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Dying to know, is it possible to add Google+ and Instagram to the Social Media selections?

Also, is it possible to change the page color to white (the main paige) and text to black?

Thank you very much!!

On the next update I will include these icons for social media.
And about the colors, yes it’s possible.

Is it possible to make Slide posts multilingual with qtranslate plugin?

I am very sorry but I really don’t know.

Hi there,

Is there a way to add a splash page where you hit enter to get into the site?

I saw it on more customers of mine that they have a starting page and after that they press on “Enter” and they enter on the site. I belive there’s a plugin for such thing, but I don’t know exactly wich one.

I love the clubber template so much- thank you for providing such great work!

I’m trying to edit it to look pretty much exactly like the demo version, but I’ve run into roadblocks- I’m not a pro at all…

Can you please take a look and let me know what I’m missing? The problems I’m having so far are:

1) The fonts aren’t changing no matter what I choose from the style settings 2) None of the scroll over colors are working- how do I make it do that? 3) I put all the short codes into the static homepage but the only one that is working is the blog


Or, better yet, is it possible for you to send me a version that’s just like the demo and then I can edit from there?

Thanks in advance for your help- I appreciate it! :)

You didn’t install the theme and because of this the fonts and colors don’t work. I attached an image on how to install the theme.
FOR DEMO To make your site look exactly like in the Demo please watch this video ( http://www.screenr.com/htv7 )
Download the database from here ( http://clubber.wizedesign.com/info/basedate.sql )


username: admin
pass: clubber

thank you SO much! :)

Hi, I love this theme but I’ve run into a small “problem”? I wanted to add a widget displaying any 6 latest pictures upload to any category. But when I dont fill in the post ID it just displays ALL the pictures of all categories instead of the 6 thats filled in.

Thanks in advance!

I attached 2 images that will help you solve the problem.


Yes, I got so far, but I guess my explanation wasnt very correct. I mean if I dont fill in a post ID it will show all the pictures from all categories, would it be possible to have it show the last 6 off all categories? Adding multiple IDs seperated by commas didnt work. Thanks in advance and for the quick reply!

I am sorry but unfortunately it’s not possible.

Thanks for the awesome theme!

I have a problem with my navigation.

Unless i make a menu…there’s no navigation at all.

Any ideas?

Well now i see…you have to create a menu. Sorry for not reading sooner!

Can somebody PLEASE tell me how to get the audio pages to look like the demo??? i have tried everything! SOMEBODY HELP!

I created 2 videos wich I hope will help you.

Hi – I installed the theme and have everything set up – the only problem is I cannot get the shortcodes to work on the homepage. I’m trying to add both an events and photos module to the homepage but adding the text “[event]” and “[photos]” is not doing anything. Please advise.


Please see if you have the “Shortcode Events Category”, “Shortcode Photos Category”, etc… unchecked. You check them only if you use category sortation. If you checked the options “Shortcode Events Category”, “Shortcode Photos Category”, etc… you must use shortcode [event cat=”slug”]. The [event] shortcode doesn’t work if checked the options “Shortcode Events Category” , “Shortcode Photos Category” etc… I took as example event shortcode, but this rule is for all shortcodes.

Thanks for your help – that solved my problem!

Having a problem trying to figure out exactly what to put in the section called SoundCloud API…please explain in detail what to do for your SoundCloud widget

How do you get the LATEST BLOG to work on the Home Page like you have it setup in the demo version?

On Home page use [blog] shortcode. You find more details in the documentation.

Very confusing as to how to get the Photo Galleries to show up like you have in your demo version. How do you do this?

I attached a video that helps you to create photo galleries.

How do you get more than one track t appear in the Audio Player? I can only get one track to show up.

I created 2 videos wich I hope will help you.

Hi purchased the 1.8 version and notice the player isn’t working in I.E was this changed in 1.9 ? If so how do I update ?

Hi, I sent mail!

Hey Wiz, when I overroll with the mous the menu > the colour doesn’t change like in your example/demo page… how can I change that. thanx

I belive that you didn’t install the theme correctly. Please send me an email with the link of your site and please mention the problem.
I attached an image on how to install the theme correctly.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

hi, i out my username but the twitter feed doesnt work

Please send me wordpress access so I can see what’s happening. Please mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

The blog shortcode wont display by date of the post for some reason – shortcodes are only displaying from order of when I added the item, but not their posted date

I attached an image which will help you arrange the blog articles.


I get a 404 error when I try to add new photo’s. Do you have any suggestions what to do?

This is a screenshot of the error.

This is my website.

If it’s not possible to have the same links please give me FTP access. Please mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Hey, Wiz!

So far the theme has been great, but I noticed that recently the “Set Featured Image” link is gone from a lot of the admin pages (Events and most importantly Slides to give examples). I had not changed or updated anything and they were suddenly gone.


(I tried adding add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); to functions.php but that did not do anything)

Otherwise it has been rock-solid. Thanks!

It’s very strange what’s happening, please give me wordpress and FTP access so I can see what’s happening. Please mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com


Great theme – I really like this one :D

Can you help me choose a custom colour in the “theme colour” option please?

Cheers, Ian

I attached an image which will help you to personalize with what color you want. \\