deactivate Shortcode Events Category) the events show properly on the home page but in the sub-pages only two are shown and are not filtered correctly.

Site: dev.partynl.com “sub page” example: dev.partynl.com/clubs/club-v/

Many Thanks!

I know the situation, unfortunately this problem persists, maybe until the next update (initialy there isn’t no problem). You can create a category in wich you have all the events, and after that you create sub-categories like your category clubv.

Hello, loving this theme! Is there away to change the current event style on the home page to “event style 2”

Unfortunately this thing it’s impossible, maybe on the next update it will be possible.

I’ve been trying to have my blog posts on the homepage show up in order of the date on the blog post. Right now they are showing up in the order I publish them. Is there any way to change this?

In this file includes/shortcodes/shortcodes-post.php look for line 15
"orderby" => "ID",

Where is “ID” you have another 2 options to sort “title” and “date”

hello, congratulations for the excellent template, I wonder how do I put a facebook like button option in the photos? that possibility exists.

Yes there is the possibility, did you bought the theme?

Great design, really like it. But I need to do some customizations and have some issues, mainly with the Events-Page:

- Can I switch the shown event time in a 24 hours-format? Unfortunately in germany some people won’t know what 11pm means.

- How to remove the “Buy Tickets” Button? Since our parties have no pre-order, i don’t need this button

cheers, Daniel

1) You must delete “{ timeFormat: “hh:mm tt” } from “time-start” & “time-end”.
You can find this file in:
admin/post/js.setup.js \\
2) The buttons are in:


thanks, number 2 worked fine. i edit it, that the button will only show on a single-event page and is now labeled with “See Event in Facebook”. Number 1 is on my list for later. ;)

I purchased the theme a couple months ago but just noticed that their is an update available.

How do I install the update?

Delete the old theme and upload the new one, after that go to Theme Options > Save Changes. All the posts will remain saved.

Hi there!

Thank you for the beautiful theme and we are trying to configure it and so far its pretty good. However I do have 2 questions that perhaps need some tuning or advice.

1. The soundcloud widgets settings, I noticed that this widget will be playing a track base on the track number. I have created an album on the soundcloud and will like to play base on that playlist, please advice how do I configure that.

2. For the events settings, I will like to know if we are able to put in a text on the timing instead? At the moment, it will require us to click and select a timing, but it will be great if we are able to have something such as From 22:00 – Till Late.

You can see the problem I am facing on soundcloud at the following URL.


Looking forward to hear form you. Again, thanks for the great theme.

1) \\
2)Yes it can be done, replace the “All Day” text. This text can be found in the next files: